Tragedy struck one of the most beloved animation studios in the business as a fire broke out at the Kyoto Animation studio building killing 33 of the 75 or so people at the building at the time when the place was set ablaze by some psychopath who claims that they plagiarized his work. As such, this legendary studio that was known for its artistic quality and one of the few studios that treats its workers humanely has lost a great amount of talented guys who have been revered throughout the anime community in tribute to all the great things that this studio has done to change the anime community for the better, I'm doing a special Top 10 to rank their best works.

Before I do my rankings, I just want to let you know ahead of time that I have yet to watch the following works, so they won't be a part of this list for that reason: Munto, Nichijou, Chunibyo (the movies only), A Silent Voice, Free! (movies only), Liz and the Blue Bird. For this list, I'm just ranking franchises as a whole based on all the stuff done by KyoAni, meaning that Clannad only appears once and there won't be a separate entry for Clannad After Story, for example, all while The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan won't factor into Haruhi Suzumiya's rankings because that was done by another studio, while only Fumoffu and The Second Raid are factored in for Full Metal Panic's ranking as they only did these two series.

10. Hyouka
To start things off, here is a show is all about small-scale mysteries that were so amusing to see playing out as the show did a great job in making the characters stand out for more reasons than that. It helps that having such gorgeous artwork makes this show so much more appealing, but the show did itself a bunch of favors with the other stuff. That said, this show was one that just needed some more episodes since it felt like some kind of story was building up only for things to just end abruptly like that.

9. Lucky Star
This is a show where it was comedy gold and parodies galore. But above all, the memorable characters are what make this show really go. Not to mention, the show ends with a lot of unconventional things, such as an ending being a live action bit with Minoru Shiraishi singing. Nevertheless, this show is just funny and plain nuts.

8. Kanon
Before Clannad became the show Key Visual was best known for, there was this show that was created to tell a story in a setting opposite of Air as Air was told somewhere in the south during the summer, whereas Kanon was told in the winter up in Hokkaido. This was a remake of the show made four years earlier, and the animation quality is vastly improved, all while the storytelling is much better, and pretty much it fixes a lot of the problems the earlier adaptation made that created one too many Uguus in the process.

7. Sound! Euphonium
Here is a show about a high school orchestra band consisting of mostly girls as they are hard at work aiming for the nationals. While the first season was good, it was lacking in that it factor that would be realized in the second season as the show really took off in the second half. KyoAni did a great job with the animation seeing that the artwork for the manga based on the few pages I sampled just didn't look appealing. But above all, the soundtrack is where this show makes its mark as the sound team did a masterful job in not only performing the songs, but making it sound appropriate given the proficiency level of the band. And the there's the second season where the show was a whole lot of character development, and well-done one at that.

6. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
This reverse-isekai show was all about the humor, the characters, and of course the artwork. But what makes this show stand out compared to other similar shows is the fact that the characters actually develop a close relationship and doing so the right way. While this looked to be something more appropriate for a studio like Doga Koba, KyoAni got it and they did a great job in crafting a story on top of it all. This show is set to get a second season, but those plans could be in jeopardy as the director is one of the guys missing.

5. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
The first season was as perfect as it could get, but there's a reason why it's #5. Actually, there's eight as the second season totally ruined what should have been a season that keeps the awesomeness going with the infamous Endless Eight. But in any case, this show had everything going for it with great characters, nice humor, amusing monologues, a show that can be enjoyed two different ways (as in the Haruhi order and the Kyon order), and of course the epic dance in the ending. Then there was the Disappearance movie that was as perfect as it could possibly be. There was just so much to love about this show that sadly got watered down by something best reserved for an OVA or at least condensing it much like what Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai did when the supernatural phenomenon was repeating days.

4. K-On!
This is the show that started it all with the moe revolution as cute girls doing cute things were few and far-between before this show came. This show would totally redefine the slice-of-life genre as it had everything going for it with this show. The girls are great, the show actually tells a meaningful story, and the show took great care in making sure the music aspect was done well. While this show might not be their best work, it certainly is one of their most popular. After a solid first season, this show takes off in a big way with the second season, all while the movie is just a great, masterful job by them.

3. Full Metal Panic (The Second Raid and Fumoffu)
While Full Metal Panic has been a great series through Invisible Victory, this show reaches its full potential with The Second Raid as everything is clicking on all cylinders. The animation quality is off the charts at that time, while the storylines are well-written, all while it shows how talented these guys are. And then there's Fumoffu, which is a school comedy, and despite being a side story, they did another masterful job. The humor is insane, all while the show brings out all the stops to make this something worth watching again and again.

2. Violet Evergarden
This is perhaps KyoAni's best work on the technical side of things as everything is just beautiful in this show. From the artwork to the soundtrack, the characters, and the way the story ends up becoming after the way the plot is set up. A movie and a second season is in the works, but nobody knows when, or even if, those are coming out in light of the tragedy. But it was obvious that KyoAni poured their heart and soul into making this show amazing.

1. Clannad
No show featured a bigger emotional roller coaster in all of anime than this show. It starts out being just like another one of Key Visual's typical visual novels where the MC meets girls and helps get their lives back on track. But this one goes even further seeing that it did get a second season as lots of tear-jerking and heartbreaking moments happen in this show. Character development is some of the best out there and the production values are some of the best out there as a great show is accompanied by a great soundtrack and likable characters, all while finding the right place for some lighthearted stuff. This is clearly one of the best anime shows out there, and KyoAni definitely delivered in a big way.