It's that time of the season again when things are wrapping up, and as I do at this time of the season, I do a Winners and Losers blog. Time for me to declare the parties or what not that came out ahead, and those not so much.

WINNER: Funimation
Funimation is dominating once again as they have the lion's share of shows this season, and they are simuldubbing more shows than ever before to the point that one of their shows that they licensed didn't get one (Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle). But on top of that, they now have an exclusive streaming window for selected Aniplex shows as both Funimation and Aniplex are owned at the top by Sony, the first being Fate/Grand Order. As if that weren't enough, they now have Right Stuf's catalog of shows. They are rising up to become the top dog in the anime streaming business, something that Crunchyroll held for a long time and looked to continue until recent events.

WINNER: Aniplex
Aniplex has another strong lineup this season with FGO and Sword Art Online being among their big shows, but the rest of their lineup is very good as well with Oresuki and the sequels to Granblue Fantasy and We Never Learn. Aniplex has so many shows this season that one of them had to air on Wednesday seeing that they normally have at most four shows on Tokyo MX while possibly having one more on another station, but with five shows that Oresuki ended up in a timeslot outside the normal allotment. And on top of that, they are starting to do simuldubs as they are doing with FGO as while it was pretty obvious it was going to get dubbed, they didn't have the resources to make it happen.

LOSER: Crunchyroll
It was a rough season for Crunchyroll now that Funimation has picked up a ton of shows that would previously be streamed by them in the past through their now-defunct partnership. But the overall value of having a Crunchyroll subscription is quickly dwindling. At least they changed the way they operate business by licensing and dubbing stuff, while they are on more show production committees. Nevertheless, at least they are doing what they can to stay afloat, but their place on the top is being threatened.

LOSER: Sentai
Sentai continues to get all the scraps when it comes to anime shows as they are the only party without a megacorporation owning or partnering up with them. As such, they could only get their hands on a few shows, and shows that fit their profile perfectly that they would have gotten in the past are going to Funimation instead like After School Dice Club, Azur Lane, and PSO2: Episode Oracle, while they just don't have the resources to get the top shows. That said, they are getting plenty of exposure for their top shows in Ahiru no Sora, Assassin's Pride, Food Wars, and Chihayafuru 3 (the latter two are actually sublicenses from Crunchyroll) being on both Crunchyroll and HIDIVE, while they are doing more Dubcasts, but nevertheless there continues to be not much incentive for subscribing to HIDIVE on a continuous basis when their exclusive content includes three of the worst shows of the season in Kandagawa Jet Girls, Z/X Code Reunion, and Val x Love.

WINNER: Dub Fans
Those who prefer to wait awhile and watch all their anime in English are getting a lot more simuldubs than ever before as the majority of shows this season are dubbed and coming out within two months after they air in Japan. Funimation has simuldubbed 20 shows, which is the most ever seeing that last time I heard they had enough facilities to handle 18 shows, and in addition they are streaming FGO's simuldub that Aniplex is handling in LA. Then there's Sentai dubcasting Ahiru no Sora and Assassin's Pride, and then there's Crunchyroll starting to get into the simuldub business as they are doing it for High School Prodigies, Average Abilities, Ascendance of a Bookworm, and Iruma-kun, all while dubbing four summer season shows. So with a total of 27 shows being simuldubbed this season that there's quite a lot for those who want to watch stuff in English this season.

LOSER: Recap Episodes
This season featured an unusually large number of shows relying on recap episodes to catch up on production, and given how many shows are on the air this season, that's frustrating seeing that a number of these shows should have aimed for getting it on the air in the winter season. The shows that had recap episodes are Special 7, Rifle is Beautiful, Kandagawa Jet Girls, Cautious Hero, Oresuki, Radiant, Azur Lane, My Hero Academia season 4 (only a partial recap), and SAO. And then there were shows that had delays due to production or sporting events happening in places where late night in Japan is prime time over there (i.e. no recap episodes for these delays) in Vinland Saga, Fire Force, and Babylon. And in the case of Azur Lane and Babylon, those shows are getting long delays and won't finish up in 2019, and in situations like these it would have been best to just air them in the winter season. Quite a frustrating season for delays going to show that things would have been better to simply bump them to a later season. If there's a silver lining in all this, it's that Oresuki has one of the better recap episodes out there.

WINNER: Isekai shows
Summer season was an absolute dumpster fire of a season for isekai shows, but this season fared much better. First of all, there are six isekai shows this season in Kemono Michi, Cautious Hero, Ascendance of a Bookworm, High School Prodigies, Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!, and Iruma-kun and all of these shows are at least better than all of the summer season's isekai shows (though High School Prodigies is probably on-par with them). But of these, Cautious Hero, Bookworm, and Iruma-kun are among the season's best shows, while the other two are good enough. So with the numbers and the improved quality, that makes isekais a winner this season.

LOSER: Game-based shows
Anime shows based off games generally are bad, but this season is was particularly bad. At least Fate/Grand Order ended up being a great show, which is helped by the fact that Aniplex is funding them all while there's a huge budget thanks to their successful mobile game. But then there's Kandagawa Jet Girls, Stand My Heroes, Phantasy Star Online 2, and Azur Lane, and those four shows are really bad (at least Azur Lane could have been good with a better animation studio, but the others there was just no hope for them). Nevertheless, it goes to show that shows adapted from games are more likely than not to be garbage.

WINNER: Production I.G
It was a huge season for Production I.G as they produced three shows this season in Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These, Psycho-Pass 3, and Kabukicho Sherlock, and while Kabukicho Sherlock has been disappointing, at least it's a fun show with the right mindset. LGH gets better with the second season, or movie trilogy if you prefer, as it corrects a lot of the issues the first season had. And then there's Psycho-Pass 3 as that show is a huge improvement over the underwhelming season 2, though still a far cry from the first season masterpiece. While Gen Urobochi didn't have any involvement, returning to I.G really helped.

WINNER: J.C. Staff
J.C. Staff had two shows this season in Food Wars! The Fourth Plate and Hi Score Girl II, both excellent shows, though part of the reason is because they are sequels to well-received predecessors. JC has been up and down, and this season it all trends upwards.

LOSER: Project No. 9
Project No. 9 has had a poor reputation, and this season they didn't do much to change that. They screwed up the adaptation of High School Prodigies, while they failed to bring out the best of Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! as that anime was merely OK when it could have been better.

LOSER: Studio Tear
This is the studio that did Fragtime and Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher?, and the reason they are losers has to do with the way the studio got shut down. The studio never paid their workers and just went belly-up all of the sudden. That makes them big losers as while studios face financial troubles, there's no excuse not to pay the workers unless workers breached their contracts.

WINNER: Ajin-do, Connect, 8-Bit, Revoroot
I'll just group these four together as they all produced one great show this season. Ajin-do produced Ascendance of a Bookworm, Connect produced Oresuki, 8-Bit did Stars Align, and Revoroot did Babylon, four very good shows.

LOSER: Hoods Entertainment, TNK Studios, Passione
I'll just group these three together as they all produced a colossal stinker of an anime show this season. Hoods did Val x Love, TNK did Kandagawa Jet Girls, and Passion did Z/X Code Reunion, three of this season's worst shows. Seeing that these are their only shows of the season that I think they are all equally as deserving of the loser label this season.

WINNER: Wednesdays
Wendesdays were so full of great stuff as it was loaded with shows, and would have been even more so had Netflix operated like Crunchyroll or Funimation. Ahiru no Sora, Radiant season 2, Kemono Michi, Cautious Hero, Oresuki, Ascendance of a Bookworm, After School Dice Club, and Blade of the Immortal were featured in a loaded day for anime, while Seven Deadly Sins season 3 and Beastars are Wednesday shows in Japan, but with the way Netflix operates they make the rest of the world wait. Nevertheless, these are all solid shows that are worth watching provided that you are interested in the kind of shows, and this season of Radiant is an improvement over the first.

WINNER: Saturdays
Saturdays are another great day as all the Aniplex shows are great, while Kono Oto Tomare is much better during the second half, My Hero Academia continues to be awesome, while Iruma-kun is a surprise hit. It also has Val x Love, which again is a show to skip. While Wednesdays are by far and away the head of the class, Saturdays also feature a potent lineup this season.

LOSER: Tuesdays
It's back to the old days as Tuesdays are generally have the lowest viewership of any day, and at the very least it has Chihayafuru 3 this season. But the rest of the lineup was just garbage as it consists of Z/X Code Reunion and Kandagawa Jet Girls, as well as the continuing Black Clover. At least this season's Tuesday lineup is better than last season's when it consisted of two half-length shorts and a sports show that used horrible CG at the most inopportune of times with the rest of the day consisting of delaycasts.

LOSER: Mondays
Another bad season for Mondays as it features a lot of mediocre shows, though it does have a great show unlike in the summer or spring seasons. That show would be Babylon as it's a well-written mystery show with some really disturbing drama. That said, the Monday lineup ends up being an unremarkable one once again as it features Babylon, PSO2, Stand My Heroes, and Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!. Tokyo MX normally has one more show, but it's for a rebroadcast of The Magnificent Kotobuki, while TV Tokyo is airing a rebroadcast of the new Fruits Basket. At least Average Abilities ended up being at least a half-way decent show and Babylon is a worthwhile show as I mentioned, but only four of Babylon's episodes actually aired on Monday so far with the first three episodes coming the day before premiere date on Amazon, while the show was delayed until the end of December after seven episodes. Overall, Mondays continue to put out weak lineups.