And now, another poem to wrap up another year in anime as it's that time of the year again.

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the art.
More artwork was stirring, and new shows took part.
Animators worked hard to draw with the utmost of care,
In hopes that their products got received well on the air.
Mangakas and artists are now all snug in their beds,
While visions for new anime danced in their heads.

Around the world on the web, for viewers to enjoy,
But now things are different, new landscape to employ.
Together they have been, for Funi and Crunchyroll,
Sony Pictures got the former, and the marriage had to fold.
So Sentai stepped in, and HIDIVE came to VRV,
And also to Crunchyroll, for the streaming needs they serve.
Before they had Amazon, 'til the end of Anime Strike,
Now all included with Prime, the double paywall took a hike.
Worldwide exclusives, Amazon staked their claim
Netflix did too, making originals was their aim.
TubiTV and Hulu, they also streamed stuff,
No longer at go90, this service had enough.

With the winter of anime, 2018 got going,
How good were the show? Until then there's no knowing.
Four high school girls made the journey far south,
And a girl loves putting all kinds of ramen in her mouth.
Three self-proclaimed peacekeepers just looked to have fun,
Two Ais learned shogi in The Ryuo's Work is Never Done.
A warrior purged evil, and he collected the crests,
While beastlike humans fought to see who's the best.
Cute girls went camping, they did it in the cold,
Taikobo went on a quest with Hoshin Engi retold.
There's Pop Team Epic, where episodes played twice,
And hitmen in Hakata, ramen, baseball, and fights.
Stepsisters fell in love, problems came from this yuri,
And for boys who love Sanrio, there was no need to worry.
There's Junji Ito, as his horror came to be,
Creatures lived the small life in Hakumei and Mikochi.
Ill on a crucial day, that puts her one year behind,
Violet wrote letters, their meanings she would find.
Boys went to school, and there they would babysit,
A girl felt love, after track she was forced to quit.
Children were soldiers, and they piloted the FranXX,
And a boy would always fall for Takagi's pranks.
Another isekai in Death March, the world is in a game,
And a mummy was a pet, Mii-kun that's his name.
Time stood still, forever at 6:59,
Fate/Extra Last Encore, Nero's the Saber this time.
A girl dealt with princes, and personalities clashed,
Maidens wielded swords, and Aradamas they slashed.
Girls fought with magic, all coming from their books,
She managed some talent, seven idols with good looks.
A.I.C.O.'s the name, but her body's not the same,
There's B: The Beginning, a serial killer with fame.
Devilman Crybaby, a remake from Go Nagai,
And demonic powers clashed in Netflix's Sword Gai.
Four ladies at work, at home they have a drink,
And Beatless with androids, they fight without a blink.
New Cardcaptor Sakura, now she captures a Clear Card,
More Saiki K., and why a psychic's life is so hard.
More Overlord was made, two seasons in fact,
More Deadly Sins, with the knights making a pact.
More Hanamaru, and daily life for the swords,
A new Basilisk, and new ninja wars.
More Dagashi Kashi, fun with cheap candy that's sweet,
More Yowapeda, and more pedaling with the feet.
More Silver Guardian, another isekai adventure,
More Hitori no Shita, an outcast had to endure.
Mitchiri Neko, where the cats were so squishy,
Seven Heavenly Virtues, some vixens acted fishy.
More Kaijus as girls, they were crazy and and a tease,
And then there was the show called Working Buddies.

Onto the summer where things were scorching hot.
And more anime shows the fandom got.
The human body, people role-played as cells,
And Angolmois, a Mongol invasion it tells.
A cat for a spaceship in the sci-fi Planet With,
And then there is Island, stranded in a myth.
A spinoff for Kaiji, Tonegawa had to manage,
There's Lord of Vermillion, the world got damaged.
A girl had died, but her soul returned in a game,
Yakuza men turned idol girls, wanting fortune and fame.
Together with a killer, a girl escaped to die,
A boy loved games, but a girl always scored high.
In Okinawa on the beach, girls played volleyball,
And Baki was fighting in a life or death brawl.
Things went late into the night in Bakabon,
And the Music Girls were formed, all singing the songs.
A girl went to London, where humans and shadows meet,
Badminton was played, a girl would not accept defeat.
There were battles on stage, and emotional strife,
A girl resorted to killing to live her Happy Sugar Life.
To Sunohara-sou, where the caretaker took care,
The hot springs were haunted, and a ghost was there.
Three girls played around, and everything was fun,
Muhyo and Roji, those two got their job done.
Tsukumogami did things, and were available for rent,
Grand Blue Dreaming, doing scuba and drink until spent.
Sirius the Jaeger, guys hunting down the vampire,
And guns became boys, at injustice they fire.
Nicknamed Holmes, he solved Kyoto mysteries,
Going off to dream world, and the princes she sees.
Then there was Aguu, where there's horror in dance,
And he led a harem, in war he took a stance.
Summoned the wrong way, he's a too strong demon lord,
Commuting to school, Chio was never, ever bored.
A cobra girl dropkicked, but she'd always get killed,
Banana Fish was a drug that controlled even the strong-willed.
A new Zoids came in, and things were all Wild,
And a new FLCL, becoming adults from a child.
Now in college, these boys aimed high as they swim,
An uprising took place in the new Attack on Titan.
A new Buddyfight, this time around Gao's son,
And the final season of Gintama, and things are now done.
More mountains to tackle in the next Encouragement of Climb,
More Cinderella Girls Theater and more idol fun time.
One Room is back, new girls interacting with you,
And Yamushibai, season 6 came through.

Now it's onto the fall and the last set of shows,
They came and they went, and out 2018 goes.
A young man saw a senpai and a cute bunny girl,
And by leaping through time, a mystery he unfurled.
Romeo and Juliet, reimagined at a boarding school,
Harrassed by a sexy man, two guys were BL cool.
Doug and Kirill, they formed a crime-fighting pair,
And Bloom Into You, there was romance in the air.
A cute vampire girl lived in the neighborhood,
As Miss Beelzebub likes it, fluffy things are what's good.
Hinomaru took up sumo, and he's a tough player,
All goblins must die, the mission of the Goblin Slayer.
Young girls became strong when they consumed some spyce,
The Karakuri Circus is not for the nice.
Pregnant in another world, the show called Conception,
A cheerleading club was hoping for great reception.
To fish in the sky, the girls trained hard at sea,
And SSSS.Gridman, the whole world is a mystery.
Hakone Marathon's the goal, for two and eight others,
From the future to the past, a girl would see colors.
A new lease on life, in this world he's a slime,
And Bakumatsu, a new twist from a turbulent time.
There's a parallel world accessed through a radio,
His sister's a writer, but in her stead he would go.
An idol group was formed, the girls are all zombies,
An archery club was formed, and one guy was not pleased.
Another Jeanne d'Arc, this time she's a Ulysses,
A maid was so annoying, a girls wanted to dismiss.
Xuan Yuan Sword, ancient China at war,
And Arthurs had gathered, to keep history on-score.
He saw the past of whatever he would touch,
In Radiant a boy wanted to be a sorcerer so much.
Merc Storia, and adventure with a fairy in a bottle,
Sengoku Basara spinoff, the boys in school throttled.
SAO is back with the Alicization arc,
More Index came in where science and magic spark.
A new JoJo arrived, in the new series Golden Wind,
More objections came too, and more cases to win.
Ninja fanservice returned in Shinovi Master,
Fairy Tail is near the end, with a pending disaster.
A skeleton sold books, and explained the bookstore,
Girls gathered in one house, with psychics and more.
Idolmaster Side M, the boys got their short,
And married to creatures, a new life of sort.
Armor for grown-ups, that was the task
And singing for an idol, he wore a fox mask.

They came on streams first, then to Blu-rays went
And everybody who bought them, satisfaction got sent.
Less rapid outside Japan, but meeting the end game,
And here are some licensors being called out by name:
Now! Aniplex, now! Discotek, now! Viz and Funi.
On! Right Stuf, on! Sentai, on! GKids and Crunchy.
From the start of the winter to the end of the fall,
Now watch away! Watch away! Watch away all!

As everybody heard, and watched the artwork,
They filled up our lives, and that was their perk.
Mangakas and novelists had their works turn to shows,
And a nod to them, as their talents all rose!

And for the year '18, it nears the time of the whistle,
Thus coming the moment for this year's dismissal.
There's one thing left to say with the year's end in sight,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.