It's that time of the season again where the season is turning, and as such it's time to put a wrap on the summer 2018 season that was. It was an underwhelming season to say the least seeing how spoiled I was with all the great shows during the spring season. But even so, it still was full of gems, just not as shiny as I'm accustomed to seeing. Enough said as I do the summer 2018 edition of winners and losers.

WINNER: Netflix
It was another great season for Netflix as their catalog is growing, and they have a number of highly regarded shows this season including High Score Girl, Sirius the Jaeger, and Baki. they also have Back Street Girls, Sword Gai, Unit Pandora, and Fate/Extra, which are not as highly regarded, but still it's an impressive haul altogether for Netflix. And things are only looking up for them as they now have the streaming rights to all shows in the upcoming +Ultra block on Fuji TV.

LOSER: Sentai
After a relatively good season last spring, this one was quite a rough season for Sentai shows. The only good one they have is Revue Starlight, and the rest of their small catalog consists of a blatant ripoff of Touken Ranbu, a run-of-the-mill otome game adaptation, and a spinoff that's nowhere near as good as the show it's based off of, i.e. The Thousand Musketeers, 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams, and Mr. Tonegawa, respectively. At least they have a strategy in place after losing their Amazon partnership, but nevertheless they definitely had a bad season.

WINNER: Sequels
Most of the new stuff was pretty lackluster this season, but thankfully this season was full of sequels to excellent shows in My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Overlord, Encouragement of Climb, and Free!. Among the best shows of the season are the sequels.

LOSER: Completionists
This was an awful season for those who are dead set on watching everything this season as there were lots of shows that didn't get streamed, more so this season than usual. There are the six aforementioned Netflix shows (not counting Sword Gai since that was never on TV), but in addition to that are Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou and Aguu: Genius Dolls, all while Captain Tsubasa continues with no streaming deal in sight. It was especially frustrating with Sunohara-sou as we are used to seeing Crunchyroll streaming everything that nobody else and just leave them as streams. In any case, this season featured an alarming amount of shows with no streaming deals in place, though there is hope that they will appear later. It's just that people are interested in watching these as they air in Japan.

WINNER: Comedy
This season was great for comedies as there were lots of great comedies. From Asobi Asobase to Grand Blue and Chio's School Road, there were plenty of quality comedy shows. In addition to those, Cells at Work and Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs provided plenty of funny moments, all while Dropkick On My Devil!, My Sweet Tyrant, and Mr. Tonegawa added some great laughs as well.

LOSER: Romance
One genre that really had it tough this season was romance as there just wasn't much of it to go around this season. There's Happy Sugar Life, which is more horror and psychological than romance, My Sweet Tyrant that's a short, and Yuuna, which is more about the harem and fanservice than about the romance.

WINNER: David Productions
Of the studios this season, DavidPro had be best showing between studios with multiple shows. This season, they had Cells at Work!, as well as the continuing Captain Tsubasa, and both are quality shows, especially the one that portrays human biology in the form of people at work. It's easily one of the smartest shows out there as this show's educational value is just incredible. And of course, Captain Tsubasa continues to be great as well doing what a sports show is supposed to do.

WINNER: J.C. Staff
It was a mixed bag for J.C. Staff as they produced four shows with varying degrees of reception, but nevertheless they produced quite a lot of stuff and cashed in since two of them are funded by Netflix. High Score Girl has been well-received, while Planet With is one of this season's sleeper shows, while Angels of Death is one of those shows where you either love it or hate it, and Back Street Girls, while that show hasn't been favorably received, at least it is doing something outside the box to their credit. That said, this season goes to show just how much variation there is when it comes to this studio, and in my eyes, that makes them winners.

LOSER: Studio Deen
Deen puts out three shows this season, but all of them happen to be duds. Their shows this season are Music Girls, Aguu, and Muhyo and Roji. Music Girls is a typical bishojo idol show that has been done a bazillion times, and most of them are done much better than with this show. Aguu is pretty bad, and while I didn't watch this, people are not saying nice things about this show. And then there's Muhyo and Roji that's at least watchable, but doesn't exactly off much of a reason to watch it. Deen is capable of great stuff, but this season didn't have any of it.

This studio should just stick with doing shorts as they just don't know how to make full-length shows come out good. Such is the case when they put out The Master of Ragnarok and Blesser of Einherjar as that show just falls totally flat in every way. The characters are bland, the animation is even blander, and there's just no sensical story to it.

WINNER: Fridays
Fridays were pretty loaded as it certainly had the quantity, though quality your mileage will vary. So to run through the list of shows you say TGIF to, there's Angels of Death, Harukana Receive, Chio's School Road, Lord of Vermillion: Crimson King, Happy Sugar Life, Grand Blue Dreaming, Muhyo and Roji, and the shorts Akkun to Kanojo and Nobunaga no Shinobi season 3. The winter season had a pretty long list of shows, but all of them were busts to varying degrees. This one has its fair share of busts as well, but a number of great shows as well.

WINNER: Sundays
Sundays had two of the best shows this season with the much-anticipated third season of Attack on Titan, which NHK got their hands on when the previous two seasons were on MBS, and the best comedy of the season in Asobi Asobase, all while it also two other solid shows in Hanebado! and Planet With. It also carried Island and We Rent Tsukumogami, which are busts. But nevertheless, having Attack on Titan anchored things as this day certainly was stacked.

LOSER: Saturdays
This was one of the weaker Saturday lineups in recent memory as it a number of changes left the day lacking than usual. MBS used to have two or three shows premiering on that day, but this season all of them aired earlier in the day, all while it didn't have Attack on Titan unlike the first two seasons. It still had a couple of great shows in My Hero Academia season 3 and Cells at Work!, all while Revue Starlight ended up on Saturdays due to TBS. But the rest of the day didn't exactly have good stuff as Yuuna is another one of those harems, while The Master of Ragnarok and Blesser of Einherjar and Music Girls are two of the worst shows this season. And of course, not having Dragon Ball Super continues to sting.

LOSER: Mondays
Mondays continue to have it rough as the lineup is absolutely abysmal once again, especially with Captain Tsubasa still nowhere to be found. The lineup consists of Dropkick on my Devil!, Phantom in the Twilight, Holmes of Kyoto, and the shorts Encouragement of Climb and One Room season 2. At the very least, Encouragement of Climb is worth watching, while Dropkick is satifying enough, but there are just no must-watch shows on that day. At least the spring season was packed, but still it continues to be the weakest day of the week.