As I do to mark the halfway point of my end of the year evaluations, here is the Not Top 10. I am still working through my annual series (and I plan to do it again at least for next year), but I have been sidetracked by more important things, as well as me being kind of disoriented in making these blog posts. One of the biggest reasons is that I'm not allowed to save drafts in this forum while I could with the old ones. So here, I could only do one draft at a time with the autosave feature (though that isn't really an excuse seeing that I have used Google Drive to write others, and I'm just being lazy).

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Once again, here is everything that I watched in 2017:

Anime Watched in 2017

Here is the eligibility criteria for the categories:
Female Characters: All simulcasts watched (all entries with an asterisk) from Completed, Ongoing, and Dropped, one character per series
Male Characters: All simulcasts watched (all entries with an asterisk) from Completed, Ongoing, and Dropped, one character per series
Episodes: All simulcasts watched (all entries with an asterisk) from Completed, Ongoing, and Dropped, one episode per series, standard length episodes from TV series only (i.e. shorts, OVAs, and movies are not considered)
Disappointments: All simulcasts watched (all entries with an asterisk) from Completed, Ongoing, and Dropped, one episode per series, standard length episodes from TV series only (i.e. shorts, OVAs, and movies are not considered)
Shows: All simulcasts watched (all entries with an asterisk) from Completed, Ongoing, and Dropped

Like always, this is the only blog where all simulcasts, completed or dropped, are fair game, and as such no honorable (or in this case, dishonorable) mentions. Cue that funny music heard every Friday on Sportscenter.

Not Top 10 Female Characters
1. Natsuko Honda, King's Game
2. Bind, Hand Shakers
3. Midari Ikishima, Kakegurui
4. Akane Minagawa, Scum's Wish
5. Mio Ibuki, Classroom of the Elite
6. Hotaru Mizushina, Netsuzo TRap
7. Celenike Icecolle Yggdmillenia, Fate/Apocrypha
8. Shikimi Shiramine, Love Tyrant
9. Julieta Julis, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
10. Maria, Seven Mortal Sins

The worst girl of the year was an easy choice as without a doubt, it is a character from King's Game as everybody in that awful show deserves to be on that list. But with the rule of one character per series, only the worst girl makes it, and that is Natsuko. What she did to the MC is something that will make me wonder what her deal is. It's one thing to try and survive this horror show, but it's another thing entirely to be a deceitful bitch who is just there to make a bad situation worse by being confrontational and beating down those she's not an ally of. No doubt she made this show unwatchable (though far from being the only reason). Next is Bind, and pretty much, she's nothing but a sex doll, and seeing her getting tortured through chains and taking it in the rump, that's one of the most disturbing things I have seen. Everybody in this show is either dull, unlikable, or irritating with the exceptions being Chizuru and Hayate. Bind is by far the worst offender in this show. Next is Midari, and she's a suicidal maniac whose mind is totally in the wrong place. Simply put, she is the ultimate masochist who is absolutely an insult to the world of gambling as Yumeko puts it. Then there's Minagawa-sensei, and she's a yandere that absolutely drives me nuts. She's manipulative and sadistic who doesn't think twice about putting the emotional hurt on. With Mio, and you'll just have to watch the show to see why.

And while I could put either Hotaru or Yuma here, the nod goes to Hotaru as she's being way too forceful and taking advantage of Yuma's cowardice, which made this show so hard to watch. It didn't help that Yuma was so much of a chicken, but going to Hotaru for romantic advice was a bad idea. Shikimi, she's just out to kill in the name of love or something. Next up is Celenike, and it's an absolute tragedy that Astolfo had her as a master. Julieta is someone that just reeks lapdog as that's all she is. It's all about Rustal that she doesn't stop to use reason to figure out that something's amiss. And lastly, there's Maria, and one of the reasons why this show was so bad is because Maria made all sorts of bad decisions all while she's not really trying to help herself out at all.

Not Top 10 Male Characters
1. Jasley Donomikols, Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
2. Alessand Visponti, Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul
3. Nobuaki Kanazawa, King's Game
4. Gordes Musik Yggdmillenia, Fate/Apocrypha
5. Junichi Hashiba, My First Girlfriend is a Gal
6. Break, Hand Shakers
7. Bowdred, Made in Abyss
8. Natsuo Shiba, Super Lovers
9. Fujiwara, Netsuzo TRap
10. Naota Miura, Clockwork Planet

Last year, it was Iok that topped the list of worst males seeing that it is what he did during the first half of the second season of Iron-Blooded Orphans that landed him at the top. But he has since been surpassed by Jasley as he is the one who is most responsible for all the chaos at the top of this show. Not Iok, who is just trying to be full of himself, not Julieta who is just being a jerk, and not Rustal who is trying to do what he thinks is best for the world even if it means having to exterminate Tekkaden. At least those guys had one good thing going for them . On the other hand, Jasley has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. He started this mess by incriminating the Turbines through a sneaky trick. As if that wasn't bad enough, he showed total disrespect at a funeral, and he murdered one of the characters in cold blood. He was so bad that even his comrades couldn't put up with him anymore. Alessand appeared to be a good guy, but then he goes and does something bad and I'll say that he puts his own interest first even if it leads to the end of the world. And while Natsuko was bad, Nobuaki isn't much better as he makes dumb decision after dumb decision, and it was just so irrtating to watch it all go down. While I could go with either Gordes or Darnic for the next one for showing blatant disregard to their servants, at least Darnic had a vision in mind for his family. On the other hand, Gordes was just using his servant as a thing and was totally delusional about everything and forcing Siegfried into doing things that would uproot his honor. Junichi, he's just a bad MC, plain and simple.

Break and Bind are a terrible couple, and Break shows blatant disregard for Bind here that it became too irritating to watch this train wreck. While the characters have yet to meet Bowdred, he figures to be a memorable villain in the second season as he's just a cruel man. The abyss is already a dangerous place as it is, but having to face Bowdred on top of that, not pleasant. I'll just say that he's the reason why one of the characters isn't a human anymore and is living in misery. Natsuo is Haru's cousin, and the way he treated Ren was just tough to watch. As I have said above, the characters in Netsuzo TRap all are terrible, and while Hotaru and Yuma are bad, Fujiwara is even more so with the way he treats Hotaru like dirt. It's no wonder why Hotaru decided to go yuri when being in love with this bastard was the worst thing she could have done. Lastly, Naota pretty much was not a guy I would want to be with if I were one of those automatons as he has the tendency to get annoying really quickly.

Not Top 10 Episodes
1. Hand Shakers ep. 1
2. King's Game ep. 2
3. Dies Irae ep. 0
4. Love and Lies ep. 12
5. Seven Mortal Sins ep. 1
6. My First Girlfriend is a Gal ep. 1
7. Clockwork Planet ep. 2
8. Saga of Tanya the Evil ep. 1
9. Masamune-kun's Revenge ep. 10
10. Dive!! ep. 2

It was a tough call for the worst episode of the year, but in the end I went with the first episode of Hand Shakers as just about everything is wrong with this episode. But above all, it's the whole chain rape part that totally set the stage for this show to fail. Next is the second episode of King's Game, and this shows why Natsuko is the worst female character of the year as her vileness knows no bounds. Not to mention, one of the orders here goes to show just how messed up this show is. Next up is the prologue to Dies Irae, and I'll just say that it's just all wrong as I just don't understand what the heck is going on. Love and Lies, the ending was absolutely atrocious as I was expecting to get some closure here, but none of that happened. Seven Mortal Sins, the first episode was just tough to watch, and while I was prepared for it, it still is bad every way you slice it.

My First Girlfriend started off with a huge thud, and I'll leave it at that. Clockwork Planet was just a train wreck, and in particular the second episode was a huge reason why, and to make a long story short, a city of 20 million gets purged all for the sake of getting revenge against a single family. While Saga of Tanya the Evil ended up being a great show, you wouldn't know by the first episode as it was full of nonsense and lacked any direction. It's best to forget that it happened since the real story begins in the second episode. Masamune-kun's revenge really tanked after a solid start, and episode 10 is where things go wrong with the last-minute introduction of a certain character to stir up the pot. Lastly, Dive!! is just a boring show, and the second episode was especially so with all sorts of nonsensical stuff going on.

Not Top 10: Biggest Disappointments
1. Black Clover
2. The Reflection
3. Clockwork Planet
4. Hand Shakers
5. Chaos;Child
6. Sagrada Reset
7. Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu
8. Masamune-kun's Revenge
9. Grimoire of Zero
10. Juni Taisen

With Black Clover being heavily promoted, I was expecting something great out of the anime adaptation, but alas I was let down with slow pacing, horrible voice acting (at least in the Japanese version as Asta's seiyuu was absolutely irritating), and a story lacking in substance. And I just didn't feel up to it dealing with this for four cours. The Reflection I was expecting something great with Stan Lee and Hiroshi Nagahama behind it, but in the end I feel like I'm reading a comic and not watching an anime. Clockwork Planet is by the same guy who did No Game, No Life, but this ended up having a lot of bad writing and a poorly-constructed story. Hand Shakers, GoHands is a great studio but they dropped the ball in a big way with this head shaker of an anime. Chaos;Child, that probably was because I was expecting it to be something like another Steins;Gate, but the show just had too much nonsense in it. Sagrada Reset was dull and I was hoping for something greater with the premise. Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu, it looks nice, but there's no story whatsoever. Grimoire of Zero started off well, but then went off the rails in the end. And Juni Taisen could have been nice, but it's ruined by bad animation and botched storytelling.

Not Top 10 Anime Shows
1. Seven Mortal Sins
2. King's Game
3. Forest Fairy Five
4. The World Yamizukan
5. Onyankapon
6. Hand Shakers
7. Dynamic Chord
8. Netsuzou TRap
9. Battle Girls High School
10. Dies Irae

It was pretty obvious which show is the worst, and that would be Seven Mortal Sins. At least the show was self-aware that it was going to be bad, but nevertheless it's awful by every standard as it's fanservice galore, no resemblance of a story, and characters that are just there to be irritating. Not far behind is King's Game as just about everything that can go wrong does go wrong as it has poor animation, a hack job for a story (I mean, the counter at the end of each episode as to how many students remain alive should be going down every episode, but it doesn't at the beginning), and above all unlikable characters. Forest Fairy Five, let's just say that real life casual chatter is not something that should be seen in anime, especially one that uses poor CG. World Yamizukan, the animation is terrible. Onyankapon has bad CG, it's repetitive, and pretty much there's not much reason to watch other than the songs. Hand Shakers gets everything totally wrong, and while GoHands usually does a great job with animation, in this show it's cancelled out by the use of the wrong color palette. Dynamic Chord, boring. Netsuzou TRap, cringeworthy. Battle Girls High School, focus was all over the place. And Dies Irae, WTF is going on? So these are my picks for the 10 worst 2017 anime shows.