As I do to mark the halfway point of my end of the year evaluations, here is the Not Top 10. I am still working through my annual series (and I plan to do it again at least for next year), but I have been sidetracked by more important things, as well as me being kind of disoriented in making these blog posts. One of the biggest reasons is that I'm not allowed to save drafts in this forum while I could with the old ones. So here, I could only do one draft at a time with the autosave feature (though that isn't really an excuse seeing that I have used Google Drive to write others, and I'm just being lazy).

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Anime Watched in 2018

Here is the eligibility criteria for the categories:
Female Characters: All simulcasts watched (all entries with an asterisk) from Completed, Ongoing, and Dropped, one character per series, character made debut in 2018
Male Characters: All simulcasts watched (all entries with an asterisk) from Completed, Ongoing, and Dropped, one character per series
Episodes: All simulcasts watched (all entries with an asterisk) from Completed, Ongoing, and Dropped, one episode per series, standard length episodes from TV series only (i.e. shorts, OVAs, and movies are not considered), character made debut in 2018 (or in a 2017 show that continues into 2018)
Disappointments: All simulcasts watched (all entries with an asterisk) from Completed, Ongoing, and Dropped, one episode per series, standard length episodes from TV series only (i.e. shorts, OVAs, and movies are not considered)
Shows: All simulcasts watched (all entries with an asterisk) from Completed, Ongoing, and Dropped

Like always, this is the only blog where all simulcasts, completed or not, are fair game, and as such no honorable (or in this case, dishonorable) mentions. As for the characters, the same rules apply about the character debuting in 2018 as with the Top 10 characters. Cue that funny music heard every Friday on Sportscenter.

Not Top 10 Female Characters
1. Mana, Conception
2. Satou's Aunt, Happy Sugar Life
3. Julia Katsushika, Doreiku
4. Aya Asagiri, Magical Girl Site
5. The whole cast, Love to Lie Angle
6. Ayano Hanesaki, Hanebado!
7. Somali Longhaired, Boarding School Juliet
8. Himeko Momokino, Citrus
9. Suzuka Nagami, My Sister, My Writer
10. Marrine Kreiche, Record of Grancrest War

It was pretty clear cut that the annoying mascot of Conception is the worst character of the year. It wasn't clear if it's a male or female, but after doing some digging seeing that I didn't get far in the show, Mana is a female, so I placed this bear with the females. She is annoying and creepy as hell, and while the show had plenty of bad things going for it, she made it totally unwatchable. While it was hard to pick out a least favorite girl of the year, pretty much any of the female characters except for Shio can make a case in Happy Sugar Life as everybody was just messed up in that show. None more so than Sato's aunt as she was just a poor excuse of a caretaker, and it's no wonder why Satou ended up being the broken girl she is. Next is Julia and she is just messed up in the head. But above all, she just makes so many poor and impulsive decisions that it gets nauseating to watch her. Then there's Aya, and while I could make the case for all the girls in Magical Girl Site, Aya takes everything in the rump and that is just unacceptable. Seeing that all of the girls were just terrible in Love to Lie Angle that I decided to just include all of them seeing that none of them stood out. But nevertheless, their yuri antics are just annoying and rub people the wrong way. Hanebado was a great show up until the midway point, and that's because Ayano turned into a soulless mannequin and that really ruined this show. It's understandable why as her mother wasn't exactly doing what a mother is supposed to do, but her transformation just was uncalled for. What Somali did during the sports festival just made her so unlikable. The characters in Citrus are all messed up, but none more than Himeko as she's just impulsive and snobbish with not much to love about her. Then there's Suzuka, and the fact that she refuses to represent herself as a writer just raises all the wrong flags about her. Lastly, there's Marrine, and it's the fact that she sides with the enemy needing to get her head fixed that makes her such an unlikable lady.

Not Top 10 Male Characters
1. Lao Yen-Tai, Banana Fish
2. Tsubami Setagaya, Doreiku
3. Mikio Shirato, Megalo Box
4. Yuya Nomoto, Killing Bites
5. Daichi Kitaumekawa, Happy Sugar Life
6. Takafumi Yukawa, Kokkoku
7. Dorni Rossini, Record of Grancrest War
8. Daniel Dickens, Angels of Death
9. Aby Sinia, Boarding School Juliet
10. Hiyori Tono, Free! Dive to the Future

I had a hard time figuring out who the worst guy of the year is, but in the end I went with Lao, and while several characters from Banana Fish could make the list, Lao is most definitely the worst of them. Fox could have been there for making the other villains look like angels, while Abraham kept the diabolical drug research going, as well as Yut-Lung that's so irritatingly hard to read and Arthur for how he flipped his loyalties, and of course Golzine for his drug dealings. But what Lao did at the end seals the deal, and as if that wasn't enough, he acts on impulse and he's the reason why Ash and company had a much harder time than they should have there at the end. Next is Setagaya, and there's nothing redeeming about this bastard as he stole his colleague's research, all while creating a SCM device that allows him to cheat in this battle royale. For Mikio, it's no wonder why his younger sister got the inheritance as he uses cheap tricks in the ring. Yuya is one of the dullest MCs I have come across ever as he does nothing, and really only makes bad situations worse. Kitaumekawa-sensei is there because of his stalkerish attitude and the fact that he's cheating on his wife for forbidden love. Takafumi is just impulsive and doesn't ever listen to reason, and that got pretty annoying in this thriller. I could put either Salvador or Dorni as those two are just monsters who oppressed Theo's homeland, but at least Salvador fought himself while Dorni relied on others to fight for him. As for Danny, his creepy personality just rubbed me the wrong way, and it doesn't exactly help that he's obsessed with Rachel. Then there's Aby and he's in the same boat as the aforementioned Somali. Lastly, there's Hiyori as he acted way too overprotective, but he's only #10 because he wised up there at the end and became a better person after getting to know everybody better.

Not Top 10 Episodes
1. Conception ep. 1
2. FLCL Progressive ep. 5
3. Tokyo Ghoul:re ep. 15
4. Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls ep. 2
5. Butlers x Battlers ep. 1
6. Lord of Vermillion: The Crimson King ep. 1
7. Between the Sky and Sea ep. 1
8. My Sister, My Writer ep. 3
9. Doreiku ep. 5
10. Hanebado! ep. 7

Going to show just how bad Conception is, look no further than the first episode as everything is just wrong. From the whole concept of teen prenancy to the aforementioned creepy mascot, and cliches galore, it's clear that this show was going to be a disaster. FLCL Progressive was just a mess where it totally lacks a story, and never is it more evident than in this penultimate episode where lots of random things happen, and not much made any sense. While that's part of the show's charm, unfortunately it totally fails to be charming. Tokyo Ghoul:re was just an adaptation dumpster fire, and episode 15 lets you know that nothing is going to make sense during the second half of the show. The first half was alright, but the second half is just a travesty and an insult to a great manga. This episode presents itself as if there are two very different conflicts going on. Next is the Basilisk sequel, and it tells you that you must watch the original series first as it's full of spoilers for those who are just jumping straight into this season not realizing the relevance (which really doesn't become so much with the way this show was thrown together). Butlers x Battlers does just about everything wrong to make this show unappealing all-around from the bland character introductions and nonsensical storytelling. Lord of Vermillion definitely opened on the wrong foot to set the stage for this to be one massive train wreck. In particular, it's random battle after random battle, and it wouldn't be until the second episode when things are finally set up and I understand what the heck is going on with this show. Between the Sky and Sea is just a good idea gone bad as the first episode had nothing but cringeworthy failures of the main cast and not doing anything intuitive. My Sister, My Writer gets really bad in episode 3 as it feels like the animators are just pulling rabbits out of a hat here with all sorts of random bits of ecchi, all while the well-documented struggles with the animation quality really start to take its toll on the show here. While Doreiku was full of bad writing, episode 5 was where it hits its lowest where Eia gets betrayed, and a contest is forced upon them where the objective is to eat utensils (not eating food with those utensils, but eating the actual fork), and that was quite painful and sickening to watch. Lastly, there's that episode of Hanebado! is where Ayano turns into a mindless mannequin, and the way it happened was just all sorts of bad.

Not Top 10: Biggest Disappointments
1. Tokyo Ghoul:re
2. Hakyu Hoshin Engi
3. Hanebado!
4. FLCL Progressive
5. RErideD
6. Beatless
7. Sword Gai
8. Persona 5
9. A.I.C.O. Incarnation
10. Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

It wasn't even close for the biggest disappointment as Tokyo Ghoul:re was just a mess as I have said before. At least the first half was decently adapted and I knew what the show was trying to accomplish. But the second half was just a mess, so bad that Funimation ended up putting a guide seeing that the second half made no sense whatsoever as a lot of stuff gets skipped entirely, all while things are just fragmented like hell. There was hope that Hoshin Engi would improve with the reboot, but it did not as the writing was so laughably bad. Hanebado! was going strong at the beginning, but faded down the stretch with some questionable writing decisions. Then there's FLCL Progressive that was just a mess as this series was intended to replicate the craziness factor of the original series, and it failed miserably. At least Alternative cleaned up a lot of that mess by putting together a solid story, which made it far superior to Progressive (albeit nowhere near the greatness of the original). Then the rest are shows I had some level of hope for, but were let down due to various factors and other things.

Not Top 10 Anime Shows
1. Conception
2. Fist of the Blue Sky: Regenesis
3. My Sister, My Writer
4. Butlers x Battlers
5. Sword Gai
6. The Thousand Noble Musketeers
7. Hakyu Hoshin Engi
8. Junji Ito Collection
9. Marchen Madchen
10. Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls

Conception was just bad in every way imaginable, from the overabundance of cliches to the awful story concept, as well as subpar animation and the introduction of characters way too fast to keep up with. And that's before all the cringeworthiness that goes on that totally makes it what it is. Fist of the Blue Sky is just a CG mess, and while I haven't watched anything in this franchise, I probably wouldn't understand what's going on. The older Kenshiro definitely deserves better than this crap. My Sister, My Writer does just about everything wrong as incest is mostly frowned upon. But what makes this such a spectacular failure is the declining animation quality that it becomes more of a focus than the show itself. But what saves it from being the worst of the worst is the creative way for the animators to let everybody know that they are struggling to make ends meet in the credits. Butlers x Battlers has pretty boys, and no substance whatsoever. Sword Gai is just a storytelling mess of epic proportions as there's supposed to be a story, but it just keeps jumping around to feature different characters not really doing anything to develop anybody. Thousand Noble Musketeers is just a ripoff of Touken Ranbu with the only difference being that the boys are guns instead of swords, and it's best to just skip this and stick to Touken Ranbu. The Hoshin Engi reboot was just a storytelling mess that manages to make everything bad about the original series a whole lot worse. The Junji Ito Collection is just an insult to the horror genre as it not even does what a horror show is supposed to do. Not to mention, it's a lot of other things before it's a horror. Marchen Madchen was just a production disaster as the last two episodes were delayed, and still hasn't arrived even though it was originally planned for December. That's just the tip of the iceberg for a show marred by cliches, subpar animation, and a total joke of a plot. Lastly, there's Basilisk, and I find it hard to believe that there would be a sequel to a show that aired over a decade ago. Nevertheless, the drama, action, deep characters, and complex plot from the original series that made it good is largely absent here, replaced by lethargic and roundabout storytelling, characters that are as good as mannequins, and action lacking spark making it hard to sit and get through it.