Here's the 2017 version of the annual poem I have been writing in the form of the famous poem that recaps the shows that aired during 2017 year. So a Merry Christmas to everybody and enjoy.

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the art.
More drawers were stirring, and new shows took part.
The new shows were drawn with the utmost of care,
In hopes they were enjoyed by all viewers there.
The animators are now all snug in their beds,
While visions for new shows danced in their heads.

Worldwide they got streamed, but on many more sites,
As more services bought into exclusive rights.
Crunchyroll is the usual go-to for subs
While Funimation focused on their Simuldubs.
But now, a new service that not many would like.
As Amazon went on to create Anime Strike.
The double paywall was a problem as many complained,
But it stood as is despite the anti-Amazon campaign.
Sentai turned to Strike for streaming in the US
And also to HIDIVE, cleaning up the ANO mess.
Netflix was active, but for some strange reason,
Their shows don't go up until after the season.

Now to begin the year was the season of winter,
It was cold outside, but watching did not hinder.
A dragon was saved, and she returned to be a maid,
A loli was evil, and other lands she would invade.
Fuuka took on music, though her parents starred in track,
Being dumped for chubbiness, Masamune wanted payback.
He inspected the 13 lands, but a hidden truth got unveiled.
And a girl took on witchcraft, though she frequently failed.
An angel was revered, but games made her a slob,
An orphan fought aliens, and that became his new job.
Wanting to see god, twosomes had to shake hands,
A volunteer army fought, needing to take a stand.
Romantic love was made, but not all of them would last,
Bugged ones invaded, Akiba was taken over fast.
Entertainment and politics, idol girls did both of these,
A guy went down three routes, and love was no breeze.
The abnormal returned, years after Chaos;Head,
And a guy formed a pact not long after he's dead.
A teacher was intrigued, monster girls he would talk to,
And wildlife became girls, the only ones at the zoo.
To become a fortune teller, the girls live in a labyrinth town,
And there's Marginal 4, making that big bang of a sound.
A devil was feared as he's tasked to fight crime,
And girls formed a club, on bikes they have a great time.
Schoolgirls they are, also fighting to defend,
Schoolgirls they are too, forming a band to the end.
A restaurant serves Italian, and a girl worked as a waitress,
A girl owned three cats, all full of greatness.
Girls spoke to you, that's what One Room is about,
And then there's Chiruran, the Shinsengumi were not out.

Blue Exorcist came back, and to Kyoto they went,
More rakugo was told, but a teller's body was spent.
More quests and more madness, with a dysfunctional party,
And purging malevolence, a guy needed to be more hearty.
The world was ending, but he could rewrite its fate,
More BL in store with Haru and his mate.
New cyclists joined in, and the club started anew,
More Reikanzan as well, wizardry through and through.
More Gintama on deck, and the odd jobs went on,
Pretty Cure went Kira Kira, new girls were drawn.
Ai Mai Mii, season three of surgical madness,
And Yamishibai went on in a world full of badness.

Onto the spring, where in Japan it's the start.
With many more shows that aired in this part.
Five girls in the country worked hard to revive a town,
A girl used her voice hoping her old friend can be found.
She escaped from a lab, her ESP caused trouble,
And seeing a letter from father, to the skies on the double.
He inherited an obi, but it was no ordinary sash,
And girls carried weapons, with a guy joining the bash.
The world had ended, and the Earth runs on clocks,
And by indulging in pleasure, misery then unlocks.
His job is to tutor four princes with flaws,
A huge cube came in, evolving humans with cause.
A shy girl joins a girls' theatrical troupe,
And seven demons from hell throw a girl for a loop.
Then there were I-machines, some lived in those things,
A kabuki club got started, and the guys got to dancing.
Siblings were authors, the sister drew erotic stuff,
A god ruled over love, and romances got rough.
A bastard subbed in at a school for magic,
The last human standing fought in a world that was tragic.
Searching for the grimoire that was written by Zero,
Atom's story went back to before he was a hero.
She received bishoujo figures, but they were all armed,
And a couple looked at the moon whenever they feel harmed.
Mysteries were solved, resetting would reveal,
Fictional characters, they somehow became real.
Twin Angels were born, but their outlooks weren't the same,
And an MMO went offline, but he went into the game.
She's fighting delinquents while dressed as a boy,
Pretty dudes loved their rice, and they do stuff with joy.
The Cinderella Girls did all sorts of crazy things,
The viewer was spoken to, this time by bishonen beings.
Love is forbidden, but the priest didn't care,
And horror stories were told, Yamizukan did scare.
Sibling love, that's Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai!
And Forest Fairy Five, seeing the world from a different eye.

Attack on Titan returned, as humanity continues to fade,
The other routes were finished, and the dating sim was made.
The heroes kept training, and they showed off for sport,
Danmachi retold, from a lady who provides support.
Shippuden ended, and Boruto is now the star,
And Berserk continued, Guts sure is coming far.
New Rage of Bahamut, starring a dragon girl,
New Eccentric Family, tanukis out for a whirl.
Starmyu is back, where stage shows are hot.
So too is Buddyfight, where X marks the spot.
More Rin-ne came too, more supernatural hijinks,
And Natsume as well, helping make spiritual links.
Now onto Vrains, a new season of Yu-Gi-Oh!,
And also Goma-chan, season 2 of Go! Go!

Next is the summer, and things got heated,
But anime passion would never be defeated.
To learn about her mother, a venture down the abyss,
The government decides which kids can kiss.
Gamers were gathered, but not all played hard core,
And romances were made at a convenience store.
Diners came from another world, and made a dish their own,
And to another world, a boy brought his smartphone.
A shut-in composed songs, three lolis formed a band,
And a boy danced in a ballroom, out to make a stand.
Cute girls attend school, but really they are spies,
Preventing the change of history, blades became guys.
Logicalist gathered at a specialized school,
A boy was too neat, and on the pitch he was cool.
Make the Olympics, or the club takes a dive,
And time got tinkered, some wouldn't survive.
Who wins the quiz bowl? The fastest finger went first,
The Reflection gave powers, and battles came to burst.
Saved by the teacher, and he fell in love with his hero
And school life by merit, a class starts off at zero.
A woman loves gambling, always raising the stakes,
14 servants battled, and an all-out war breaks.
He lived in an apartment, one home to yokai,
To a fantasy world with mechas, he went after he died.
Fox spirits matched partners, but with memories to find,
Girls turned to action heroism, as their town was in a bind.
Many firsts were made, confessing to a gal,
And a school for battle girls, fighting enemies on the prowl.
A witch turned dreams into an internal nightmare,
A guy stops wars in the show called Altair.
To slay the Demon King, a kid set out on a quest,
A centaur had worries, along with the rest.
What looked like a miracle, but to the Vatican they are not,
Kids became Avengers from a franchise so hot.
A girl was so clumsy, the childhood friend played along,
And for high school romances, many things went wrong.
Being chronically ill, a girl was bullied to no end,
Two girls went yuri, despite having a boyfriend.
A princess came to Earth, and her lover is a cat,
Then there's Kaito and Ansa, and questions at that.
To Irresponsible Galaxy, a short about another Tylor,
And Ikemen Sengoku, wrong is the history compiler.

Another game was made by the girls of Eagle Jump,
The journey west reached India, more demons to thump.
Symphogear AXZ, the fourth season came,
So did it for Hell Girl, as more felt Hell's flame.
Owarimonogatari, the second season is the end,
And more Teekyu came out, season 9 did it send.

Now onto fall, the last season of the year.
The shows that came, some brought a huge cheer.
A skull-headed magus bought a Beggy to be his bride,
And all hell broke loose when 12 warriors collide.
Tatsunoko heroes collide, they fight to make a stand,
And cursed children ride on, traveling through the sand.
A woman left her job and she's playing MMOs,
Girls made of gems fought otherworldly foes.
A cafe is staffed by girls of different types,
To be wizard king, bulking up to earn his stripes.
Toxic to the touch, a thief stole her heart,
An old man, a hero, a teen the villain part.
An anime club revived, and the council wants it gone,
Strange guests came to stay at a foxgirl-run ryokan.
Obey the king's orders, or death would come there,
And girls raced in sidecars, competing as a pair.
Futures unsettled with high school almost over,
Two girls toured the ruins, learning things as a rover.
Negima far in the future, about guys who can't die,
A new journey for Kino, visiting lands she passes by.
He has a new girlfriend, but that girl is a bitch,
A little sister he needs, in the stories to stitch.
They fight for Harajuku, turning aliens into treats,
And Dynamic Chord, but boys play to the beats.
10 Centimeters apart, a romance to realize,
A new [email protected], but now the idols are guys
To fix net addiction, a prison school is there,
And a vision of beheading, leading to some warfare.
Tsukino Production, boy idols work and sing,
To the Sengoku Era she went, and everybody is fighting.

Cooking wars continued, and a new regime came,
And Umaru got more, her dual nature's still the same.
There were more shogi battles, and Rei's internal fight,
The Hero Club wasn't done, as their world wasn't right.
Time Bokan there was more, and the bad guys struck back,
The sextuplets returned, and more mischief on the attack.
More musical madness in ClassicaLoid,
And Vanishing Line to fill the Garo void.
More Hozuki and his adventures in hell,
More Love Live Sunshine, and the Aqours as well.

Well after they aired, on Blu-rays they went
To those who bought R1s, satisfaction got sent.
Less rapid than in Japan, but meeting the end game,
And here are some licensors being called out by name:
Now! Aniplex, now! Discotek, now! Viz and Funi.
On! PonyCan, on! Sentai, on! GKids and Crunchy.
From the start of the winter to the end of the fall,
Now watch away! Watch away! Watch away all!

As everybody heard, and watched the artwork,
They filled up our lives, then returned with a jerk.
Mangakas and novelists had their works turn to shows,
And a nod to them, as their talents all rose!

And for the year '16, it nears the time of the whistle,
Thus coming the moment for this year's dismissal.
There's one thing left to say with the year's end in sight,
Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.