I quickly glanced through my blog looking at some of my previous posts, and I realized that my evaluation series for the 2017 anime shows is incomplete as I didn't get around to the last two entries. Well, I remembered to do it, and I decided to finish it up. I hope I can continue to do this and dong so in a more timely fashion as this segment is usually finished by March. Not this year as I had so many other things going on.

Top 10 Visuals
Top 10 Music
Top 10 Characters
Not Top 10 of 2017
Top 10 Japanese Voice Acting
Top 10 English Voice Acting
Top 10 Anime Shows, Period

Once again, here is everything that I watched in 2017:

Anime Watched in 2017

Here is the eligibility criteria for the categories:
Female Voice Acting Performances: All shows watched in English (in blue or purple) from Complete, Ongoing, Rewatched, and Movies and OVAs section, limit one performance per show and per voice actress. In addition, the character must debut in the series that was watched.
Male Voice Acting Performances: All shows watched in English (in blue or purple) from Complete, Ongoing, Rewatched, and Movies and OVAs section, limit one performance per show and per voice actress. In addition, the character must debut in the series that was watched.
English Dubs: All shows watched in English (in blue or purple) from Complete, Ongoing, Rewatched, and Movies and OVAs section

I made a few changes from last year as I want to avoid giving the same roles spots in the top 10, so I added the condition that the character must debut in the season that's listed, or sometime in the episodes for long series. As is always the case, the show must be watched in English for the first time ever. In the case of a show like My Hero Academia where a dub for season 2 was produced, I only watched season 1 dubbed in 2017, so all characters that debuted in the first season are eligible. However, when I get to the season 2 dub, which I'm planning to watch within the next two months, only performances characters debuting that season like Stain and Gran Torino are eligible. Lastly in regards to that rule, if I started watching a dub last year and continue watching it this year, any character that debuts in the series in eligible. So with that, onto my Top 10 for English dub performances.

Top 10 Female Voice Acting Performances
1. Stephanie Sheh, Mitsuha Miyamizu, Your Name.
2. Luci Christian, Hestia, Is It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
3. Jessica Calvello, Hajime Ichinose, Gatchaman Crowds
4. Karen Thompson, Re-L Meyer, Ergo Proxy
5. Jad Saxton, Megumi Tadokoro, Food Wars!
6. Michelle Ruff, Manaka Mukaido, Nagi no Asukara
7. Felecia Angelle, Shalltear Bloodfallen, Overlord
8. Monica Rial, Mina Tepes, Dance in the Vampire Bund
9. Wendee Lee, Lisa Lisa, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
10. Erica Harlacher, Claudia Enfield, The Asterisk War

While there was no debate as to who took the top spot for me, the rest of the list is pretty interchangeable. Stephanie Sheh was spot-on as Mitsuha, and she fully understand the importance of her character in this masterpiece film. Next is Luci Christian, and while I could have put a number of roles in the top spot (Enju of Black Bullet, Ochaco of MHA, Ferris of LLH), it was her portrayal of Hestia that won me over. Jessica Calvello brought that energy from her performance as Excel (minus the throat-damaging fast talk) into Hajime and that made the show's dub really stand out. Karen Thompson was an absolute stud back in the days when NGP was doing anime dubs, which came to an end when Geneon went out of business. A perfect mixture of serious and badass really made the role shine. Then there's Jad Saxton, and while she has been great, she was a total stud with Megumi.

Next is Michelle Ruff as Manaka and while I was skeptical about the casting seeing that Christine Marie Cabanos would have been perfect for the role, she flexed her range in a big way here, and thus earns her a spot on the Top 10. While I could have given Overlord's spot to either Felecia Angelle or Elizabeth Maxwell (Albedo), it was the performance in the final arc of the first season that really stood out going to show that she's great at voicing bad girls. Monica Rial, she's another VA I had to pick only one role for, and her portrayal of Mina is absolutely spot-on. Lastly, Erica Harlacher has become a big name, and her performance as Claudia is one of several roles she has excelled in as she has mastered the yamato nadeshiko role.

Top 10 Male Voice Acting Performances
1. Chris Sabat, All Might, My Hero Academia
2. Chris Guerrero, Ains Ooal Gown, Overlord
3. Mike Sinterniklaas, Taki Tachibana, Your Name
4. Andrew Love, Takeo Gouda, My Love Story!!
5. Johnny Yong Bosch, Kei Nagai, Ajin
6. Bryson Baugus, Bell Cranel, Is It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
7. Patrick Seitz, Dio Brando, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
8. Blake Shepard, Soma Yukihira, Food Wars!
9. Liam O'Brien, Vincent Law, Ergo Proxy
10. Chris Patton, Rentaro Satomi, Black Bullet

There just couldn't have been a more perfect casting decision than to put Chris Sabat as All Might. In his All Might form, his Armstrong is as perfect as it gets, while as No Might a performance similar to Piccolo gets the job done, and then some. Next is Chris Guerrero as the titular character in Overlord, and he absolutely nails the role down with perfection. He sounds just like Liam O'Brien as Ains, which does wonders for this dub. Andrew Love is perfect as the tough, yet gentle Takeo. JYB continues to be great as his portrayal of Kei continues to really click. Bryson Baugus is one of the rising stars in the business as his role of Bell is simply amazing and I look forward to hearing more from him in the second season of Danmachi. Patrick Seitz couldn't be a more perfect choice for Dio. Shepard simply was fun to listen to as Soma. Then there's Liam O'Brien with his role as Vincent being one of the finest performances. Lastly, there's Chris Patton as Rentaro, and he gives that character a lot of life with his performance.

Top 10 English Dubs
1. My Hero Academia
2. Your Name.
3. Noragami Aragoto
4. Ergo Proxy
5. One Piece
6. My Love Story!!
7. Ajin
8. Nagi no Asukara
9. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
10. Overlord

I didn't watch as many dubs as I did in previous years largely because I most of the dubbed episodes I watched were for One Piece up until the time skip, 516 episodes in all. That said, there was no question which dub was the best among the blues and purples on my watchlist as that honor goes to My Hero Academia. It's pretty clear that a lot of effort was put into this dub, all while the casting is simply perfect. The aforementioned performance of All Might was what made the dub really go, all while Justin Briner shows just how talented he is as Deku. And everybody else nailed their roles nicely. Your Name is simply a masterpiece in every way, and the dub is another amazing effort out of NYAV. Noragami Aragoto continues to really deliver as listening to Jason Liebrecht talk is music to my ears. Ergo Proxy is a dub produced back when Geneon's glory days when they were the gold standard for handling dubs, and this show was one of their best. Then there is One Piece that righted all the wrongs that the horrible 4Kids version did. While the directors changed throughout the course of these episodes, the VA's were always comfortable with their roles and gave their characters the personality needed. It doesn't make big changes or do anything out of character, which makes a huge difference. Sustaining it for that long is tough, but it is always fun to listen to those characters.

Then there's My Love Story!! with perfect casting for the three leads leading to a dub that's easily one of Sentai's best efforts when their quality of dubs has been fluctuating. Next is Ajin, and Netflix always delivers when it comes to dubs (unless they hand it off to Miami), and this is one of their best efforts yet as Johnny Yong Bosch was on fire and I especially enjoyed Pete Sepenuk's performance as the main villain. Nagi no Asukara is a show that requires lots of stuff to be aesthetically sound, and Bang Zoom did exactly that with this beautiful show. While Max Mittleman wasn't my first choice as the MC, he has Hikari's attitude down pat that led to another excellent product. The first season of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure featured lots of creative scriptwriting that worked like a charm. It also doesn't hurt that everybody performed their roles nicely starting with the British characters, and then Patrick Seitz doing a masterful job as Dio. To cap it off is Overlord, and this is the dub where Kyle Phillips finally showed why he's fit to direct after having mixed results with his earlier dubs. Chris Guerrero is simply perfect as Ains, and the rest of the VA's do a great job and are well-cast leading it being one of the best dubs out there.

So with that, I plan to get the last blog of my unfinished 2017 evaluation series in a week or two, but it's going to take some time to write up.