Alright, it's time I finally get the pedal to the metal here as I need to do my Top 10 lists for 2018 anime, and I would like to get it finished by the end of the winter season. The 2017 list took a long time and it wasn't until 2018 was almost over that I finally did my last entry in the series. So I think I'll just keep things brief and not talk about each show specifically for the list, but I'll need to justify my rankings.

Here are what the seven blog entries are going to have for their titles.

Top 10 Visuals
Top 10 Music
Top 10 Characters
Not Top 10 of 2018
Top 10 Japanese Voice Acting
Top 10 English Voice Actiong
Top 10 Anime Shows, Period

Previously, I did two simulcast ranking blog posts that took all 86 shows that I watched, and now I open things up to include everything watched from last year for the first time. So with that, here is the list of all anime I watched in 2018:

Anime Watched in 2018

I'm going to start off with all the visual stuff here as I'm still debating about what I want to do for the other categories, but I most definitely want something down. The visuals will be pretty quick to write compared to the other categories, so I decided to start with that.

Here is the eligibility criteria for the categories:
Opening Animation: Simlucasts only (all entries with an asterisk), one theme song per series, and it must be used for at least three episodes (i.e. no songs used for only a single episode).
Ending Animation: Simlucasts only (all entries with an asterisk), one theme song per series, and it must be used for at least three episodes.
Character Designs: Simulcasts only (all entries with an asterisk)
Animation: Simulcasts only (all entries with an asterisk)

And like last year, I have a spot for an honorable mention given to shows that I had dropped or put on hold. I might have finished some of them since then, but the rules stipulate that I must finish it sometime in 2018 (or for shows continuing into 2019, all episodes watched in 2018). So while I watched Sirius the Jaeger and Tsurune this year, it won't take part in any of these evaluations as they are for shows watched in the year 2018 (save for an episode or two to finish off the series that ran into 2019).

Top 10 Opening Animation
1. Hi Score Girl
2. Zombie Land Saga
3. Golden Kamuy (first opening)
4. Kokkoku
5. Food Wars! The Third Plate (second opening)
6. Cutie Honey Universe
7. As Miss Beelzebub Likes It.
8. Grand Blue
9. Iroduku: The World in Colors
10. Steins;Gate 0
Honorable Mention: Idolish7

Hi Score Girl just has one of the best-looking openings there with the arcade machines, Street Fighter II gameplay, and integration of the two leads into the game. Zombie Land Saga has an opening that totally contradicts what this show is all about with the Sentai action, and that only added to the shock value of this show that's all about bizarre things happening. Golden Kamuy makes it with a combination of a great song and great visual usage. Kokkoku is just on crack in its opening. Then there is Food Wars! and the train theme was well-utilized in the animation. Cutie Honey Universe was terrible, but the one thing it did get right was the opening theme animation that was well-synched to the song. It's a shame they didn't use the same theme song that all other shows in this franchise used. Miss Beelzebub is art style nicely done to let everybody know what this show is all about, Grand Blue does a great job in emphasizing the scuba diving aspect more than the rowdiness, Iroduku's artwork is gorgeous, and Steins;Gate 0 gave that air of mystery with its opening animation.

Top 10 Ending Animation
1. Uzamaid!
2. Megalo Box
3. Asobi Asobase
4. Double Decker! Doug and Kirill
5. Bloom Into You
6. Tokyo Ghoul:re (first ending)
7. Karakuri Circus (first ending)
8. Free! Dive to the Future
9. Happy Sugar Life
10. Grand Blue
Honorable Mention: Last Period

There's no question which show had the best ending animation, and that would be Uzamaid! as it features Misha and her buffed maid doing strenuous exercises that makes for a bunch of great laughs. And also, I just can't get enough of that ending for Megalo Box with the neon lights there that's an appropriate theme there. Big boxing matches usually take place in Vegas, where there are neon lights everywhere. Then there is that epic rock band ending of Asobi Asobase that contradicts the angelic nature of the opening. Double Decker! makes great usage of CG for the ending, while Bloom Into You is simply beautiful, ending included.

Top 10 Character Designs
1. Violet Evergarden
2. Zombie Land Saga
3. Free! Dive to the Future
4. Laid-Back Camp
5. SSSS.Gridman
6. Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card
7. Hakumei and Mikochi
8. Uma Musume: Pretty Derby
9. Lostarage Conflated WIXOSS
10. Darling in the FranXX
Honorable Mention: Tsurune

KyoAni's character designs are really something, so it's no wonder why it takes the top spot here with Violet Evergarden, while Free! is also up there. But the entry that made its show exceed expectations is Zombie Land Saga. It did such an amazing job in the zombie designs of the girls and using them to spearhead the show. Trigger also has a strong presence with Gridman and Darling in the FranXX as they definitely went a long way in making them click with the show's nature. Then there's Laid-Back Camp and anytime the cutest character of the year comes out of it, they did something right in that regard. CCS is more great Clamp eye candy, and the rest all have characters that stand out so that no matter how good or bad their shows were, the well-designed characters leave a favorable enough impression.

Top 10 Animation
1. Violet Evergarden
2. Iroduku: The World in Colors
3. The Ancient Magus' Bride
4. March Comes in Like a Lion season 2
5. My Hero Academia season 3
6. Sword Art Online: Alicization
7. Bloom Into You
8. Banana Fish
9. Attack on Titan season 3
10. A Place Further Than the Universe
Honorable Mention: Sirius the Jaeger

No doubt that KyoAni nailed it once again with Violet Evergarden as it's pretty clear that they put a lot of effort into this show, something that being salaried employees allows to happen. P.A. Works continues to do great work, and it comes through with Iroduku where it made quite a big difference when the show's theme is color. Ancient Magus' Bride continues to show why Wit is one of the best studios, as well as doing another masterful job with Attack on Titan. Then there's Shaft doing another amazing job with the second season of March Comes in Like a Lion. And then these other shows are by-products of highly reputable studios as KyoAni, P.A. Works, A-1, Troyca, Shaft, Mappa, and Madhouse show why they are the best in the business.