It's that time again when I do my quarterly winners and losers blog for the season.

WINNER: Funimation
This season was a huge one for Funimation as they got the majority of the good shows this season. But above all, they are getting a lot more subscriptions now that their new shows are mostly streaming on Funimation Now and Hulu. And now, their new deal with Aniplex and Right Stuf puts them in an even more enviable position.

LOSER: Crunchyroll
It was bound to happen at some point, but this season it finally happened. Except for Fire Force, all of Funimation's new shows are are nowhere to be found on Crunchyroll, while all of Sentai's new shows are on HIDIVE and nowhere else. They had it all in the spring as they adjusted to life after the partnership, but this season CR's catalog is as thin as it has been in quite some time.

WINNER: Sentai
Sentai picked up four new shows in O Maidens in Your Savage Season, Wasteful Days of High School Girls, Re:Stage, and Demon Girl Next Door, and all four of them are at least worthwhile shows. Their catalog lately has been uninspiring to say the least, but this season they got some pretty good shows.

WINNER: Supernatural anime
Supernatural shows were plentiful this season, and they featured some pretty nice stuff. From Fruits Basket to Demon Girl Next Door, as well as Demon Slayer, Fire Force, and more, there was plenty to go around for this genre of anime.

LOSER: Isekai anime
This season was absolutely dreadful for the isekai drama that has become all too commonplace. This season features four isekais in Arifureta, Demon Lord Retry, Isekai Cheat Magician, and Two-Hit Mom. Arifureta and Retry are shows with solid source material, but animated totally wrong. And then there's Isekai Cheat Magician that's the most bland and generic thing I have come across recently, and Two-Hit Mom just has a poor story construction and fanservice that really holds this show back.

WINNER: Lerche
This season, Lerche made two heavy hitters in Astra Lost in Space and Given, which are two of the best shows this season. While they are not as reputable as some of the large studios, they have more than established themselves as a quality studio, and they made quite a big statement this season.

WINNER: TMS Entertainment
Another studio that put out multiple hits is TMS with Dr. Stone and the continuing Fruits Basket reboot series, and both of those are among the best shows of the season. TMS has had its fair share of ups and downs, but they always give it their all, and that kind of dedication is on full display with these two shows.

LOSER: White Fox and Asread
For this, I had to put these two studios together since: 1) These two studios put out Arifureta and only that show for this season, and 2) There were production problems galore in producing this dumpster fire of an anime adaptation. Normally when a show is delayed, it's because they need more time to enhance the quality of the production. That wasn't the case here as there was all sorts of chaos in trying to get this show out there, and that chaotic mess is reflected in the final product. It's already tough enough to get a show like this adapted, but with this much disorder, White Fox, Asread, C'mon Man!

LOSER: Mappa
Even good studios will sometimes put out duds. Mappa has been down this road before as for every Yuri on Ice or Dororo they put out, there was bound to be a stinker or two like Idol Incidents and Days. This season, they put out To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts, and that show was just disappointing. While they continue to animate their stuff with quality, unfortunately this show just fell flat and the story just was greatly lacking. Hopefully their next project turns out well, which is Uchi Tama coming to Noitmaina this January.

WINNER: Fridays
This season Fridays were just packed featuring a whopping nine shows: Wasteful Days, Dr. Stone, Danmachi II, Two-Hit Mom, Fruits Basket, Fire Force, O Maidens in Your Savage Season, Accelerator, and Granbelm. It was such a crowded day, and part of the reason is because Animeism gained another time slot. And also, Two-Hit Mom was placed in the Friday time slot that's available for Aniplex should the Saturday block be filled up even though it was still available (and it was filled by a rebroadcast of Madoka Magica). Nevertheless, Friday was a stacked day as it usually is seeing that people can sleep in on Saturdays after watching this.

WINNER: Thursdays
Entering the season, it looked like Thursdays would be sure-fire losers as there were only three shows airing this season in If It's For My Daughter, I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord, Given, and The Demon Girl Next Door. Normally, there are about six or seven Thursday shows a season, but not so this season as If It's For My Daughter is the only new show on Tokyo MX as the other timeslots are used for reruns (FYI, that would be for Shirobako, Citrus, and BanG Dream), while TBS is only airing one new show with the other timeslot going to a rerun of Revue Starlight. However, by having only three shows, they minimized the day's bust potential, and all three shows are good shows, or at least halfway decent. Given is one of the season's surprises, the other two shows have high watchability values provided that you are of the right audience.

LOSER: Tuesdays
Tuesdays this season are quite possibly the worst day of anime in a long time as there was nothing good to watch that day. The Tuesday lineup consists of two shorts that were about as good as you could expect out of them in Magical Sempai and Are You Lost?, the continuing disappointment that is YU-NO, the love it or hate it Black Clover, and the show animated totally wrong in Try Knights. The Tuesday lineup was the most affected with the extreme dropoff in shows as Tokyo MX now only has two timeslots for new anime, and one of them aired a day early on AT-X this season (Hensuki). There's no new Tuesday show on TV Tokyo, and instead of Chihayafuru season 3 that was originally supposed to begin this spring, it's Try Knights and its awful use of CG at random spots.

LOSER: Mondays
The Monday lineup was also bad, but for a far different reason than Tuesdays as Mondays actually had a ton of shows, more than it usually holds. Problem is they are all terrible in some way, shape or form. The Monday lineup consists of Hensuki, Kochoki, To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts, Arifureta, and Cop Craft, and sadly none of them are must-see TV. Hensuki is not for everybody and while it ends up being an alright show, it didn't look that way at the beginning all while the animation quality is a huge letdown. Kochoki is what you would expect for a show intended for fujoshis. Abandoned Sacred Beasts looked great on paper, but the actual product was a huge disappointment with an uneven plot. Cop Craft started off well, but kind of fell off in the second half with worsening animation quality and no serious upwards movement. And of course, there's Arifureta, and the animators totally dropped the ball on this show whose manga is actually pretty good. But there were production issues galore and the end result is a really big hot mess.