Now that I have finished watching just about everything that aired in 2018 (only a few episodes of Index are left, but I already decided on that show well before it began) that it's time that I do my assessment of purchases for every simulcast I watched to the end that started in 2019. Only shows whose home video license has been confirmed are part of the assessment, so once again shows without home video rights picked up are not part of this. Once again, I have four levels to gauge my interest using colors and symbols for the colorblind:

($) Purchasing: I have every intention of buying the BD for this show.
(+) Strong Interest: I am very interested in getting it, but I'm not fully committed to buying. A lot will depend on how it is released and the shape my wallet is in, but if I do have the cap space, these shows will be the first ones to be considered.
(-) Passive Interest: I have some interest in getting it, but unless a release blows me away or it gets better treatment than expected, then chances are I'll pass on it. In any case, I will wait until a price drop happens before getting it.
(X) Fuhgeddaboudit: Exactly as I mean, I have zero interest in getting it.

(X) Slow Start (Aniplex): It's an alright show, but I have no interest in owning it, and Aniplex licensing it pretty much kills any chance it might have had.
(-) Mitsuboshi Colors (Sentai): It's a fun show, and with Sentai unexpectedly giving this show a dub gives it a chance.
(-) Kokkoku: Moment by Moment (Sentai): This show did the drama correctly and with Sentai giving this show a dub, at least it's a possibility.
(X) Dame x Prince Anime Caravan (Sentai): Not my cup of tea, but at least I enjoyed it despite being a show not made for guys like myself.
(-) Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody (Funimation): It was an alright enough show to warrant a purchase down the line, especially with Funi deciding to give this show a LE release despite being a show with a laundry list of cliches. Had it not gotten a LE, zero chance at getting it.
(-) Hakumei and Mikochi (Sentai): Another fun show, but not one that I'm prioritizing. Still, getting a dub makes it a worthwhile to grab.
(-) Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens (Funimation): This is one of the sleeper hits, so I'm open to getting it, but again, it's not a priority.
(X) Dagashi Kashi 2 (Funimation): It's enjoyable, but something I don't need to see again. I didn't buy the first season, so not a chance at this.
(X) Devilman Crybaby (Aniplex): I love the darkness this show has going all-out in that regard. That said, it's not my cup of tea and Aniplex prices only further reinforces my definitiveness.
(-) Takunomi (Sentai): I enjoyed this show, and getting a dub makes it a possibility, but definitely not a priority buy.
(X) Overlord II (Funimation): I didn't buy the first season, and it's either LE or bust. Since the first season is OOP, that officially makes this a bust.
(-) Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc (Funimation): I really love CCS, but at the very least I'll wait for a complete season re-release as there's the whole slipcover fiasco that makes buying the single-cour releases off limits.
($) Darling in the FranXX (Funimation): I purchased the LE already as it looks great, and it was a great show, at least in the first half until it decided to spend too much time being outside the mechas.
(X) Record of Grancrest War (Aniplex): It's a disappointing show, and Aniplex prices only further reinforce my decision to pass on it completely.
(X) Today's Menu for Emiya Family (Aniplex): Nice show, but not at the price I'm expecting Aniplex to charge for it.

(X) Alice or Alice (Sentai): Just a creepy show overall. No thanks.
(+) Himamatsuri (Funimation): I really enjoyed this show to warrant a purchase, and I'll leave it at that.
(X) Devils' Line (Sentai): Decent concept, but it just copies Tokyo Ghoul for the most part, and the animation was some of the worst this year. Pass.
(X) Cutie Honey Universe (Sentai): This is just not the way to do a Go Nagai reboot.
(X) Caligula (Pony Canyon): I might have considered it if it weren't for the fact that Pony Canyon has it and doesn't appear willing to put it out.
(-) Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These (Funimation): It's a nice way to get introduced to this legendary franchise, but nevertheless it doesn't scream must buy to me.
(-) Tada Never Falls in Love (Sentai): It's a fun show being by the same guy who did Nozaki-kun, but it didn't stand out.
(X) Doreiku (Sentai): This show had a great concept, but one that was going to be hard to execute with only one cour to work with, and indeed the execution is off the mark. So no buy.
(-) Megalo Box (Viz): It's a great show, but I'm not exactly a fan of the animation. So I'll keep my mind open and it will depend on how Viz releases this.
(-) Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online (Aniplex): I really love the characters, and the action is fun. That said, I just don't like the way Aniplex releases things, and this is another one of those half-cour sets that I'm turned away by, but I'm still open to getting it.
($) Full Metal Panic: Invisible Victory (Funimation): Funimation just did an incredible job with this release throwing everything and the kitchen sink into it. So I didn't waste any time placing a preorder for this show as I have the rest of the FMP franchise.
($) Golden Kamuy (Funimation): Funimation puts out a very nice-looking box for a nice-looking show. The characters are simply a fun bunch here and is pretty reminiscent of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, which is saying quite a lot.
($) Steins;Gate 0 (Funimation): I have the original series, and adding this great follow-up makes it an easy decision to buy.
(X) Tokyo Ghoul:re (Funimation): I don't know how these guys at Pierrot could mess up the adaptation this badly. But in any case definitely no buy as there's that, and I passed on buying any of the other Tokyo Ghoul releases.
($) My Hero Academia season 3 (Funimation): I bought the other seasons, so it's only natural I buy this as well. Funi learned from the outcry from the second season and while the wide box remains, there's only one of them.

(-) How Not to Summon a Demon Lord (Funimation): Pretty surprisingly good show this ended up being. That said, I have isekai overload and I need to sort things out before thinking about it.
(X) 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams (Sentai): This show isn't for me even though I made it to the end. So hit the snooze button on this.
(X) Harukana Receive (Funimation): While I like a good sports anime, this one doesn't catch my fancy, so pass.
(-) Free! Dive to the Future (Funimation): I didn't buy anything from the Free! series, so chances are I'll pass on this. But I could easily change my mind later.
(-) Revue Starlight (Sentai): This was a pretty nice show, but not one I need to get. So it's of lower priority right now.
(X) Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs (Aniplex): Enjoyed it, but I'm not paying Aniplex prices if they do decide to release this show.
(-) Cells at Work! (Aniplex): I love the educational value this show provides. But once again Aniplex prices are probably going to stand in the way.
(X) Hanebado! (Funimation): After a promising start, this show just became all sorts of cringeworthy. So the wings for this show's chances are clipped.
(X) Overlord III (Funimation): See Overlord II.
(X) Angels of Death (Funimation): Once with this show is enough as the slow pacing and unlikable characters make this an obvious no-buy.
($) Attack on Titan season 3 (Funimation): I already bought the first two seasons, so it's a no-brainer that I get this as well.

FALL 2018
(X) RErideD (Funimation): It's a show that had great potential, but it definitely bit off more than it could chew. So in any case, pass.
(-) Zombie Land Saga (Funimation): This is a fun show that ended up being much better than expected. That said, I will be drawn to it if a LE comes out, but for now it's not a priority.
(+) SSSS.Gridman (Funimation): Controversy aside, it's a fun show and one that will most definitely be getting a LE release. If I like the LE, then I'll strongly consider it.
(+) Double Decker! Doug and Kirill (Funimation): While nowhere near as good as Tiger and Bunny, it's a highly enjoyable cop drama and comedy.
(+) Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (Aniplex): This would have been an automatic buy had it not been licensed by Aniplex, but that aside I'm willing to pay up if it gets the treatment it deserves with a dub, a single release (as opposed the usual two half-cour releases), and stored in a nice-looking chipboard box. Being a one-cour series helps its cause for being an overpriced release.
(-) Bloom Into You (Sentai): This show is a nicely done drama, but it's not a must buy unless it gets a nice-looking LE that isn't too shelf-hogging, which is the most likely route for this show.
(-) Goblin Slayer (Funimation): While the storytelling is great, this is not a high priority for me. I might consider it since it will get a LE, but it's low on my priorites.
(X) A Certain Magical Index III (Funimation): I didn't buy any previous seasons of Index, and I'm not expecting this to get anything more than the SE release. So easy pass.
(X) Fairy Tail Final Season (Funimation): Amazing show, but at over 300 episodes long there's just no way I can fit it all on my shelf.
(-) Run with the Wind (Sentai): This ended up being a great show after a slow start. That said, it depends on if this show gets a dub or not, but I'm pretty confident it will. In any case, I would get it if things line up correctly.
(X) Sword Art Online: Alicization (Aniplex): I didn't buy any of the SAO TV series stuff, so I'm most definitely passing on getting this season with the price tag Aniplex is asking for (though I think this will be released as one cour sets rather than half-cour with the the first two seasons). In any case, no deal.
(+) That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Funimation): This is a great show and certainly it's shelf-worthy. That said, it depends on how it is released once again.

So to sum things up, that's six definite purchases (FranXX, FMP, Golden Kamuy, Steins;Gate 0, My Hero Academia, and Attack on Titan) covering a total of 11 cours worth of content, with five more I have strong interest in getting (Hinamatsuri, SSSS.Gridman, Double Decker, Bunny Girl Senpai, and Slime). Remember that this only covers shows that have been licensed for home video release as there are a number of other shows whose streaming rights are the only things that have been secured. Should they get home video rights, Laid-Back Camp, A Place Further Than the Universe, Violet Evergarden, and Hi Score Girl are likely going to be on my to-buy list.