Another season is wrapping up, and so here is the next quarterly Winners and Losers blog.

WINNER: Funimation
No question who came out ahead as they snatched up most of the titles this season, the first operating completely outside the now-defunct partnership with Crunchyroll. They made partnerships with Hulu and Bilibili that allowed them to reach the world in their own way, all while operating with a business model that balances exposure with getting subscribers to their service by offering a large number of their simulcasts for Crunchyroll to stream, which includes simuldubs, all while also keeping four titles to themselves and their partners.

WINNER: Crunchyroll
It looked like Crunchyroll was headed to be a big loser this season with Funimation taking most of their stuff with them leaving them with only scraps. But as it turns out, the partnership ending didn't mean that Crunchyroll would be shut out of everything Funimation ended up getting. Quite the opposite as not only are they still getting Funimation's shows, but they are also getting simuldubs to selected shows as well. That said, there were some shows Funimation kept for themselves and Hulu as Fairy Gone, AfterLost, RobiHachi, and Kono Oto Tomare!. But in the grand scheme of things Crunchyroll entered into a new kind of relationship with Funimation as more of a liaison than an associate. I thought about declaring them neither a winner or loser, but I decided that they still got a lot of stuff just when it looked like they were on the road towards extinction.

LOSER: Sentai
It was a terrible season to say the least for Sentai as they picked up only four shows after going on a barrage last season, and three of them are gigantic duds with only Senryu Girl being any good. Their four shows are Senryu Girl, Ao-chan Can't Study, Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher?, and Namu Amida Butsu. Ao-chan just was creepy, Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher? was a censored ecchifest that is poorly done, and Namu Amida Butsu is one of the season's worst shows. Sentai can't go big every season, but this one they went small and largely struck out.

As a result of Funimation's break-up with Crunchyroll, Hulu stood to gain the most, and they did in a big way with their partnership to get just about all of Funimation's catalog streaming on their service. And then there's One Punch Man season 2, which was exclusively their's, the first Viz show since Hulu went subscriber-only. They got some action this season, and it was good for them.

LOSER: Amazon
Amazon is becoming less and less of a player these days as this season they only had two shows in the continuing Dororo and Karakuri Circus, which is part of their deal with Twin Engine. Their deals with Noitamina and Animeism had ended, so that pretty much makes them less relevant, which is a good thing seeing that they have done a poor job in running things. At least it's better now than during the Anime Strike days in 2017, but nevertheless they are fading.

LOSER: Yahoo! View
This was where free content on Hulu used to go, but now they are going away.

WINNER: Shorts
This season saw a lot of shorts, including two shows that are among the best this season in Isekai Quartet and Senryu Girl. There were a total of six shows with half-length episodes (Isekai Quartet, Strike Witches 501st, Senryu Girl, Amazing Stranger, Ao-chan, and Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!), two with ten-minute run lengths (Fight League and Nobunaga-sensei), and three with five-minute run lengths (Yatogame-chan, Joshi Kausei, and Miru Tights) for a total of 11 shows that are quick to get through. Quite a lot of them this season.

LOSER: Science Fiction
This was an underwhelming season for science fiction shows as none of them were really any good, unless you count MSG The Origin among them seeing that it is the OVA edited for TV broadcast. This season consists of the TV-edited MSG, AfterLost, RobiHachi, YU-NO, One Punch Man season 2 (which is not really sci-fi, but it has elements of it), and Carole and Tuesday (which nobody can legally watch right now). Not much to offer this season ink the way of quality sci-fi shows.

WINNER: Ufotable
This studio did quite the masterful job with Demon Slayer as the show is visually impressive with great-looking action sequences and stuff. But above all, the animation supported a great story that has been one of the best this season.

More Attack on Titan for this studio. 'Nuff said.

LOSER: Madhouse
This season, Madhouse did the animation for AfterLost, all while they declined to do the One Punch Man sequel. While the animation was great for AfterLost, unfortunately the story was a joke as things have been going downhill for this powerhouse studio.

LOSER: J.C. Staff
This studio did the second season of One Punch Man, and boy did they make a mess of the animation. At least the storytelling is still very good. It's just that the animation fails to bring things out to its fully glory the way Madhouse did. Their other show this season is Million Arthur, and at least that looked better on the animation front, but it's another show that was made with advertising a mobile game in mind, which usually doesn't turn out well.

WINNER: Wednesdays
Wednesdays had lots of great stuff with Shield Hero, Senko-san, and Wise Man's Grandchild, as well as Carole and Tuesday which won't be available to watch in the USA until next season. Wednesday had the goods, and not a single flat-out dud among it.

WINNER: Fridays
Fridays were great as well with Bungo Stray Dogs, Fruits Basket, Senryu Girl, Ao-chan, and Hitori Bocchi on that day, along with the final cour of JBA: Golden Wind. Of course, JBA is always going to be great, while Bungo Stray Dogs and Fruits Basket are two of the most-watched shows this season and deliver in the quality department. And then there are the Animeism shows that are quite different from what this block has carried in the past with three slice-of-life comedies. So in all, Fridays had a lot going for them this season, and even more so with Animeism expanding to three shows.

LOSER: Thursdays
No day took a bigger hit with the programming reduction than Thursdays. In every season in 2018 the day had four Tokyo MX shows, two TBS shows, and a Noitamina show for a total of seven. This season, there's only one TBS show (and it's a sequel to the boring Bakumatsu show), the Noitamina show (which is not as great as the ones in recent seasons), and two Tokyo MX shows (Million Arthur and Karakuri Circus), while the other time slots are for a delaycast and a rerun.

LOSER: Mondays
After a couple of strong Monday lineups after an endless string of bad lineups, Mondays didn't fare so well this season. At least it has a great show in Dororo, but not much notable stuff the rest of the day that includes two of the season's worst shows in Namu Amida Butsu and King of Prism. The other Monday shows are RobiHachi and Yatogame-chan, which aren't notable shows, either. At least it happens after the best Monday lineup in quite some time, and summer is going to be a loaded season for Mondays considering that the total number of shows has dropped considerably this season.