It's that time again to run through all of the best episodes from the shows I watched during the previous season and then rank them against each other. As always, I do this motivated by the fact that even the worst of anime shows will have a great episode somewhere most of the time. I waited until I finished up Kuromukuro before getting into this.

So as usual, only episodes that aired in July, August, and September are considered with the exception of the lone episode in June to start a series or in October to complete it. A couple of oddities happened in this season in that Saiki K. is a series of daily shorts followed by a weekly compilation episode, and for this I am choosing between compilation episodes. The other being Regalia having suspended its broadcast after four episodes, and for this I will only select between the first five episodes. Like always, I must warn of potential spoilers and while I try to avoid them as much as possible, some things might come across as spoilers for others, so read at your own risk.

28. Ozmafia!! ep. 11: Substitute
To start things off, here is the one episode that doesn't involve Scarlet being tossed around like a ragged doll, which is easily the most frustrating thing about this show and it's because it's a short that I didn't mind putting up with it. That said, this is certainly one of the better episodes there as it goes to show how much one of the teachers really appreciates Scarlet's work ethic in the face of so much chaos.

27. Show by Rock!! Short!! ep. 12: MIDI-BOP Graffiti High School
What stands out about this episode is what happens at the end as it lets everybody know that season 2 is coming. As for the episode itself, it is pretty funny in its own right with the characters filming a high school drama.

26. Handa-kun ep. 12: Handa-kun and the Culture Festival
While this show is a good time to be had, there just wasn't much that stood out. That said, the culture festival at the end is a great way to bring everybody Handa made friends with together, and it was nice to see everybody again after many of them just came and went.

25. High School Life of a Fudanshi ep. 10: Worldly Desires of 801 Yaoi
This episode happens during New Year's Day, and what stands out are the miko outfit and the New Year's resolution that those characters make with the MC out to buy more BL stuff.

24. Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars ep. 5: Counterattack
Things were so bad at the beginning that the broadcast got suspended. But things start to turn around for the better with this episode as it's all about Yui's willingness to protect her "sister" Rena even if it means endangering her country. And of course, the action is the highlight of this show with this episode having the most of the episodes that ended up airing in the summer season.

23. Servamp ep. 4: Sakuya
While not much stood out about this show, this episode is all about Mahiru working his magic as his kindness is really something to behold. This is the episode where he is trying to reach out to Sakuya despite the fact that he has a secret that doesn't put them on the best of terms.

22. Bananya ep. 10: Balloon
This episode is really hilarious because of the narrator's reaction to seeing the Bananyas bouncing on the balloon. Don't draw out your claws, kitties.

21. Qualidea Code ep. 9: Jailbreak Idea
After a rough start to the show from the storytelling aspect, this show finally gets interesting. All along with this show, some things happen that just don't quite add up, and this episode is when everything is revealed, and it is quite an impactful moment.

20. Rewrite ep. 8: My Name is Kagari-chan
The girl previously only referred to as the ribbon vampire finally reveals herself to the MC, and this is such a cute episode seeing her try and understand everything. This certainly is the highlight of the show that was just full of lackluster writing that hopefully gets cleaned up when the second season comes out.

19. Fukigen na Mononokean ep. 4: The Underworld
After a show start to this show where my interest was quickly fading, this episode managed to change my impression of this show in a big way. What happens is that Ashiya and Abeno go to the yokai world, and Hanae's bond with the yokai takes a huge first step here to set the foundation for better things to come. The yokai are cute in this episode, and the interactions are amusing.

18. Cheer Boys!! ep. 8: The Dawning of a Bond
Trying to keep 16 boys on the same page isn't easy, and the previous episode went to show that with so much internal fighting. But this episode cleaned up a lot of that mess as there's no point in competing if everybody doesn't come together. And come together they did in a big way.

17. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. ep. 8 (Special ep. 36-40)
As for the collection of episodes that made the list, I went with the shorts that made up episode 8, and in particular I really love that short that goes to explain why psychic types are weak to ghost types just like in Pokemon. But that's not all as there's the Valentine's Day snafu and the unexpected visitor at the movies that are just totally hilarious and easily among the best short episodes in this show. The other two have Saiki transforming into a girl and a scammer taking advantage of his mother, which are also great.

16. Twin Star Exorcists ep. 20: Our Path - To the Future with Us Two
This is the last episode before going into filler that figures to last the rest of the series, and this show is terrible when it goes off canonical material. Here, Rokuro and Benio finally have their resolve together after a whole bunch of truths get revealed about the Hinatsuki incident, and the action is amazing.

15. Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 3rei!! ep. 9: Illya's Choice
Illya is faced with the biggest decision of her life as it determines the fate of the a dying world. But in the end, she made the right choice and the way it was built up made this episode stand out. This is the best season of the Fate/Illya series, and this episode is a huge reason why it is.

14. Tales of Zestiria the X ep. 3: The Sacred Blade Festival
This is the episode where the sacred blade is drawn, and an epic battle breaks out. Ufotable does an excellent job in animating this show, and it especially stands out with this episode where the battle sequence is simply amazing and totally eye candy.

13. Sweetness and Lightning ep. 12: Okonomiyaki
Just about all episodes are on equal footing as not much changes between episodes other than the food being cooked. But this episode is the one that stood out as the MC smartened up after making a mistake that made Tsumugi cry, and one of the characters that hasn't been able to attend any of the meals due to unexpected work calls finally shows up.

12. Kuromukuro ep. 24 The Bloody Battle of Kurobe Dam
This is the episode that ends the fighting as everybody's resolve is put into action. The battle is amazing and well-animated, but above all it's the fact that one of the characters that had been on the wrong side of life before meeting the MC finally coming to terms with herself and the whole situation where this episode really shines.

11. Orange ep. 7: Letter 7
In this episode, the friends really come together in a big way as each of them have something in common. Up until then, the characters had been keeping secrets from each other that has led to a lot of friction between each other, but much of that friction goes away.

10. The Heroic Legend of Arslan: Dust Storm Dance ep. 7: The Rainbow City
Narsus never fails to amaze me, and it continues on with this show, and in particular this episode where it puts the finishing touches on some great character development.

9. This Art Club Has a Problem! ep. 9: Find the Grimoire!/The Challenger Returns/Moe Stroll
That was just a really cute episode overall because of the third segment. But that's not all that it had to offer as the part to find that "grimoire" is really hilarious, while the challenger part is funny as well. In the end, it is the part about Moeka being cute that puts this episode in elite company and at the head of this show.

8. 91 Days ep. 6: To Slaughter a Pig
This show is one of the best dramas this year, and this episode goes to show just how crafty Avilio is when it comes to getting revenge. But in particular, this episode pulls out all the stops here with some great acting and a well-cooked trap.

7. Amanchu! ep. 12: The Story of the Blue World
At the beginning, Futaba was just a nervous wreck. This episode would mark the completion of her transformation and it sure is an amazing sight to see.

6. New Game! ep. 11: There Were Leaked Pictures of the Game on the Internet Yesterday!
While this show has been amazing to watch from start to finish, this episode stands out more than others. Simply put, the sense of accomplishment is what put this episode ahead of the rest. I was tempted to go with episode 6 because of that cute bear sleeping bag, but in the end this episode moves character development in a big way.

5. ReLife ep. 11: A Trip to the Past
This episode reveals why things fell by the wayside in the life of the MC, and it also goes to show how much he has grown ever since taking on this job of being a ReLife test subject. The buildup is just tremendous and it happens at just the right time. Just a powerful episode overall.

4. Planetarian ep. 5: Yumemi's Wish
The finale is just sad here as there's a long and emotional speech at the end of all this going to show how depressing things have been, but it wasn't always that way. That was such a well-done way to finish this ONA.

3. Alderamin on the Sky ep. 8: Someday, for the Third Time
This episodes delivers a huge psychological blow to the MCs all going to show that it's not about who is right, but about who has the authority, and it just happens to be with the wrong people. The results are pretty disastrous from the start, but here it is especially tough on the characters. You just have to see it to believe it.

2. Food Wars! The Second Plate ep. 10: A New Genius
The way this episode was crafted is just genius. This is the episode that ends the Autumn Elections tournament, and I will say that I liked the way it was handled in order to emphasize that it's all about the journey and not the destination.

1. Re:Zero ep. 15: Outside the Madness
While there was no question that the top episode comes from Re:Zero, the tougher question was which one to go with. I could have easily chosen episodes 18, 21, 24, or 25 seeing that they are huge turning points in the Subaru's character development, but I opted to go with the one that made all of this possible as that was just a powerful episode going to show just how much he needed to change moving forward seeing that there were numerous character flaws on display leading up to this.