With 2018 having wrapped up that it's time that I rank all the shows I watched and completed. Once again, this is going to be a two-parter with everything from the middle tier and below in this post, and the top two tiers are in the next one coming soon. All of the other shows that are in the other

There are a few shows with multiple seasons or parts that aired in 2018, and as such I'm going to take their average scores for the purposes of this list as I only want those shows from each franchise to appear just once. So that means for Overlord (seasons 2 and 3), Tokyo Ghoul:re (split cour), Sword Gai (split cour), Angels of Death (series and ONA finale), Fate/Extra (series and special) and Future Card Buddyfight X (series and All-Star Fight, which is a small factor because of its short length), they are combined into a single entry with the score being a weighted average of the two parts.

As always, I use a scoring system that's based on what the average MAL score typically is for shows in a certain grade range, that combined with grades that typical exam scores get you in college courses.

A+: 100+
A: 95-99
A-: 90-94
B+: 85-89
B: 80-84
B-: 75-79
C+: 70-74
C: 65-69
C-: 60-64
D+: 52-59
D: 44-51
D-: 36-43
F: 0-35

So with that, here are the rankings for everything in the top two tiers of shows. The rest are listed, and you can read the reviews in Part 1 of this blog. Some shows are continuing into 2019 and grades are based on my impressions through the end of 2018. Such shows are indicated in Italics.

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1. March Comes in Like a Lion 2nd Season: A+ (Score: 104)
This show continues to play into the key strengths of the first season in that the character development is tremendous, the drama is amazing, the animation is another great job by Shaft, and the story is laid out very nicely. With the story having fully established itself already, this season ends up being better than the first as it does an excellent job in making sure that all characters are nicely-developed that play key roles in this, all while doing a great job in mixing in the serious parts with the lighthearted stuff. Certainly, it's one of the best shows of the year as it manages to exceed the high bar set by the first season.

2. Attack on Titan Season 3: A+ (Score 103) (Episodes 38-49)
This show just keeps on delivering with the best arc of the series so far adapted very nicely. Above all, the growth of one of the characters is so well-done that she could even be a lead. In any case, this show does a great job taking titans mostly out of the equation and focus on fighting between humans, which was due at some point since it's not a simple matter of humanity surviving against the titans. And as usual, the action remains top-notch, and the story is full of well-executed drama.

3. My Hero Academia 3rd Season: A+ (Score: 103)
This show continues to maintain the high standards set by the first two seasons as the storytelling continues to be great, the action is the highlight, the animation is top-notch, and the characters all continue to grow in tremendous ways. About the only complaint with this season is the placement of the filler episode. Aside from that, this show continues to really click on all cylinders.

4. Food Wars! The Third Plate: A+ (Score: 102)
This show continues to be great, and even more so this season with the characters growing in leaps and bounds. The cooking action continues to be the highlight of the show, all while it does an excellent job in setting up the characters for a huge transformation, and in addition the animation continues to be brilliant. But what this season does particularly well is the introduction of a certain character as that really had a tremendous impact on the story. Pretty much, it continues to deliver on every aspect.

5. Rascal Does not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai: A+ (Score: 101)
This show does just about everything right with the storytelling. It's straightforward and while it's fast-paced, it works for a show like this as it means little time for sidetracks that would have been out-of-place and interrupted the flow of the story. But above all, the characters are what make this show great as they are all lovable and great people who just needed to tackle their inner demons. The supernatural aspect is well-utilized as that made this show really stand out. Just about the only gripe I had with this show is the way the last character arc was handled as it felt the fast pace wasn't the right call. In all, it's one of the best shows of the season in large part because of it's strong storytelling.

6. A Place Further Than the Universe: A+ (Score: 100)
This is an adventure show done right as character development is done to perfection here, all while the animation and storywriting do a great deal of justice to support it. This show took the whole concept about adventure being about the journey rather than the destination very well here as it did a great job in maintaining realism. Just about the only thing that wasn't perfect was the pacing as I felt that it really dragged at the beginning, but the show does an excellent job in ensuring that everything is relevant and intriguing. In all, it's another great job by Madhouse doing what they do best.

7. The Ancient Magus' Bride: A (Score: 99)
This show is simply amazing as it combines great animation with a well-constructed story, a great score, and strong character development into the complete package. Character growth was especially on full display as it's absolutely tremendous where the MC ends up after what she had been going through in life. However, the storytelling lost some its steam towards the end leaving an impact that just didn't match up well compared to earlier in the series. So in all, the show thrives on its story and effective usage of the technical aspects, but storytelling is variable.

8. Violet Evergarden: A (Score: 99)
This show is another masterful job by KyoAni. The animation and artwork is gorgeous, the story is nicely crafted, and the impact is simply tremendous. While the end product is an amazing piece of work, it has a few flaws that keeps it from masterpiece status, and in particular the first half where the episodic nature just wasn't doing it for the overall scheme of things. But the second half is when this show really settles into its groove. The other major problem is that it was all about Violet and the supporting cast didn't really get enough attention. In any case, this is another must-watch show to come out of KyoAni's skillful production team.

9. Steins;Gate 0: A (Score: 98)
This show continues to do everything that made the original season so great with well-rounded characters getting developed, great drama, intriguing mysteries, and a plot that was well laid out. Unlike the first season where it takes awhile to settle in, this one establishes itself much earlier so that the series would take off and get to the serious issues at hand in a more orderly fashion. That said this show kind of dropped the ball with the ending leaving things without much closure, all while not featuring Kurisu as she is what made the original series so great. In any case, while this is a step down from the original series, it still is a worthy successor on its own merits.

10. Fairy Tail Final Season: A (Score: 96) (Episodes 277-290)
This show picks up right where season 2 left off and continues to do everything that has made Fairy Tail the great show that it is. The adventure aspect is stronger than ever, all while the mysteries and drama really pick up. So far, it has done a nice job in setting the stage for the final arc.

11. Laid-Back Camp: A- (Score: 94)
This is one of the best feel-good shows out there as it does just about everything right in its simplistic concept. The girls are well-designed to bring out the charm of them, and the show does a great job in building characters and relationships. Not to mention, it does a great job in educating the viewers about what camping is all about. In all, it's a fun and charming show that sets out a plan and sticks to it all the way to the end without relying on any gimmicks for a fun time to be had.

12. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. Season 2: A- (Score: 94)
The first season was driven by its comedy as it was so amazing, but at times it got really repetitive. This season, it's much less repetitive and it's equally as funny. Pretty much, it's one of the best comedies out there as it especially does a great job with new character introductions and some seriousness at the end going to show that even though things are supposed to be funny, there's disaster to be had.

13. Megalo Box: A- (Score: 93)
This show is simply amazing as the story really stands out unlike anything else. The drama is well-done, the characters are well-developed, and this show goes far and beyond by making all the characters a lot more than they appear to be. Then there's the amazing hip hop soundtrack that really enhances the story. While it's great, it does have a couple of rather minor flaws that keep it from masterpiece status as the animation was just too blurry making things tough on the eyes, and the story felt like it dragged out as it felt like this show was seemingly not advancing.

14. Banana Fish: A- (Score: 93)
This show does a great job in representing a manga written in the 80's in a modern day setting. The story is great, the drama is excellent, the mystery is full of intrigue, the action is well-done, and the art style is a great representation of an old-fashioned shoujo work in a modernized setting. Above all, it did a great job in being efficient in adapting 19 volumes of manga into 24 episodes keeping only what matters, and cutting out a lot of the stuff that doesn't. That said, this show has some pretty big flaws in that the show's homosexuality stuff was off the mark, all while it really rushed through some of the stuff with the constraints on this show. But in all, it does everything it can to bring out the best this story has to offer from the 80's manga.

15. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: A- (Score: 93) (Episodes 1-13)
So far, this show has done a great job in separating itself from other isekai shows. The characters are great, the fantasy aspects are done well, the character relationships are getting developed, and above all it tells an impactful story that is never dull with strategic use of comedy and lightheartedness.

16. High Score Girl: A- (Score: 93) (Episodes 1-12, OVA series coming soon)
This show gets off to a slow start, but the show gets much better as it progresses as the show not only highlights the obvious negative impacts being a gamer is, but also the not-so-obvious positive ones as it leads to some tremendous character development and better outlooks in life. The show does a masterful job in incorporating real-life video games into the story, and it avoids a lot of traps that make shows like these so run-of-the-mill. Just about the only gripes with this show are the ugly character designs and the way the show ends, though knowing that more is coming leaves much less of a sour taste than it normally would.

17. Hinamatsuri: A- (Score: 92)
This show manages to do a lot of things well as while it was designed to be a supernatural comedy, it nails a lot of other things as well. The comedy is great, while it does an excellent job with character growth in an efficient way so that everything flows to make for a fun show that's more than that. There are a couple of nitpicking issues as the animation quality was pretty average, and things sometimes got repetitive. In any case, this show is an absolute blast to watch.

18. Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card: A- (Score: 90)
This season of pretty much sticks to what worked in the original series and not really doing anything contentwise to stand out from the oringial series. While it provides for some great entertainment, that also meant a dragged-out story. This season prioritizes reconnecting with the original story more so than crafting a complete story with the mind of thought that a second season was planned from the beginning. That said, by taking this approach, it made this series a fun extension of the original series with great entertainment value from episode-to-episode, doing it with improved animation quality. In any case, I'm hoping for a sequel seeing that this show was spending too much time with anime-original content that it the biggest lingering question at the beginning wasn't answered until the end.

19. Cells at Work!: A- (Score: 90)This is one of the most educational anime shows out there as it's just great to watch for the characters, the antics, and above all I learned quite a lot about the human body watching this show. The show does an excellent job with the portrayal, and the characters are very interesting. The only major negative I can say about this show is that the quality of episodes are inconsistent across the board with some episodes standing out while some of them felt underwhelming. That said, it's a fun, feel-good time to watch, all while taking in the great educational value this show has.

Field Goal

20. Grand Blue Dreaming: B+ (Score: 89)This show was fun to watch for the quirky characters, the humor, the scuba diving stuff, and the good times as every moment of the show was fun and enjoyable. That said, I felt that it went way too overboard with the crazy college life and drinking antics, all while the frequent stripping and crazy behavior wore on me seeing that it meant taking away the attention on scuba diving that should have gotten more focus than it did. But in all, the show certainly delivered on the comedy, all while doing a solid job with character development.

21. Devilman Crybaby: B+ (Score: 89)
This is a nicely done horror show that does an excellent job with the drama and the horror. But above all, this show does an excellent job with character development, especially for the main antagonist, and it does heartbreak the right way all while utilizing the best parts of Go Nagai's style very well. Masaaki Yuasa does another great job in writing the story. And then the ending is something that's rarely seen in anime that will leave quite an impact. That said, this show has some major issues, as the animation is not something that everybody will be on board with, the fanservice is overdone, and the show gets off to a slow start where things are confusing and not easy to understand. In all, the impact of the final episodes is what makes it a good, albeit controversial, show.

22. Iroduku: The World in Colors: B+ (Score: 89)
This show is another visual marvel from P.A. Works as it made all the difference for this show that's all about colors. The animation is gorgeous, and the character development is simply amazing. While the end result was great, it did have some bumps in the storytelling aspect as it starts off really slowly and it seemingly loses sight of what this show is supposed to be about midway through, but never did it waste any time doing stuff that's not intuitive to the grand scheme of things. So bottom line is that this show's animation and character growth are a sight to behold, but the storytelling could have been better as the show was paced too slowly at the beginning, all while there are times when this show's focus wavers too close to getting away from what it is trying to accomplish.

23. Golden Kamuy: B+ (Score: 88 overall, 87 season 1, 88 season 2)
This show has it all to be entertaining with great character development, amazing adventure, intense action, and a lot of well-utilized ridiculousness that makes this show stand out. Just about the only major problem this show has is the amount of sidetracking this show does as it feels like just when it it seriously advancing the story, something happens that doesn't really feel relevant to the show's overall plot. The show also drags on at the start, but once things get established, this show really takes off. In all, it's a show that's highly entertaining and full of interesting characters that make things click.

24. Aggretsuko: B+ (Score: 88)
This is a fun and cute show as the animal characters are a great bunch, all while the jokes are well-constructed and entertaining. While great on that front, not so much on others as the show teases a lot of things, but never really seriously does anything towards that objective, all while some of the stuff just gets repetitive to a fault. But in all, it's a fun, fulfilling, and worthwhile show to watch.

25. Darling in the FranXX: B+ (Score: 88)
There was never a dull moment in this show as it was entertaining from start to finish. It is boosted by great action, incredible drama, complex characters, and plot twists that stand out with Trigger's signature style. While this show has been great entertainment, it had pacing issues were the biggest problem as some areas really dragged out and kind of broke the momentum of the story. The ending also felt underwhelming and incomplete that puts a damper. In all, it's a great show that really delivered on its potential, but isn't quite the complete package as the storytelling weakened down the stretch.

26. Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan: B+ (Score: 88)
Mari Okada has been in a slump lately, but with this show she gets back to doing what she does best and combined with stellar animation from Bones, this makes for an entertaining show. It has a nice concept, some interesting characters, and a nice plot twist there at the end to make for a good show to watch. That said, this show has some serious issues with the story structure as some of the characters were left underdeveloped in the end all while the ending just left too many things unsettled.

27. Bloom Into You: B+ (Score: 88)
This is a beautiful show with great animation, a well-constructed romance, nice character development, and a solidly-constructed story that sets a goal and doesn't lose sight of it. That said, the one major knock on this show is the pacing as it felt too needlessly slow with the numerous detours and stuff, and that led to an ending that just felt incomplete in a way. But it's a show that stays true to its identity all the way through, and that is the big difference maker.

28. School Babysitters: B+ (Score: 87)
This is a surprisingly great show as it establishes a concept and sticks through with it to the end. While this show was centered around taking care of toddlers, this was also an effectively-utilized engine to build chemistry between the high schoolers. The humor is nice and the show does a nice job in bringing a positive outcome after every half-episode segment. In all, the show never gets dull maintaining that feel-good atmosphere through to the end. Just about the only major knock on this show is the story as it establishes a premise and doesn't really follow through with it.

29. Asobi Asobase: B+ (Score: 87)
Overall, this show is comedy gold doing an excellent job in not only making the jokes and stuff funny, but keeping it fresh, creative, and never going stale. The characters are a quirky bunch and are fitting for all the crazy stuff that goes on in this show. Just about the only issues I had with this show are the animation, which is not exactly for everybody, and there were a few of the segments where things just fell flat. In any case, this is certainly one of the best comedies out there.

30. Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku: B+ (Score: 87)
This show has been quite a lot of fun to watch. The characters are great, the jokes are really funny, and character bonding was solidly done. Just about the only big knock on this show is the story as it was just non-existent for the most part, and that made for some pretty weak romantic developments. But it's designed to be a comedy and on that front it's amazing stuff.

31. Run With the Wind: B+ (Score: 87) (Episodes 1-11)
This show gets off to a slow start as it just introduces too many characters to keep up with, all while not really doing much to set things up for the MC. But the show improves as it does all the things a great sports anime show is supposed to do. The personal struggles have been nicely set up so far and hopefully that will help continue to drive character development moving forward.

32. Overlord: B+ (Score: 87 overall, 86 season 2, 88 season 3)
The second season on its core strengths with great animation, an intriguing story, interesting characters, and nice development. Overall, it has a better story concept than the first, but the execution was a bit on the messy side. And then the third season continues on that path, but with some questionable direction as while it made for some great drama, at the same time it meant adding so many cringeworthy aspects. That said, while it does a great job in the MC's character development, at the same time it spends too much time away from him making him seemingly irrelevant. In any case, it's a story that just continues to build on itself, for better or worse. In summary, the things these seasons do better or worse all even out in the end.

33. Free! Dive to the Future: B+ (Score: 86)
Overall, this show continues to do all the great things that makes Free such a wonderful show with great characters, awesome development, amazing swimming action, and top-grade animation by KyoAni. Just about the only major fault I find with this series is that character development didn't leave as big an impact as it did in Eternal Summer as things just didn't go deep enough in comparison largely because of all the character shuffling going on. But that's understandable because of the number of new characters, and this show did a nice job at that in spite of this obstacle.

34. After the Rain: B+ (Score: 86)
This show is simply beautiful to watch as the animation, soundtrack, and aesthetics are all clicking together on all cylinders in a way very few shows can manage to pull off. All of that makes the drama stand out. This is a no-frills romance that doesn't wander off to do anything pointless, and that's its best trait. That said, the show isn't perfect as the story feels like it needlessly dragged out, and some of the side characters that figured to be important didn't get enough attention or development. So while the layout was questionable, there's no doubt that this show is a treat to watch.

35. Zombie Land Saga: B+ (Score: 85)
This show didn't get off to the best of starts, but once it hits its stride, it takes off. The beginning was bogged down by gimmicks and repetitiveness, which didn't make this show stand out aside from the fact that the idols are zombies. But once the show started to focus on the characters and their backstories, that's when this show got really good as the character development made for a fulfilling show. The character development was especially great there, and that's when this show is at its best. That said, the slow start meant that Yugiri and Tae didn't get the development that I was expecting. In all, the show takes awhile to get going, but once it hits its stride it's great.

36. Boarding School Juliet: B+ (Score: 85)
While this show is cliche-ridden and gimmicky, it's one of the few shows that actually utilizes it very well to produce a fun show to watch. The show is great for the characters, the relationships, the amusing antics, and the interesting story concept, all while doing a nice job in establishing relationship and advancing that of the main characters without seriously watering it down with those cliches. In all, it's a fun show to watch, and while it still relies on cliches, it does so strategically.

37. Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory: B+ (Score: 85)
While this show is still great, it's nowhere near as good as The Second Raid when this show was at its peak. It still delivers on its core strengths with great characters, excellent drama, and intense action. However, this season is hurt by two major issues. First of all, the animation is a huge step down as while Xebec did an admirable enough job, it just pales in comparison to the masterful job KyoAni does. And the other major issue is the story flow as things seem to be jumping from place to place without really connecting things. Besides that, this show does a good job in being a worthy entry to this franchise, but one that could have been improved with better planning as having those delays are a strong indication that the directors were too tentative in their approach to this adaptation.

38. Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These: B+ (Score: 85)
This show does a great job in introducing viewers to the series as the storytelling is on the mark, the modern animation enhances the show, and the soundtrack does a nice job letting everybody know that politics is more prevalent than warfare. That said, this show can only do so much when the original story is quite comprehensive and this show has only 12 episodes (the equivalent of 24 with the movies) to tell it compared to the 100+ the original series had, and as such the story isn't nearly as fulfilling with the story being rushed, all while too much focus was put on Yang and not enough on Reinhard. But in terms of capturing the spirit and essence of the original series, this show gets the job done on that front.

39. SSSS.Gridman: B (Score: 84)
This show pretty much follows the formula of a typical Trigger show with the first half being a monster-of-the-week segment, and the second half being extreme chaos before the day is saved. The show stumbled at the beginning with a lot of blandness and a story that just didn't make much sense that will test one's patience. But midway through, this show greatly improves as things flow much better and character development really takes off. So to sum things up, this show is great with the action, the characters, the drama, and the concept, while on the flipside, the slow pacing and plot construction that are prevalent in the first half that keep this from being in elite company. In all, it's another highly entertaining show from Trigger as they continue to do great things.

40. Goblin Slayer: B (Score: 83)
This show makes quite a strong impression with intense action, a great story full of intrigue and moral conflicts, and interesting characters going to show that this is not going to be for the faint in heart. While the show makes a strong impression at the start, it doesn't maintain the high standards it set itself up for and as the series wears on, it kind of gets away from its initial goals all while things get hard to follow. While the storytelling takes a hit as the series wears on, the entertainment value stays fairly high all the way through as it does a nice job in explaining the aspects of the world.

41. Today's Menu for Emiya Family: B (Score: 83)
This show is pretty much a glorified cooking show using Fate/Stay Night characters, but it does a great job in being more than just that. The slice of life aspect was nicely done, and the character relationships and antics are all comforting and amusing. In all, a tasty and laid-back show worth watching for those who are into the Fate franchise.

42. Encouragement of Climb Third Season: B (Score: 82)
This season pretty much continues to do all the things that made the second season so great in that it's character-focused and educational, all while providing lots of cute moments. While this season doesn't do as much mountain climbing as the second season, the theme has been to make memories, and it accomplished that in a big way this season. I didn't exactly like what happened towards the end of this season, but overall it still is every bit the enjoyable and relaxing show that it has always been.

43. A Certain Magical Index III: B (Score: 82) (Episodes 1-13)
Pretty much, this is typical of a show in the Index franchise as the quality of the show varies by arc. The first arc was pretty strong, while the second and third arcs, not so much. Especially the second one where it feels out of place, or at least happening at the wrong time. That said, the characters continue to drive home the series, though I'm not completely convinced by the direction the show is currently taking.

44. Karakuri Circus: B (Score: 82) (Episodes 1-12)
This show has great action, a nice plot concept, and some great drama thrown into the mix to give this show a lot of intrigue. While it set itself up to be a show with great drama, it hasn't been consistently great as there are times where I feel like I'm watching two very different shows, so cohesion is something that could improve in the two cours moving forward.

45. Sword Art Online Alicization: B (Score: 81) (Episodes 1-12)
This show got off to a flying start as it got straight to the matter at hand, all while developing the characters without losing focus that has been problematic for this show ever since the Aincrad arc of the first season. It especially does an excellent job with the drama not revealing too much right off the bat, all while the characters go through quite a lot to get to these answers. That said, this show has run into problems lately, mostly because of that controversial episode (ep. 10) where I'm reminded why the ALO arc was so bad, all while it spends too much time with characters I don't see much relevance in. Hopefully things get better now after the info dump in the last episode that really changes things.

46. Revue Starlight: B (Score: 81)
This show is entertaining to watch as it's strong with the visuals, soundtrack, drama, intriguing characters, and a grand concept that was nicely constructed. It's the duels where this show really stands out as being something by a director who learned under Kunihiko Ikuhara. However, the storywriting was inconsistent as it was weak in some areas all while some of the supporting characters didn't get developed enough. In all, this show does a great job with the technical aspects, but it was lacking with consistency in the storywriting as it is just inconsistent with some of it good, other parts not so much.

47. Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens: B (Score: 81)
This is one of the season's pleasant surprises. The show has a strong story, intriguing characters, excellent drama, and a well-executed mystery aspect to go along with a killer soundtrack. While it's great on the substance side of things, it is definitely lacking in the style department as the animation is nothing outlandish and the action didn't stand out. And the other big problem this show has is the lack of attention to some of the supporting characters. In any case, this is a very good show to watch for the way the drama unfolds.

48. Tada Never Falls in Love: B (Score: 80)
This is a fun time to be had with some solid storytelling and comedy. The characters are great, the romantic aspect is solid, and the chemistry between the characters is exceptional, all while the artwork and soundtrack do a nice job to support this show. However, it's bogged down by a few major issues as I felt that the comedy had the tendency to be repetitive and stale, and the story just felt too uneven to really work with the story not really doing a whole lot at the beginning. In all, it's a fun show that's worth watching, especially for those who enjoyed Nozaki-kun.

49. Uma Musume: Pretty Derby: B (Score: 80)
This show ended up being very entertaining to watch after a slow start that was cliched and gimmicky. As the show progresses, the storytelling greatly improves as it utilizes all those gimmicks well to provide some great character development, all while being fun to watch. The characters are great, the racing action is fun to watch, and in all the show ended up being better than expected once the initial shock sets in.

50. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord: B (Score: 80)
This show takes a concept that has been done over and over again leading to a show without much expectation for, but it ended up being a pleasant surprise. In particular, there;s the MC that isn't just a straight-up overpowered guy as it drew the line pretty well between the weak player and the overpowered avatar. And then there are the girls that have a lot more to offer than those from a typical harem. That said, this show still suffers from its reliance on cliches, all while the plot tends to get repetitive. Even so, it ended up being better than expected.

51. B: The Beginning: B (Score: 80)
This show does the stylistic parts well with great animation, an intriguing mystery, nice drama, and interesting characters. However, the execution of the story definitely could have been better, and in particular the story was all over the place in the beginning. But towards the end, the storytelling improves leading to a satisfying conclusion. In all, this show has it all down with the style, but substance was inconsistent for the most part.

52. FLCL Alternative: B (Score: 80)
This season is a huge improvement over Progressive as unlike with that season, this season is much more focused on accomplishing what it sets out to do in developing the characters and showcase the theme of growing up, and not littering the show with nonsensical randomness like Progressive. While the storywriting is good, it kind of gets away from what made the original season special by backing off on the supernatural aspect, and the show's appeal suffers from it. So in all this season does a solid job with storywriting and character development, but not so much with the supernatural aspects making it not that much different from a typical slice of life show.

First Down

53. Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online: B- (Score: 79)
54. Mitsuboshi Colors: B- (Score: 79)
55. Forest of Piano: B- (Score: 78)
56. Hakumei and Mikochi: B- (Score: 78)
57. Amanchu! Advance: B- (Score: 77)
58. Kokkoku: B- (Score: 77)
59. Uzamaid!: B- (Score: 76)
60. Happy Sugar Life: B- (Score: 76)
61. Skull-face Bookseller Honda-san: B- (Score: 76)
62. Lost Song: B- (Score: 75)
63. Isekai Izakaya: Japanese Food From Another World: B- (Score: 75)
64. Ms. Vampire Who Lives in My Neighborhood: C+ (Score: 74)
65. The Ryuo's Work is Never Done: C+ (Score: 74)
66. Double Decker! Doug and Kirill: C+ (Score: 73)
67. Seven Senses of the Re'Union: C+ (Score: 73)
68. Harukana Receive: C+ (Score: 73)
69. Dagashi Kashi 2: C+ (Score: 73)
70. As Miss Beelzebub Likes It: C+ (Score: 72)
71. Hanebado!: C+ (Score: 72)
72. Ninja Girl and Samurai Master 3rd: C+ (Score: 72)
73. Akkun to Kanojo: My Sweet Tyrant: C+ (Score: 71)
74. Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS: C+ (Score: 71)
75. Slow Start: C+ (Score: 71)
76. Takunomi: C+ (Score: 71)
77. Back Street Girls: C+ (Score: 71)
78. Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs: C+ (Score: 71)
79. Crossing Time: C+ (Score: 71)
80. A.I.C.O. Incarnation: C+ (Score: 70)
81. Devils' Line: C+ (Score: 70)
82. Record of Grancrest War: C+ (Score: 70)
83. Angels of Death: C+ (Score: 70)
84. Cinderella Girls Theater 3rd Season: C+ (Score: 70)


85. Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody: C (Score: 69)
86. Caligula: C (Score: 69)
87. Future Card Buddyfight X (and All-Star Fight): C (Score: 69 overall, 68 for X, 73 for All-Star Fight)
88. Hero Mask: C (Score: 68)
89. FLCL Progressive: C (Score: 67)
90. Dropkick on My Devil!: C (Score: 67)
91. Last Hope: C (Score: 67)
92. Tokyo Ghoul:re: C (Score: 66 overall, 75 for part 1, 57 for part 2)
93. Fate/Extra: Last Encore C (Score: 66)
94. RErideD: Derrida Who Leaps Through Time: C (Score: 65)
95. Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary: C- (Score: 64)
96. Dame x Prince Anime Caravan: C- (Score: 64)
97. Doreiku: C- (Score: 62)
98. Micchiri Neko: C- (Score: 61)
99. 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams: C- (Score: 60)


100. Cutie Honey Universe: D+ (Score: 58)
101. Sword Gai: D+ (Score: 57 overall, 54 for season 1, 59 for season 2)
102. Alice or Alice: D (Score: 50)
103. One Room 2nd Season: D (Score: 48)
104. Jingai-san no Yome: D (Score: 45)

And that's this year's simulcast rankings. Coming soon, the evaluation series.