Part 1 that covers the bottom three tiers can be found here.

With the conclusion of the fall simulcast season, that means 2017 is now over in terms of simulcasts and with that, it is time I do the first of several evaluation posts that wraps up the season as a whole. First up are the simulcast reviews and they work exactly the same way I do it from last year. As I did last year, I'm going to separate my rankings into two parts with the first part being shows that were alright or worse that I managed to see through to the end. As a quick refresher, I bring in all the shows that I watched during this year and rank them. Much like last year, I assign scores to all these shows that I watch with a number from 0 to 105 that's a reflection of how I assign grades on MAL, which is the number left when the last digit is removed (100+ = 10, 99-90 = 9, 89-80 = 8, etc.). The grade scale is as follows:

A+: 100+
A: 96-99
A-: 90-95
B+: 86-89
B: 81-85
B-: 76-80
C+: 71-75
C: 66-70
C-: 60-65
D+: 54-59
D: 46-53
D-: 36-45
F: 35 and below

Every year, I limit the number of shows that get the 10 grades to three completely new shows (sequels and continuing shows do not count towards the limit). As I do with the leader board for the Currently Watching threads, I have a five tier system and since this evaluation is happening during football season that I use football terminology as names. They are Touchdown, Field Goal, First Down, Punt, and Fumble to indicate Awesome, Very Good, Good, Mediocre, and Awful, respectively. With that said, here are my rankings for the 2017 season.

As for how I handle sequels due to the rise of the split cour shows, here are some general rules as to determine if the seasons are evaluated separately or together. To make things simpler, I will provide a guide as to how I make that determination.

Shows with multiple seasons are evaluated together if one of the following is true:
1. The show continues after a one cour hiatus AND is a continuation of the main story. (ex. Tales of Zestiria the X, Fate/Zero, Snow White with the Red Hair)
2. The show continues after a two cour hiatus AND is a continuation of the main story AND all episodes air within a one year time span. (ex. Ajin, Fafner Exodus, the new Berserk are evaluated as one, but Haikyuu!! seasons 2 and 3 are separately evaluated because episode numbers reset)
3. All seasons of shorts are evaluated together unless there's a change in studio or show length (ex. Teekyu has grades for seasons 1-3 and 4-9 as a different animation studio did seasons 4-9, and Miss Monochrome season 1 is evaluated on its own while 2 and 3 are together as the run length is twice as long for seasons 2 and 3)

Lastly, there are some shows that continue into 2018, and as such, their score is not finalized as it's only based on the episodes that have aired so far. This shows are marked in Italics.

All of my thoughts and reviews are copied and pasted from the Currently Watching threads to save me some time (though I ended up having to write some from scratch that mainly applies to continuing shows). Last year, I was up against the 50k character limit, so I ended up splitting this into two posts, but even though I don't have that problem with the new forums, I still will split it as I still have some rankings to figure out for the top tier shows. The first one is for the shows in the First Down, Punt, and Fumble tiers that I have watched and completed, while the second one coming tomorrow is for shows in the Touchdown and Field Goal tiers. So with that, here are all shows that aired in Japan during 2017 that didn't exactly leave a lasting impression, but I had the willingness to watch to the end.

Note: Shows that continue into 2018 either as consecutive cours or split fours falling under one of the three conditions stated above for sequels evaluated alongside are in Italics. The show grades for these shows only reflect the show up through the final episode that aired in 2017. Also, only shows that I have watched to the end (or for shows continuing into 2018, all episodes from 2017 were watched)


1. Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju: Descending Stories: A+ (Score: 104)
This is one of the best shows out there as it does everything right. The story is well-written, the characters are well-developed, the voice acting is off the charts, and everything in this season is intuitive, all while this show does an excellent job in maintaining its focus on what this show wants to be about with the theme of life and death prominent through everything that happens. With the stench of the terrible first episode long gone that perfection is reached in this season. And of course, the best part is the rakugo so masterfully done by Akira Ishida and Tomokazu Seki going to show why for a long time they are the two of the best in the business.

2. The Ancient Magus' Bride: A+ (Score: 103)
This show does just about everything right as the story is well laid-out, character development is tremendous, animation is top-notch, the soundtrack is great, and the adventures are all well-laid out. Everything is clicking on all cylinders as it sets the foundation in a great way.

3. Made in Abyss: A+ (Score: 103)
The story is well-constructed, character development is tremendous, the drama is excellent, the adventure aspect is nicely done, and the art style fits the show's nature. Just about the only problem I had with this show is the slow pacing as I felt it was dragging with some parts while it was rushing through others, but in the grand scheme of things that didn't really matter because it's getting a second season. So to sum things up, this show about going to the bottom ends up on top this season as it is the complete package when it comes to all the important aspects of this show.

4. Owarimonogatari 2nd Season: A+ (Score: 102)
This is just a perfect way to end a long series that had lots of buildup from previous seasons all while the Shaft style of animation made for a surreal experience that made it stand out, something that other animation studios can't possibly match. The impact is simply tremendous and it makes great use of everything that came beforehand.

5. Attack on Titan season 2: A+ (Score: 102)
This season continues to do everything that made the first season one of the best shows in all of anime. The drama is amazing and intense, the action scenes and music are at the top of its game once again, and the characters have a lot of intrigue. It was great while it lasted as the biggest negative about this season is that it's only one cour and the end of the next arc that would take a cour to adapt would have been the perfect stopping point. Thankfully, a third season is coming next year, so it won't be long before this show continues.

6. My Hero Academia season 2: A+ (Score: 101)
This season is an improvement over the first season, which is saying quite a lot seeing that the first season is awesome in it of itself. The biggest problem with the first season is the slow start as it took a long time to set up the story and meet the majority of the cast. With the story fully established coming in that the show can get into the great stuff right off the bat. The sports festival arc is as perfect as it could have possibly been as the action is great, but above all it does an excellent job in telling the backstories of all the critical characters. Then the other arcs are a result of applying what was built up in the sports festival arc and utilizing it nicely to make for one of the best shows out there. With that, I look forward to season 3 with all the built up chemistry. It definitely is a masterpiece and a show that everybody must watch.

7. Food Wars! The Third Plate: A+ (Score: 100)
This show continues to do everything that makes Food Wars so amazing in that Soma continues to always come up with a way out of a bad situation. But this season changes that in a big way as there's a big evil menace out there, and that sets up the stage for lots of character development to happen. So far, it has been the spark for some major development, all while the action and visuals continue to be top notch heading into the second half this spring.

8. March Comes in Like a Lion season 2: A (Score: 99)
The story picks up very nicely from where the first season ends. This season, the focus is more on Hina rather than Rei as while his character development is the main draw of the series, the side characters needed some more attention as well, and this does a tremendous job at that. The drama continues to be off the charts as well.

9. March Comes in Like a Lion: A (Score: 96)
This is one of the best shows of the past two seasons as just about everything in this show is such a pleasure to watch. Storytelling is strong, the character growth is masterfully done, and the drama is full of intrigue. While Shaft is known for their gimmicky animation style, they held back and made smart usage of it only during appropriate moments. But above all, it's all amout the amazing characters that carry this show. That said, this show has some rather minor flaws in that the pacing felt too slow, especially in the second half, and character development didn't go far enough for some characters, but those are things that can be brushed aside with a second season coming. In all, it's a great show that's highly recommended.

10. Welcome to the Ballroom: A- (Score: 93)
This show is a pleasure to watch with a nice story, strong character development, and excellent dancing action that is well-animated by IG. The chemistry and buildup are nicely done to go hand-in-hand with the dancing action. Just about the only major gripe about this show is the pacing as there are times it goes too fast, but in particular it dragged out during the two dancing competition arcs. In the end, it's a highly recommended show and a welcomed addition to the long line of great sports shows.

11. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukuguku wo! 2: A- (Score: 93)
This show continues to be great as it picks up right where it leaves off. The comedy is better in this season, but on the flipside the animation quality takes a hit. Everything else is pretty much on par with the first season as this show sticks to what it does best, and as such the end result is another fun-filled season of adventure and crazy antics that is done better than many other shows of this type. The enjoyment factor is greater than the first season, so for that I'm quite happy with the way things turned out.

12. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans: A- (Score: 92)
This season is an improvement over the first in that the plot was more focused this time with fewer chill moments that interrupted the momentum of the show in the first. Much like with the first season, the action is great, the drama is intense, and there was so much intrigue with the twists and the character deaths going on. In all, this season is a well-constructed drama as just about everything was clicking. There were a couple of problems here as there was pacing issues with the first half moving too slowly and the second half moving too quickly, as well overdoing it with the character deaths. In the end, this season improves on most of the important things.

13. Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul: A- (Score: 91)
This sequel continues to do everything that the first season did so well with the eye-popping animation, the amazing action, a great soundtrack, and well-constructed drama. Having two cours to work with, it does a nice job in maximizing the drama with it. While the story improves on an overall level, some aspects of it are not with the biggest letdown with the biggest being character development as while it is nicely done for some of the characters, not so much with others. In any case, it's great that this season got two cours because of the much larger cast list and this story is more complex, and this story would have have worked otherwise with just one cour.

14. The Eccentric Family 2: A- (Score: 91)
This show continues to be every bit as good as the first season as the characters, the wackiness, and the creative art style that P.A. Works is known for carry it more than anything. But above all, the drama is extremely well-done in this season as everything just built on each other. As for problems, the biggest one in this show is the lack of development for some of the characters, while things are introduced only to be rendered irrelevant later. In the end, this ends up being better than the first season because it was strong out of the gates as opposed to taking awhile to get established midway through. The buildup makes for a tremendous finish that is full of well-executed twists and turns.

15. Tsuki ga Kirei: A- (Score: 91)
This is how a romance should be done without going overboard with all kinds of fluff. Character growth is tremendous, while I like the amount of realism that was maintained going to show how tough things get in life. And then there's the animation style that suits a show like this very nicely. However, this show isn't perfect as the biggest knock on this show is the fact that it does nothing outside the box, and while that doesn't always sink a show, I would have liked to see some of that happening. The other big problem is that the supporting cast is mostly ignored. But in all, this show had an objective, and it does what it set out to do, and does an excellent job with it.

16. Little Witch Academia: A- (Score: 91)
The show is highly entertaining, and just about everything was clicking with the crazy animation that Trigger is known for, interesting characters, and a nicely laid-out story that took awhile to establish before it got going. This show stumbles out of the gate with the MC's personality really being irritating and being put on full display. But the show gets much better in the second half as it stops being random and starts being intuitive towards the story.

17. Inuyashiki Last Hero: A- (Score: 90)
This is a show with some very high production values that make it great. The animation and action are great, all while the drama is what really stands out. But above all, it's the character portrayals where this show makes the grade as they are very interesting and complex, much more so than what is usually seen in anime. While great, it's not perfect as the one aspect where this show doesn't do so well is the plot progression as it does one thing, but seemingly forget about it the rest of the way. In any case, it's a show that was constructed very nicely to make for a quality time.

18. Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga: A- (Score: 90)
Overall, this show gets back to doing what made Blue Exorcists a great show in the first season before all that filler watered this show down, and it makes quite a difference. A-1 comes through once again with great animation, especially for the action scenes. The story is well-constructed and put together nicely to draw out the drama, and character growth is great. Just about the only things I found wrong with this show are the numerous cliches and the questions that should have been answered that weren't. But when all is said and done, getting back to the manga is what makes this season great.

Field Goal

19. Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond: B+ (Score: 89)
This season is more of the same from the first season, which is a great thing. The entertainment value is greater than the first due largely to the Libra guys getting a lot more focus to showcase how awesome they are, but at the same time the storytelling takes a hit as there's very little upwards movement. So those two things pretty much counteract each other putting this on par with the first season. Other than that, this season continues to do what the first season did so well with the amazing action courtesy of the reliable Studio Bones, a great soundtrack, and a goofy atmosphere that made it such a pleasure to watch.

20. Saga of Tanya the Evil: B+ (Score: 89)
This show does an excellent job in building Tanya's character, all while doing a great job with the action and drama that kept me eagerly coming back for more. It doesn't quite get off the ground running as the first episode is just all over the place. But from the second episode onward, the story builds into something amazing and the end result is a show with so much intrigue to make watching this worthwhile. As for issues, the biggest ones are the aforementioned first episode and the underdevelopment for the supporting characters as they are just there not really serving much of a purpose. In any case, this show totally delivers on the important stuff, and the whole concept of telling the story from a villain's perspective is outside the box thinking that is nicely implemented.

21. Girls' Last Tour: B+ (Score: 89)
This is a fun and amusing show that hits all the right buttons, and doing all this in a desolate environment just adds to the atmosphere of the show in a unique way. There was never a dull moment in this show as the two girls find amusing ways to do stuff in a place that's otherwise depressing. The animation is nice to go along with everything. Just about the only major issues are the show's tendency to be repetitive, and the fact that a story was established and never seemed to be moving forward. In any case, it was a nice show to watch in the end.

22. New Game!!: B+ (Score: 89)
This season continues to do the same things that made it fun to watch. Much like the first season, its strengths are lovable characters, great humor, a well thought-out story concept, nice animation, and lots of intrigue, while its biggest problem continues to be pacing and uneven character development. In comparison to the first season, it does a better job at handling character development as it does an excellent job in introducing new characters, but it suffers from slow pacing as the show felt rushed in the second half trying to get to the end. So in factoring these things, it comes out even with the first season with the slight edge for an emotional sendoff at the end.

23. Princess Principal: B+ (Score: 89)
This show does an amazing job of being appealing with cute girls, great action, nice animation, a great soundtrack from Yuki Kajiura, and intriguing drama. Character development is especially good despite the show's structure. The biggest problem with this show is cohesion as that's a problem with the show's structure of not only showing selected cases, but airing them out of order. The first nine episodes were a case-of-the-week type of thing that just didn't feel right. Then there is the supporting cast that should have gotten some more attention than they actually did because they would figure to become important. In all, the entertainment value is great, and the twists and turns definitely makes it exciting to watch this.

24. Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid: B+ (Score: 88)
This is a very fun show to watch, and its fun atmosphere is one of the best this season. The concept of dragons living in modern day Japan is genius, characters are great, the jokes are very hilarious, and KyoAni does another masterful job with the animation. There are a few major issues with the show as there wasn't much of an attempt to craft a story, all while some of the jokes got too stale and repetitive. But those are relatively minor gripes that do nothing to lessen the inviting atmosphere of this show as the dragon characters really carry this show.

25. WorldEnd: What Do You Do at the End of the World? Are You Busy? Will You Save Us?: B+ (Score: 88)
This fantasy show was all about character relationships and it does a great job in making sure that it is developed to the fullest extent possible. The characters are likable and the show made sure that two leads were fully developed ahead of everything else, and while it could have gone overboard with the battle action, it's a good thing it didn't. The atmosphere and emotional stuff made this show stand out. That said, this show has a few problems with the biggest issues being the animation, the inconsistent pacing, and that some characters didn't get enough attention that probably deserved to have more of. But in the end, it had an objective, and that was accomplished.

26. Kakegurui: B+ (Score: 87)
This show is very entertaining to watch for the characters, the drama, the gambling action, and the characterizations as all those things made this show something that's as addictive as gambling. The story is nicely set up, all while the animation did great justice to this show. The MC singlehandedly made this show something I greatly look forward to watching. That said, it has a few major problems with the big one being the pacing and progression as parts of it were too slow and some of those matches that lasted two episodes could have been cut down to one. And then there's the ending, though I think given the manga it made a sound decision so that it has a degree of closure that leaves open the possibility of a sequel that continues to follow the manga.

27. Classroom of the Elite: B+ (Score: 87)
This show was carried by the intense drama and mystery that had me eagerly anticipating each episode, and that's exactly what a well-constructed drama is supposed to do. In addition to the great drama, the characters are interesting, the story concept is great, and the animation is nice all making this show something I greatly enjoyed. That said, this show definitely has its defects with the slow pacing and the important developments that get mentioned were never really expanded upon. It's clear that it wanted to set things up for another season as there's just so much happening that can't be done in 12 episodes. So in summary, this show does well with the drama, characters, and story concept, but is dogged by pacing and the choice on what to focus on.

28. Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend Flat: B+ (Score: 87)
This show does the job picking up right where the last season left off, but with one major difference in that it was more focused on character development as individuals more than comedy. It does a really nice job in building up the characters it chose to focus on and really touches base on character flaws nicely seeing that they were mostly swept under the rug in the first season. While this show is great at what it set out to do, it also meant ignoring other characters and made the season feel more about three of the main characters leaving the others out of focus.

29. Recovery of an MMO Junkie: B+ (Score: 86)
This show is a pleasant surprise as coming in, I was expecting it to just be another one of those MMO shows, but never did I think that it would involved the real world so much. That made it worthwhile as it's all about tying everything that happens IRL together and developing character relationships both in the game and outside. So the story concept and entertainment value is what makes this show such a pleasure to watch. That said, this show has some pretty big problems with the biggest ones being the animation quality and the fact that so many character relations that were started didn't exactly go far enough to be worthwhile. In the end, it was a great joy to watch.

30. Tsuredure Children: B+ (Score: 86)
This show ended up being highly entertaining to watch once the character introductions are out of the way. It was tough to follow at the beginning with the characters always rotating, but once they are all introduced, that's when the show really took off. The comedy is simply great and while the show doesn't have much of a story, it's not needed for a show like this.

31. Scum's Wish: B+ (Score: 86)
This show does a great job in setting up a serious romantic drama that has all sorts of intrigue with the numerous things that go wrong with the characters to make for a very interesting show. While the show is strong in concept, great in artwork, and solid in development, it suffers with cohesion as too many incoherent things are going on, as well with characters as many of them are people who are pretty frustrating to watch. In the end, it's all about characters experiencing the dark side of love, and this show does a great job in delivering on its concept.

32. ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.: B (Score: 85)
This show ends up being a nice drama after a slow start. The story concept just keeps on building into something more and more interesting as the show goes along, and that leads to some great drama and intriguing stuff that carries this show. The animation is nice despite being unconventional, and the construction of the plot is nicely done once the foundation has been laid. As for the show's problems, it's mostly in the beginning where the show really struggled to lay down the foundation as it was filled with too much bland storywriting, all while there are times where this show just lays it in. In all, this is a show where you need to give it a few episodes as it is from episode 3 onward where the story becomes well-defined.

33. Sakura Quest: B (Score: 85)
This show does everything that shows from the P.A. Works working series is supposed to do, but how it got there could have been done much better. The beginning was all over the place as it continuously rotated characters without really doing a good job in settling their characters all while the story really dragged. But once the foundation was laid, the show got much better as character development really took off in the second half. The show was more focused, and as such it allowed the characters to really settle in to allow for some tremendous character growth. Along with the high quality animation that P.A. Works is known for, this made for a solid show. So in all, it took awhile to get into it, but once things settled in, it took off.

34. Blend S: B (Score: 85)
This show is a whole lot of fun to watch as the comedy is great, the characters are nice, and the slapstick humor really works for the most part. The animation is another great job by A-1 as they deliver on their reputation once again. The show was not without its faults with the biggest ones being the tendency for the humor to get repetitive, and that some of the characters get largely ignored (more specially, Miu and Hideri), while the stuff between Maika and Dino got pretty old. In any case, it was a superb time watching this.

35. Interviews with Monster Girls: B (Score: 85)
This show is a fun time to be had with interesting characters, nice comedy, and a solid story concept. All of these things make for a show that's a great time to be had. This show doesn't really have much in the way of a story, which is fine for a show like this seeing that it's all about comedy and togetherness more than anything. So in summary, the great characters and comedy are what carry this show, all while the lack of a story is the only major knock I have with this show.

36. Himouto! Umaru-chan R: B (Score: 84)
This show continues to be funny and a great pleasure to watch. The humor isn't as good as the first season, but to make up for it the season is more focused on the characters rather than focusing on Umaru's otaku habits. That made for a richer story that isn't so one-dimensional like the first season is, and as such it works out better than in the first season. Other than that, it pretty much retains all the good and not-so-good things from the first season in that the characters are great and the humor is awesome, while things can get really cringeworthy at times.

37. Tales of Zestiria the X: B (Score: 83)
This show is a pleasant surprise as shows adapted from VGs tend to be terrible. Not so with this show as its production values are higher than what is expected from these kinds of shows as the animation is an amazing effort out of Ufotable, while the action is well-utilized, the character development is great, and most importantly, the story is well-constructed and does well as a stand-alone story so that those who are not familiar with the Tales franchise can just pick it up and enjoy it. That said, this show is far from perfect as the execution was pretty pedestrian at times, things just seem to not make sense, and then there is that Berseria part that just felt out of place and was used to market the upcoming game. In all, this show has been a nice surprise and the gorgeous animation quality does wonders for this show.

38. Yuki Yuna is a Hero season 2: B (Score: 83)
This show has a pretty good story to follow up a great first season, but the execution just felt off as it did a rather poor job mixing in the happy times with the more serious ones. This season has more serious moments, and too many of those happy time antics just felt out of place. Not to mention, here wasn't as much action aside from the end and the Washio Sumi stuff, which is what really carried the first season. That said, the drama is great, the visuals are nice considering Gokumi's less-than-stellar reputation, while the story couldn't have been more appropriate to follow up something that seemingly ended in a way where there couldn't possibly be any more, but the execution was something that could have been handled better.

39. Our Love is Always 10cm Apart: B (Score: 83)
This is a straightforward romantic drama that does a nice job in telling a story by getting straight to the point and never getting too overly complicated. Character development is pretty good al while the show accomplishes what it set out to do. That said, this show pretty much doesn't do anything that's over-the-top to stand out against several other slice of life shows, all while the story is pretty predictable and not exactly doing much outside the box. In all, it's a nice show, and certainly one where if you enjoyed the other stuff in the HoneyWorks series, then this one is another show worth watching.

40. Kado: The Right Answer: B (Score: 83)
This is a show that kept me on the edge with great drama and a well-constructed story. The intrigue just kept on building upon itself leading to some great developments and going to show that if something is too good to be true, then it probably is. While the story ends up being great, it didn't really get interesting until midway through the show as things just kept on dragging until that point. And then there is the CG animation and while I didn't mind it being used, I would have rather seen it used all the way or not at all. In all, the drama is incredible to watch, but it will take awhile to sink in.

41. Re:Creators: B (Score: 82)
This is highly regarded for the well-animated action, the soundtrack, and the visuals as they are all top-of-the-line as to be expected with an all-star production team. The story concept is very intriguing and all of these things make this a show worth watching. That said, while this show is off the charts on the technical aspects, it is largely flawed on the storytelling aspects as the writing could have been better. The biggest problem is that the show is too focused on the action or the storytelling while seemingly forgetting that the other exists, thus these aspects clash when they should be supporting each other. The other major problem is that so many characters and other things get introduced that don't leave a lasting impact down the line and fading into irrelevancy. That said, the story is passably written while the action and animation is what carries this show.

42. Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor: B (Score: 82)
After a terrible, cliche-ridden mess of an opening, this show greatly improves to be a good show. The action is great, the character development is nicely done given the constraints, and the story is full of nice twists and turns that kept me wanting to watch more. That said, the way the story was constructed is the biggest knock on this show as I thought that the foundation was something based on too many cliches and in all the lack of innovation waters things down. In all, this is a nice show to watch once you get over the first episode jitters and everything.

43. Gabriel DropOut: B (Score: 82)
This is a show that's all about the comedy, and it is great. The characters are a fun bunch, the jokes hit the spot, and everything that goes on is amusing and never do I get tired of it. While this show doesn't need much of a story, the way the plot is constructed leaves much to be desired as there are a lot of gaps in the story. So pretty much, this show excels in comedy and is weak in storytelling in a show where that is not a crucial element.

44. Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World -The Animated Series-: B (Score: 81)
This remake has some pretty big flaws that make it an inferior product to the original series. This show does some great things much like the original series in that the atmosphere is nice and the stories that are all self-contained do a great job in the adventure aspect. And then the animation quality is a nice upgrade from the original. That said, the one thing this show does that waters it down is that it gets away from Kino too much to focus on other characters and while that is fine for an episode or two, it does this way too much. Other problems is that the storytelling just isn't as strong and that the order of the episodes could have been changed up. But in the end, it's a solid product that does an excellent job in capturing the nostalgia of this series, just not a desirable one given the bar the original series set.

45. Gamers!: B (Score: 81)
This show was highly enjoyable for the characters and the comedy as those things really made this show stand out. The awkward situations and parodies are all nicely done here. This show was not without its problems as the biggest one being the weak character development as it didn't go as far as I would have liked, all while it introduces things that is seemingly important, but becomes irrelevant later. In any case, this show is something that's worth watching for the laughs and all the crazy situations.

46. Super Lovers 2: B (Score: 81)
This season continues to do what it does best, and that is to tell an intense story while mixing in comedy in the right places. There's less comedy in this season, which is good considering that things are more plot-focused, and it does a nice job with storytelling and building relationships. That said, this season is hindered by two things in that nothing was really explained about what happened at the end of season 1, and that this show introduces a really annoying character. In the end, a story was nicely told, but it just didn't focus on all the right things.

First Down

47. Konohana Kitan: B- (Score: 79)
48. Kemono Friends: B- (Score: 79)
49. Restaurant to Another World: B- (Score: 79)
50. The Royal Tutor: B- (Score: 78)
51. Just Because!: B- (Score: 78)
52. Hitorijime My Hero: B- (Score: 78)
53. Nanbaka: B- (Score: 78)
54. Altair: A Record of Battles: B- (Score: 77)
55. Grimoire of Zero: B- (Score: 77)
56. Koro-Sensei Quest!: B- (Score: 77)
57. Alice and Zouroku: B- (Score: 76)
58. Masamune-kun's Revenge: B- (Score: 76)
59. Rewrite: C+ (Score: 75)
60. Anime-gataris: C+ (Score: 75)
61. Love and Lies: C+ (Score: 74)
62. Love Tyrant: C+ (Score: 74)
63. Ninja Girl and Samurai Master (seasons 1 & 2): C+ (Score: 73)
64. Code:Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~: C+ (Score: 73)
65. A Centaur's Life: C+ (Score: 73)
66. Love is Like a Cocktail: C+ (Score: 72)
67. Granblue Fantasy: C+ (Score: 72)
68. Twin Star Exorcists: C+ (Score: 71)
69. Is It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Sword Oratoria: C+ (Score: 71)


70. Convenience Store Boyfrields: C (Score: 69)
71. ID-0: C (Score: 68)
72. In Another World With My Smartphone: C (Score: 68)
73. Nyanko Days: C (Score: 68)
74. The Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls Theater (seasons 1 & 2): C (Score: 66)
75. Lights of the Clione: C- (Score: 65)
76. Kenka Bancho Otome: Girl Beats Boys: C- (Score: 65)
77. Fuuka: C- (Score: 65)
78. UQ Holder!: C- (Score: 64)
79. Nyanbo!: C- (Score: 63)
80. Teekyu 9: C- (Score: 62)
81. Piacevole! My Italian Cooking: C- (Score: 60)


82. Clockwork Planet: D+ (Score: 58)
83. Taisho Meibusline: Chiccahi-san: D (Score: 46)
84. Nora, Princess, and Stray Cat: D- (Score: 38)
85. One Room: D- (Score: 37)
86. Onyankopon: F (Score: 20)

So in all, seven shows this year score an A+ and a 10/10 rating, and it is my policy to hand them out to up to three new shows a year. Since all except for Made in Abyss and Ancient Magus' Bride are sequels that it is in compliance with my rules. In the end, Rakugo takes the top spot as best show of 2017 as the last two episodes are just perfect, all while the stench of an awful first episode that caused the first season to miss out on the A+ grade is long gone. Plus, there's the voice acting that is some of the best out there in all of anime, and for a show like this that is an even more critical aspect. And as always, I made some pretty tough decisions with where to rank some of the shows as while I try and keep things objective, the subjective aspect might prompt me to bump a show up or down a bit.