It's that time of the season again when I'm picking winners and losers of the season. Like always, there are some that did well, and others not so much. So as is typically done by sports people after big moves happen, here are the winners and losers for the Fall 2017 season in anime.

WINNER: Crunchyroll
Crunchyroll has reestablished their position as the premiere destination for anime this season after Amazon and Netflix really ate into their profile the past two seasons. Crunchyroll was left with mostly scraps the past two seasons thanks to Sentai's partnership with Amazon. So as a counter-strategy, Crunchyroll is establishing partnerships directly and becoming a part of the production team for numerous titles such as Ancient Magus' Bride, Urahara, and Recovery of an MMO Junkie, all while they were able to get Food Wars! The Third Plate just when it looked destined for Anime Strike. This was definitely a great bounce back season for Crunchyroll as their presence at the top is once again established.

HIDIVE continues to be getting all of the shows nobody is really paying attention to while Anime Strike takes up all of Sentai's premiere titles before joining them eventually when the home video releases come out. This season, their exclusive titles are Classicaloid season 2, Hozuki's Coolheadedness season 2, and Dynamic Chord, which aren't exactly titles that will get people to sign up in droves. On the positive side, they did get their apps out at long last.

The Noitamina block had been lackluster as of late, but now they finally have a great show on the block in Inuyashiki. That show is simply amazing for the story and drama, and certainly what this block needed after last summer brought Dive!!, easily one of the worst shows ever to be on the block, all while I question this show's worthiness to be part of Noitamina.

TBS has been on a cold streak as of late not having a quality show since Kiss Him, Not Me aired back in Fall 2016, while they have been mostly putting out mediocre shows on their station. But this season, things have hit rock bottom for one of the premiere TV blocks. They usually have two shows, but one of them ended up getting delayed due to production problems in Dances with the Dragons. As for the one show this season, it is one of the worst shows of the season in Dynamic Chord as everything that can go wrong does. The show didn't have much hype as it's a boy band show, all while the story is just a mess, and being a HIDIVE exclusive meant that not many bothered watching it. There is no question that TBS hasn't had much worth watching lately, but things just hit a new low.

WINNER: J.C. Staff
J.C. Staff had been on a slump as of late, but this season was a nice rebound season. They put out three shows in Food Wars! The Third Plate, Children of the Whales, and UQ Holder. While UQH was yet another mishandled adaptation of the Negima franchise, having Food Wars! alone puts it in the winners circle. Adding a nicely-animated show in Children of the Whales, and there's no question it's a winner this season.

This little-known studio has put themselves on the map after putting together this season's biggest surprise hit in Recovery of an MMO Junkie. This is a studio that consists of Production IG employees, and this startup studio that has done mostly in-between work is now establishing themselves as a studio on the rise. MMO Junkie is a great first step as this is their first full-length show that they have produced.

LOSER: Pierrot
Pierrot puts out three shows this season in Black Clover, Osomatsu-san season 2, and Dynamic Chord. While Osomatsu-san is pretty good, the other two, however, are why this show is in the losers circle this season. Black Clover had a lot of hype, but the anime so far has been a huge disappointment. And then there is Dynamic Chord, which has all of the problems that I listed when designating TBS as a loser. While Pierrot isn't the top-of-the-line studio that others are, they are certainly capable of great things. This season, it just didn't happen.

LOSER: Studio Seven
Studio Seven has been one of the worst animation studios out there as their animation quality is just awful for the most part. And for good reason, they have only been doing shorts seeing that they are a low-budget studio. This season, they put out their first full-length production in King's Game, and all of their problems rears its ugly head in this monstrosity. This show should have been given to Studio Deen as they are experts in adapting horror shows and I would have to think that they would have done a much better job on the production side of things than Seven did. Anyway, there's that, and a short that nobody is watching due to the heavily erotic nature of it, so yeah Seven was just a disaster this season.

WINNER: Saturdays
Saturdays have been the day where most shows air, but this season it takes that to the extreme with roughly half of the season's shows. To rundown the list of Saturday shows, there's Monster Strike, Time Bokan: The Villains Strike Back, Case Closed, Code:Realize, Fox Spirit Matchmakers, Love Live! Sunshine!! season 2, Love Rice season 2, RWBY season 5, [email protected] Side M, Two Car, March Comes in Like a Lion season 2, Blend S, The Ancient Magus' Bride, Blood Blockade Battlefront and Beyond, Dragon Ball Super, One Piece, Folk Tails from Japan, Cardfight Vanguard, Land of the Lustrous, Welcome to the Ballroom, Dynamic Chord, Classicaloid season 2, and Hozuki's Coolheadedness. By my count, that's 23 shows, which includes two that aired on different days. It also would have had Fate/Apocrypha had Netflix streamed it.

WINNER: Fridays
While Saturdays had a lot of the shows, Fridays also have a sizable chunk of the lineup compared to the other days. Sundays have Chicchai-san, Recovery of an MMO Junkie, Kino's Journey, Our Love Has Always Been 10cm Apart, Dies Irae, Garo: Vanishing Line, Buddyfight X, Pripri Chi-chan, 100% Teacher Pascal, Bono Bono, Ultraman Geed, Girls' Last Tour, Yuki Yuna season 2, and Altair: A Record of Battles. 14 shows for that day, though only half of them are notable. But there are definitely quality shows among them.

WINNER: Tuesdays
Tuesdays are the other day with a solid catalog, but above all that's when Food Wars! The Third Plate aired. Pretty much, that's all the day needed as the rest of the day was lackluster, but it had a lot of shows. So in all, Tuesdays had Food Wars, Black Clover, Juni Taisen, Sengoku Night Blood, Evil or Live, Magical Circle Guru Guru, Love is Like a Cocktail, Cinderella Girls Theater, and Goma-chan. From Sundays through Thursdays, this day had the most to offer.

LOSER: Wednesdays
The Wednesday lineup was pretty abysmal this season as it consisted of three shows: Urahara, Konohana Kitan, and My Girlfriend is a Shobitch. The rest of the day was Boruto, which of course is only for Naruto fans and not really offering much outside of that, and the short Ame-con, and while Star Blazers also aired that day, it's not part of the anime season. Thankfully, Konohana Kitan turned out to be a solid show that would have otherwise meant an empty day of anime. Just when things are bad this season, it gets even worse in the winter as there are only two shows in Dame x Prince and Violet Evergarden, and Violet Evergarden is not coming until the spring thanks to Netflix's policy to not do simulcasts.

LOSER: Thursdays
The Thursday lineup has been thinned out as well as it only has three shows in Just Because!, Inuyashiki, and King's Game. At least Inuyashiki is great while Just Because! is a decent romantic drama. But the point is the quantity of shows as usually the day has more than this. So why only three? For starters, the TBS block normally has two shows, but it only has one this season in Dynamic Chord due to Dances with the Dragons having production problems. And Dynamic Chord is a show that TBS is the producer for meaning that it's on a delaycast. The producer for Dances with the Dragons is probably going to be NBC Universal, meaning that it would not have been subjected to the delay TBS always imposes. Then there is Tokyo MX that has three time slots for Thursday shows, but two of them are delaycasts as Just Because! is the only premiere, while the other two time slots are for Juni Taisen and Urahara, which are both delaycasts as the shows previously aired, respectively, on AT-X and Abema TV. While King's Game is on AT-X on Thursdays ahead of its Friday broadcast on Tokyo MX, it's one of the season's worst shows. Making matters even worse is that Just Because! and Inuyashiki, both Anime Strike shows, have been frequently delayed due to Amazon's laziness of delaying stuff for no good reason (as evident by the fact that Inuyashiki went up on-time in the UK and Just Because! went up on HIDIVE on-time outside the US and Anime Strike uses the same video feeds) and roughly half of the episodes for Just Because! aired a day late, while a few episodes of Inuyashiki were a day late as well. So at the very least it's better than summer's Thursday lineup, but still it's pretty barren even by recent standards after big changes happened in the Spring 2015 season.

LOSER: Monday
The Monday lineup had lots of sequels to shows with small or medium-sized profiles, and not a whole lot else to offer. It consists of UQ Holder!, Yokai Apartment, Wake Up Girls! New Chapter, Osomatsu-san season 2, Puzzles and Dragons X, and Onyankopon. Osomatsu-san is the only one of these shows that ends up being worthwhile, and the rest aren't exactly must-see TV at all. Seeing that I picked out three days to be winners and three to be losers goes to show the sharp divide this season has between days of the week.