Having finished up last season's big avatar showcase project in Re:Zero, it's time to move on to the one show that I'm doing avatars for this season, and that is March Comes in Like a Lion (or 3-getsu no Lion for those who stick strictly with the Japanese title). This is a show about an aspiring shogi player who has been through quite a lot of depression in life and has devoted his life since everything went to hell for him to becoming a pro at shogi. Along the way, he meets a lot of friends who are very supportive of him.

This show has a small cast, which will be much easier on me as Re:Zero has a pretty large one, but nevertheless the characters are great, especially the Kawamoto sisters that the MC sees every so often while he makes his journey rising up the ranks of shogi. This show is two cours long, so it will also be my show for the winter (and I might add one more, but I don't need to). As with Re:Zero, showcases come after every half cour, so through 6 episodes I do my first showcase with the next one coming after 12 episodes or after whichever episode the fall season ends on, whichever is less.

Akari Kawamoto

Hinata Kawamoto

Momoka Kawamoto

Kyouko Kouda