Alright, this was normally supposed to go up at the end of the year, but I got sidetracked by life and the ongoing barrage of simulcasts. But above all three shows from the fall season ended up being delayed into 2020, and I have bitched and moaned about this over and over again about how those should have been bumped into a much less crowded winter season under those circumstances, but that's for another day. Anyway, while Rifle and Beautiful and Babylon are finished, unfortunately Azur Lane still has two more episodes left, and it's highly unlikely that my opinions for that show will change from them, so I'll go ahead and make my final rankings for 2019 shows.

Just like I have done in the past, I split the rankings into two blog entries to alleviate the burden of this blog, and was motivated back in 2017 when the previous version of The Fandom Post forums were having problems with long entries. As usual, I begin with the shows that aren't going to challenge for many, if any, awards as these shows that ranged from solid to downright terrible. As always, I have five tiers of shows and the first blog is all about stuff that rates in the bottom three tiers. As a reminder, there are some rules I set in place as to which shows are ranked on this list:
  • 1. Only shows that I watched to the end (or if continuing into 2020 I have watched all the episodes that have aired) are listed. So stinkers I pulled the plug on early like Pastel Memories, Namu Amida Butsu, and Arifureta will not show up on my list. For shows that will take part of this ranking, check the master list. Shows with an asterisk in the Completed or Ongoing sections are eligible.
  • 2. The show must have been completed in 2019 to be eligible except for the shows whose final episodes were delayed into 2020. So that means Azur Lane, Babylon, and Rifle is Beautiful will take part since I would have finished them in 2019 had the production teams had their acts together, but shows I binged in 2020 will not that includes Sarazanmai, A Certain Scientific Accelerator, and Ultramarine Magmell.
  • 3. For shows with multiple entries (i.e. split cour shows and shows finishing a season in winter and starting a new one in fall like SAO Alicization), they will be combined into one entry. Their ranking is based on the average score of their cours.

As always, I use a scoring system that's based on what the average MAL score typically is for shows in a certain grade range, that combined with grades that typical exam scores get you in college courses.

A+: 100+
A: 95-99
A-: 90-94
B+: 85-89
B: 80-84
B-: 75-79
C+: 70-74
C: 65-69
C-: 60-64
D+: 52-59
D: 44-51
D-: 36-43
F: 0-35

So with that, here are the rankings for everything in the middle tier and below. The shows in the top two tiers are appearing in a blog entry that will be coming soon.

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Field Goal
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First Down

47. Wasteful Days of High School Girls: B- (Score: 79)
This show is one of the best comedies to come out recently as the jokes, humor, and amusement really made this show go. The characters are an amusing bunch, all while it does an excellent job in changing up the humor so that it never gets stale. That said this show had some issues with the mediocre animation and lack of a focused plot being the biggest of them, but seeing that it's a dedicated comedy that those things took a backseat.

48. One Punch Man season 2: B- (Score: 79)
This season is a huge letdown compared to the first season that was perfect in just about every way. The show still carries on with its core strengths with the characters, the ironic storytelling, and the choreography of the action. But the biggest problem is the animation quality in that it's a huge dropoff from the first season as the switch to one of the lesser animation teams at J.C. Staff took a lot out of what made the first season a masterpiece. There's that, and the storytelling just didn't do the best of jobs as it meant leaving off in the middle of something big. In any case, the show still is enjoyable to watch, just nowhere near what the first season brought to the table due in large part to the change of studios.

49. Is It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dugeon? II: B- (Score: 79)
This season is a step down from the first season as while the content was great, the execution was another matter entirely. The War Games arc just felt rushed, while the Pleasure Quarter arc moved too slowly. That said, this show still continues to build off of its core strengths with character building, intriguing storytelling, nice animation, and an atmosphere that can be anything it wants, and having Bell being the MC makes a world of difference. In any case, it's a clear dropoff from the first season as the pacing is the biggest issue with this season, though with a third season coming at least the progression is understandable.

50. Wataten: An Angel Flew Down to Me: B- (Score: 78)
While there are a number of good things about this show, there were also some not-so-good things. As for the good things, this show has a nicely structured story, it does an fine job with character development, the humor is solid, and the little girls are really great. However, this show amps up the creepiness factor of the adults way too much, the animation quality is certainly not Doga Kobo's best effort, and it doesn't attempt to do anything outside the box opting to stay tried and true. While this show is flawed, it's highly enjoyable and provides a great deal of satisfaction to those who are into this kind of show.

51. Babylon: B- (Score: 78)
This show gets off to a great start with a well-constructed drama and mystery aspect, as well as establishing the two most important characters on opposite ends of the morality spectrum. All of this is nicely complemented with solid animation and a good soundtrack. However, things start to go downhill with the third arc as while it was rushed, the biggest fault was that there wasn't sufficient leadup built entering into this arc. Not to mention, the inexplicable lack of clarity with the ending spoiled what had been a great show. In all, the mystery, drama, and character development were all well-done, but the storytelling fell off the cliffs towards the end with a rushed and poorly constructed story to end things.

52. We Never Learn!: B- (Score: 77)
This show is great for the comedy, characters, and premise, but at the same time this show really dragged on the storyline, while the comedy is inconsistent. While the comedy was great in the first season, the story seemed to take a back seat for most of the season opting to do lots of random humor. The story then took a step up in the second season, but the comedy took a step down. And of course, there's that huge skip that just didn't feel right. But nevertheless, it's still an enjoyable show that does a solid enough job with the story, while doing an excellent job with the comedy.

53. Mix: B- (Score: 77)
This show pretty much does what a traditional sports show is supposed to do in using the game to build characters and relationships. The show has a nice foundation, great characters, colorful antics, and great game action. That said, this show is hindered by two major problems. First of all, the character designs just feel sloppy, and second of all the storywriting was very questionable at times as the bad decisions would interrupt the flow of the story. Bottom line is that it was an enjoyable as a sports show, but it certainly could have been improved.

54. Granblue Fantasy season 2: B- (Score: 77)
This season does a great job picking up where the first season left off, and doing a much better job in making the episodes more meaningful seeing that it eliminated most of the sidetracks that plagued the first season. And while the messy animation in the first season has its own charm, the animation this season is much cleaner and works better. Just about the only thing this season does worse is the pacing as the story dragged. Aside from that, this show has the same good and not-so-good things as the first season in that it build characters, but the lack of upwards movement towards the destination makes it frustrating.

55. After School Dice Club: B- (Score: 77)
As one of the season's most pleasant surprises, this show does an excellent job in utilizing board games to teach life lessons. While the show had great storywriting, the show's composition is another thing entirely as it gets repetitive and follows essentially the same basic formula with a different guest character each episode. That said, the episodes change enough things to keep from getting too stale, and the character development is done pretty well for a slice of life show like this. In all, it's a very satisfying show, but one that might not be for everybody.

56. Karakuri Circus: B- (Score: 76)
After a good start, this show has definitely dragged its feet with backstory overload, and while I get that this stuff is important, the way it was told all coming at once just halts the momentum of this show that had been building at the start. That said, the action continues to be great, while there's still lots of intrigue going on, but at the same time it feels as if the show just hit a wall.

57. Endro~!: B- (Score: 75)
This show just a fun show to watch for the characters, the comedy, and the misadventures. While it gets the fun aspects down, the show had a pretty weak story, humor that sometimes got annoying repetitive, and the animation could have been better. In all, it's a satisfying show for those who are into these cute girl shows as it does a nice job in building the characters and being funny, but it is let down by a weak story and while it doesn't become too much of a hindrance to the enjoyment factor, it doesn't make this show stand.

58. Kengan Ashura: B- (Score: 75)
This show is pretty much a mixed bag of things that worked and things that didn't. The show does a great job with character development to make them interesting people rather than just story fodder. But that comes at a price as it meant a dragged story with very slow pacing. The fights and drama were also nicely done. That said, this show does some things wrong in that the CG animation just didn't look right, and the story gets repetitive as each episode it features backstories of the combatants who are likely not going to play a larger role in this show.

59. Cannon Busters: B- (Score: 75)
While this show has numerous plotholes in the story, it's an entertaining show through and through with interesting characters, a nice setting that's unlike anything, good soundtrack, and fun action. Those elements all make this a worthwhile show to watch, but the story is simply lacking.

60. Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next LIfe?!: C+ (Score: 74)
This show was enjoyable for the characters, comedy, and plot concept as this has everything that one who likes these kinds of shows can enjoy. However, this show has some pretty big flaws in the animation quality (though one of Project No. 9's better jobs) and the way it emphasized the silliness while rushing through the more serious and developmental parts of this show. That said, this show does get credit for not being afraid to admit that it's using cliches. So in all, this show has what it takes to be satisfying, but at the same time there were plenty of missed opportunities for this show to truly be great.

61. No Guns Life: C+ (Score: 74)
This show starts off with a bang as the animation is great, the story is so full of intrigue, and the action is the best part of the show up to this point. But after a strong first arc, the show tanks in the second arc with an overly complicated story that was could have been told much better, all while the third arc at least does a nice job of keeping things simple and not trying to do too much. In all, it's a show that certainly had great potential and while a good amount of it gets squandered, it's still entertaining and hopefully the second half will improve in the areas the first half didn't do so well.

62. Mysteria Friends: C+ (Score: 74)
This show was pretty much focused on one thing and to that end it accomplishes it. This show is helped by great animation considering that it's usually bad for a short, interesting characters, an inviting atmosphere, and solid character development despite not having a deep story. On the flipside, there just wasn't much of a story, and there were several instances of nothing happening that really made this show feel so empty. In any case, this show sets out an objective to be a slice of life that contrasts the Rage of Bahamut series, and it accomplishes that.

63. Domestic Girlfriend: C+ (Score: 73)
This show feeds off nicely constructed drama accomplishing its objective of telling the dark side of romantic relationships. While the story was nicely put together and character development was pretty good, the characters in this show were just irritating to watch. And then there's the animation that could have been better as well. The show's storywriting starts to sag in the second half as well as the buildup didn't exactly justify the actions. So in all, the show thrives on concept, drama, daringness, and relationship building, but falters on characterization and storywriting in the second half.

64. Date A Live III: C+ (Score: 73)
This show's story arcs were rather weak as they just didn't provide the impact I had come to expect, especially the Natsumi one, but they were alright enough to watch. While the story was a step down, one thing that's a step up is the animation quality as it is better this season having a reputable studio doing the animation after the studio that did the first two seasons shut down. Aside from those, pretty much it has the same good things and not-so-good things from the first two seasons in that it has interesting characters, a great story concept, and amusing content, whereas the show relies on cliches and repetitive storytelling.

65. Wise Man's Grandchild: C+ (Score: 73)
This show made pretty good use of the cliches to make it presentable despite being another one of those isekai shows with an overpowered MC. This show has a nice foundation with great characters, a well thought out story concept, and solid action. While the show starts off strong, it starts to fall victim to its cliches and begins rushing things as the show was hindered by bad pacing and diminished quality of the story. It's a show that will be satisfactory for those who enjoy isekai shows but it's one where things just got sloppy as the series progresses.

66. Bananya and the Curious Bunch: C+ (Score: 72)
This season changes things up drastically instead narrating the story in the Bananyas home planet with a new narrator. Aside from that, it's more of the same with cute characters and amusing narration to help the show go.

67. Kemono Michi: Rise Up!: C+ (Score: 71)
This show had its highlights and it was fun to watch for the concept, the characters, and the comedy. That said, this show has a ton of issues with the animation quality, the pacing, and biggest of all the storywriting that had way too many sidetracks that it totally broke the momentum of the story it had going for it. While it was a nice and fun show to watch, it's not memorable by any stretch with the construction of the show's story.

68. The Ones Within: C+ (Score: 71)
This show has some solid drama and mystery, as well as interesting characters. However, this show just has a ton of issues as the storytelling was so uneven that it's hard to keep track of what is going on, and the story just dragged on way too slowly. Not to mention, the show didn't exactly provide a good setup that would take its toll on this show. But when all is said and done, this show does just enough to hold my interest to make for a solid show to watch with the games, the characters, and the whole mystery aspect.

69. Cop Craft: C+ (Score: 70)
This show does just enough to be entertaining, but ultimately it's nothing memorable. While the studio has a poor reputation for its animation quality, it's decent enough compared their track record. The show has some solid drama and action, as well as some amusing character interactions. But at the same time, the show's storywriting is just inconsistent with some episodes being good, while others, not so much all while relationships weren't really developed. In all, this show manages to surpass its low expectations, but in the end there's not much that stands out about it.

70. Million Arthur: C+ (Score: 70)
While this show comes across as a blatant advertisement for a mobile game, this show acknowledges that it's not trying to be a top-tier show and that self-awareness is part of the show's appeal. This show has great characters, solid animation, decent comedy, and a well-executed approach that made this show worthwhile. That said, it's not going to win many people over as the concept is an extremely weak one, the story was pretty much non-existent, the jokes have a tendency to get annoyingly repetitive, and the show spent quite a lot of time not really trying to advance the story. But in all, this show was all about the characters and making such a great cast at made this show fun and worthwhile.

71. Re:Stage! Dream Days: C+ (Score: 70)
This show was entertaining and satisfying for those into these kinds of shows, but it just doesn't do anything to stand out among the many girl idol shows out there. As for the good aspects of this show, the characters are great, the music is well-done, character development is decent, and the plot is solidly put together. And as for the not-so-good, the animation is mediocre, the show has a bland premise, and it's lacking in standout qualities as this just feels like another girls idol show for advertising merch.

72. Cinderella Girls Theater Climax Season: C+ (Score: 70)
Pretty much, this series of shorts does all the nice things and not-so-nice things that the previous seasons have done. The antics are nice, which is what the point of this show is all about, and the use of name tags is helpful, while on the flipside there's not much substance and just a whole lot of random nonsense.


73. Fairy Gone: C (Score: 69)
The technical side of things is great as to be expected out of P.A. Works. However, the storywriting and plot are another story entirely as it was just a mess, especially in the first half. While it was cleaned up in the second half, the damage done by the poor first half prevents the superior second half from reaching its full potential. The animation is great, the soundtrack is one of the best this season, the action is well-animated, and the characters have decent development. But on the flipside, poor pacing plagues this show way down as the first half moved way too slow, leading to a second half that was rushed. Above all, the story was so hard to follow, though the much-needed break fixed that in the second half that made for something to look forward to.

74. Rifle is Beautiful: C (Score: 69)
This is a show that's made for those who love cute girls doing cute things shows, but it doesn't offer much beyond its intended audience. The characters, artwork, and soundtrack are the highlights of this show as those things are what make this show watchable. As for the problems this show has, the biggest one is the plot and pacing as even for a 4-koma, it just rushes through things and moves way too fast leaving a lot that should have been elaborated on without much depth to it. Also, this show just has way too many sidetracks and jokes tend to be repetitive to the point where it feels like nothing is going to change. So to sum things up, it's only worthwhile for those who live for these kinds of shows.

75. Null and Peta: C (Score: 68)
While this short has all the typical good and bad qualities of being a short, it does so in an entertaining way. The craziness is amusing, but what sets this apart from most shorts is that there's a story and an air of mystery that made for an intriguing few minutes to spend on. That said, there was too much repetitiveness and things that didn't flow smoothly even by standards for a short.

76. Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka: C (Score: 68)
This show makes its mark through its edginess as the concept of magical girls working for the military is a very nice idea. While this show has some great things going for it with the soundtrack the concept, the action, and the drama, the show's plot and storywriting was all over the place, all while the animation quality definitely was not Liden's best efforts. This show just tries to bite on more than it could chew, and that leads to something that has too many lapses and overdoing it with the violence and sexuality to the point where things just aren't flowing the way it is supposed to. In any case, this show is still a nice way to watch something outside the box in spite of all these storywriting and animation issues.

77. How Clumsy You Are, Miss Ueno: C (Score: 67)
This show was full of hit or miss humor as the ones that hit are very funny and enjoyable to see, but the ones that miss are pretty cringeworthy to watch. The beginning was mostly miss, but as the show progresses the humor gets better. Anyway, this show is a pretty nice comedy overall with interesting characters, crazy inventions, and of course nice humor when done right. However, this show's biggest problems are the animation quality, though not surprising for a short it still is not exactly ideal, and the repetitive humor as most of it centered around fanservice or the lack of it. In all, it was enjoyable for its short runtime.

78. The Magnificent Kotobuki: C (Score: 67)
This pretty much is all about the action and the girls as nothing else really stands out. But the things that do stand out, this show does it well as the action is really great, and the CG helps make is look great. However, the storywriting is a joke seeing that these drawn-out action scenes give the impression that it ran out of ideas for a story and it was just trying to make it long enough to be a standard-length episode. There's that and the feel that this show was more like playing flight simulator than watching an anime show. That said, it was a fun ride and certainly enjoyable for what it is, but objectively speaking, great action alone just isn't going to make the grade.

79. Hero Mask season 2: C (Score: 66)
This season of Hero Mask pretty much picks up where things leave off with that teaser in the first season, and while it's still flawed, at least this season maintains the focus on the main matter at hand much better. That made for an intriguing mystery that maintains whatever substance it built up all the way through whereas with the first season it jumps around too much that makes it hard to follow. Even so, the show still suffers from overcomplication, though to a lesser extent.

80. Fight League: Gear Gadget Generators: C (Score: 66)
This short does some things very well, but at the same time it's there in order to advertise a game more than anything. The show has great fights, nice animation for a short, a decent story, and intriguing characters. That said, this show just uses the gimmicky card too much, all while the show's choice of MC just didn't resonate as the supporting cast is far more interesting and would have made better MCs than Wrench. In all, it's decent for a short, but one that relies on gimmicks and a cliched storyline in order to advertise the game.

81. A Certain Magical Index III: C- (Score: 64)
This season is a classic case of biting on more than it could chew as it crammed an awful lot of source material into just two cours when it couldn't be done. In any case, the season feeds off the strengths of its first two seasons with interesting characters, great action, and a well-designed story. But the execution couldn't have been any more problematic as the arcs just failed to connect all while the ending is just a major rush job.

82. Azur Lane: C- (Score: 64)
The show is all about action with just about no story whatsoever. That said, whatever the show focuses on it does well as the action is great, while the character interactions are pretty amusing. On the flipside, the show's animation is subpar being done by a no-name studio, all while there's just no story to speak of that would have made it a whole lot better as it was a grind getting through all the parts in which it focuses on life on the base.

83. Are You Lost?: C- (Score: 64)
This show has a great concept, amusing antics, and some decent character development. But seeing that this is a short that it has the issues that are typical for a show like this with mediocre animation quality, too much repetitiveness, and a lack up upwards movement in the overall story. Above all, the show gives Homare way too much attention and not enough to the other girls to make it fulfilling. That said, it's watchable and satisfying as long as you don't expect too much out of it.

84. Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki: C- (Score: 63)
This show is pretty much what I expect out of a short, and while some of the stuff is amusing, the show was just lacking in many ways. The animation quality was off, the humor is repetitive, and the characters are annoying. Even so, it was fitting for its short run time, all while some of the episodes and jokes stood out, and it was never dull to say the least.

85. Hensuki: C- (Score: 63)
This show looked like it was going to be another generic, cliched haremy show and the first episode gave me strong vibes of that. The show got better in the middle, but a weak ending just about overshadows whatever positive momentum that had been building up. The show has interesting characters, an intriguing mystery, and solid character development that made it at least worthwhile to watch. But in the grand scheme of things it relies on too many cliches all while the show lacks upwards movement in the plot, all while the animation is sloppy. It's a watchable enough show, but one that's going to be a tropefest more than anything.

86. Miru Tights: C- (Score: 63)
This short has a pretty silly premise in which the show was all about showing the legs of cute high school girls as that's the point of this show. That said, it's an innovative idea and one that led to some pretty interesting situations, and the idea was well-executed for the most part. So while it's nice for those who are into legservice, it doesn't offer anything else leading to something that only a select few can appreciate as it comes across as another show without any substance.

87. Africa Salaryman: C- (Score: 63)
To sum things up, this show would have been better suited for being a short as while the humor is excellent and the characters are amusing, the decision to make episodes full-length just made it hard to watch as half-length episodes would have been much more ideal. And the worst part of this show is definitely the animation quality as it was too much of an eye sore that it detracted from the great things this show brought to the table. This show would be a bazillion times better if the episodes were half-length and the animation is at least halfway decent as it feels like this show was just trying to prolong things to make episodes full-length.

88. Girly Air Force: C- (Score: 62)
While this show had some good things going for it, the not-so-good ones totally overwhemled it. The show has great action, intriguing characters, and a good story concept going in its favor. But the biggest problem is the storywriting as it was mostly a mess with the biggest problem being that it spends way too much time on stuff that ends up being pointless and not really focusing on advancing the main story. Not to mention, it relies on cliches and other stuff that isn't really well-suited for this show. And then the animation just was off outside of the action. In any case, it was a watchable show as all the good aspects made it worthwhile, but a highly flawed product that could have been improved.

89. Kemono Friends 2: C- (Score: 60)
This season is a big step down from the first as Tatsuki's absence is definitely felt. It still retains some of the great traits from the first season in the great characters, amusing antics, and the whole adventure aspect, and this season the animation is a huge step up from the first season. That said, this show totally misses the mark on the story as it essentially copies the same formula from the first season, all while leaving gaps in the story that make this more fitting for a third or fourth season rather than a second one. In any case, this show was still fun to watch, just not as enjoyable as the first season in lieu of Kadokawa getting greedy that Tatsuki bailed as the director of this season.


90. Revisions: D+ (Score: 59)
While this show had great potential, it all went down the tubes with a totally annoying MC with a hero complex that is extremely irritating. Having such a terrible MC pretty much kills any chance this show might have had as it distracts from whatever story they were trying to craft. While the story was way too cliche, at least it was sound in concept. The action was nice, the drama was decent, and the last third of the show had a solid story as the saving graces for this show that totally whiffed on its potential. Nevertheless, a better MC would have gone a long way.

91. Strike Witches: 501st Joint Fighter Wing, Take Off!: D+ (Score: 58)
This show suffers from awful animation quality and repetitive jokes, and it really is only for those who are fans of the Strike Witches franchise. While it offers satisfaction to them, there's not much to offer for those who don't fit the target audience. The character designs were especially off-putting. That said, it had some good episodes, and when it involves certain characters it clicks. But with some it just comes across as bland.

92. Hakata Mentai! Pirikarako-chan: D+ (Score: 56)
While being a short makes it tolerable, the show just is full of nonsensical stuff in it. The animation quality is pretty bad even for a short, all while the humor just misses the mark. That said, at least this show tried to be crazy and unconventional, all while it has a couple of nicely-done episodes which keeps it from being a complete flop.

93. AfterLost: D (Score: 51)
This show is just a mess on the storytelling side of things. On the technical side, the show is pretty typical of Madhouse as that's the one thing that makes this show salvageable, all while the story concept was good and the mystery aspect had lots of intrigue to it. That said, this show's story was just all over the place whether it be that the story is confusing, nonsensical, or with parts that are just flat-out irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. That said, there were some good episodes, especially in the middle of the series that builds up intrigue in the mysteries. But the beginning and ending were especially poorly constructed and totally drags this show down in the end.

94. Days of Urashisakatasen: D (Score: 48)
This show is just the standard short with bad animation and quick humor that's mostly bearable because of its short length. While most of the episodes were silly and very unremarkable, some of the episodes were quite entertaining making it worthwhile to spend a few minutes each week watching. The humor was acceptable for a short, though most of it was bland and boring.

95. 7Seeds: D (Score: 47)
While this show has some strong source material and a great premise about survival of the fittest, the show's execution was just off the mark. The plot is fragmented, the characters lack development, all the bad ones stand out like a sore thumb, the animation is subpar, and there were just too many moving parts to keep track of that made for a poorly-planned production. But the worst part of this show is the ending as it's a poorly constructed cliffhanger. At least knowing that there's a second season coming takes some of the disappointment out of it, but overall it's just a terrible product.

96. Rainy Cocoa Side G: F (Score: 30)
This version of Rainy Cocoa just feels like a single episode cut up into 12 parts. While it was expected out of a short that there's little plot, the way it was presented just doesn't do any favors for this show as none of the characters stands out, and it spends too much time with trivial matters. At least the boys had some standout qualities of their own, but there wasn't any of that with this.