And now, I present what I feel are the best episodes of each show from the Spring 2016 season. Again, I'm a big slow in getting this out, but I finally took the time to put it together. As usual with the Top Episodes blog, I take a look at every show I watched during the season and pick one episode that I felt was the best out of the stuff that aired during the season, and then ranking them against each other. Like always, my inspiration for doing this blog comes from my belief that even the worst of shows will have a great episode to watch in almost all cases. I have watched a total of 24 shows from that season, though two of them were watched after its broadcast period (Kuromukuro and Adventure of Sinbad) while three of them I have yet to finish watching (Twin Star Exorcists, Gundam Unicorn Re:0096, and Kuromukuro with Twin Star Exorcists still in the middle of its broadcast).

In any case, I try to avoid spoilers as much as I can, but there are some things I can't really explain without really saying something about what happens in those episodes, so read at your own risk. I will soon be working on the top episodes of the summer, and I'm expecting to do it sometime in November.

25. Usakame ep. 5: The Spring Breeze Blows Through the Feathers On White-Feathered Arrows with Kouhai
To begin with, this is the first episode in the Teekyu spinoff where the Teekyu girls make an appearance. That's just about the only real highlight that I can take away from this show.

24. Wagamama High Spec ep. 10
This episode features the girls filming a movie about an eating contest taking place at the ruins of the school. That was pretty amusing to watch all of these girls doing all sorts of crazy things for their movie.

23. Pan de Peace! ep. 12: Slumber Party at the Vacation Home
In this episode, all of the girls get together at the vacation house and do all sorts of things. But above all, it's what happens during meal time that stood out more than anything. Really nice to see the girls bonding like that.

22. Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear ep. 9: Commercial
This show thrives on comedy, and there was no question which episode is the best in this show. This is the one where the Kumade Village was recording a commercial, but there were some strings attached as everybody would find out in the end.

21. Rainbow Days ep. 17
Of the romances of the main characters, the one between Mattsun and Mari is the most volatile of them seeing that Mari distrusts guys so much. The reason for that gets explained here, and the tough obstacles are finally overcome here, and the way it happens is great.

20. Shonen Maid ep. 8: The Devil Scoffs When You Talk of Next Year
The episodes are pretty low-key in this show as it has a relaxing atmosphere. The New Year's Eve episode stands out among the rest as it goes to show just how close everybody is with each other. And of course, the one thing I like is that Chihiro needs to learn to take it easy. Seeing Chihiro all disappointed that the place is already cleaned up was really something.

19. Kuromukuro ep. 12: A Glimpse of Hell in the Kurobe Summer
Yukina undergoes extreme training in this episode =, and this results in a great character transformation. Previously, she was a liability, and now she is an asset after all that.

18. And you thought there is never a girl online? ep. 8: I thought I was giving up being a net game husband?
In this episode, a hacker has seized control of Hideki's player account that throws the guild into chaos. But he manages to find a way to not only get his character account back, but to catch the hacker as well. Hideki's thought process really is something.

17. Space Patrol Luluco ep. 11: I Never Knew
This episode features the Inferno Cop parody, which is one of the many Trigger shows that are on display. While still retaining its silly nature, Luluco's turnaround after something really awful happened to her in the previous episode is the biggest highlight of this short-format series.

16. Anne Happy ep. 3: April 28: My First Happiness Training
This is simply a funny episode that really had me laughing hard. What happens is that the unlucky girls undergo happiness training in an underground training facility where the girls had to play a life-sized board game. All of the twists, turns, and other crazy things are really funny, and seeing the girls fail so hard is downright hilarious.

15. Joker Game ep. 9: Double Joker Part 2
This is an episodic show where just about every episode focuses on a spy with the exception of the first two episodes. In this episode, it's all about Yuuki and his background. But what puts this episode over the top is the spy agency showdown.

14. Twin Star Exorcists ep. 8: Rokuro's Feelings - Shocking Confession
A shocking truth gets revealed in this episode that would change the complexion of this show, and it left quite a big impact seeing that this is the reason why Rokuro wanted to quit exorcism in the beginning. The details get explained in the next episode, but here is when things really shift.

13. Bakuon!! ep. 7: Culture Festival!
In this episode, the girls hold a motorcycle race as part of the school's culture festival, and the racing action is quite intense. But what makes this episode so great is that the girls are doing it while wearing maid outfits.

12. The Asterisk War ep. 20: The Phoenix Showdown
When this show is involved in action, that's when this show is at its best as the animation is eye candy. Such is the case here as there are two fights going on simultaneously, and both of them are well-animated. While the overall story is pretty weak, there's plenty of development here as everybody takes their fighting skills to the next level.

11. Kiznaiver ep. 11: We Have To Contact Each Other And Confirm Our Feelings. Because We're Friends!
All this time, there was something odd about Noriko, and what it is gets revealed here. The shock value of what she had to go through is great here, and it just goes to show that life is painful.

10. Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn ep. 3: They Call it Gundam
Banagher gets his Gundam here, and the way it happens is nothing short of spectacular. This is what really sets the stage for big things to go down.

9. Super Lovers ep. 7: White Fang
Haru and Ren do a lot of things to build their relationship, but it takes a big leap in this episode seeing that there's the opening of the new cafe that has Haru busy and Ren reeling. But things get sorted out really nicely, all while the one of the characters has a secret. The way the secret is revealed made my day.

8. Magi: Adventure of Sinbad ep. 6: Place Where You Belong
This episode proves to be the turning point in Sinbad's life as there was pressure for him and Hinahoho to prove themselves. Sinbad goes to show just how much guts he has in this episode.

7. High School Fleet ep. 11: In a Pinch with a Battleship's Big Cannon!
Being the captain of a ship is a huge burden to shoulder, and it has gotten to Akeno after everything she and her crewmates have gone through. But here, she turns things around in a big way. While the storywriting has been problematic, the show gets much better towards the end, and this episode is a big reason why.

6. Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto ep. 1: Sakamoto of Class 1-2/Bee Quiet
This show has been all about making Sakamoto look cool, and this show started off really strong. Sakamoto looked cool unilke anything, while those bullies trying to take down Sakamoto were acting like idiots, and that was freaking hilarious.

5. Flying Witch ep. 8: The Regular Customers
This show was full of great episodes here, but the one that stood out more than others is the hidden cafe one where only those with supernatural powers can find it. In this episode, the waitress there is really something worth seeing (for those who can) and the customers are really something.

4. My Hero Academia ep. 7: Deku vs. Kacchan
This episode features a challenge between heroes with Deku and Ochaco being the heroes, and Kacchan and Iida playing the villains. What this episode goes to show is that egos need to be kept in check seeing that it made the difference in the challenge. More importantly, Deku took a big leap in his character going to show that he's trying hard and has the potential to be a great hero despite being at a huge disadvantage.

3. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress ep. 4: Flowing Blood
As this is by the same guys who did Attack on Titan, this episode pretty much marks a big turning point in the MCs. Understandably so, the passengers of the Kotetsujo don't trust the MCs for being partial Kabanes they call Kabaneris, and that's when Ikoma and Mumei prove their loyalties. This episode would set up this show to really take off as through the first half of this show, it was awesome and on par with AOT. But unfortunately, the badly-written introduction of a certain character would derail this show towards the end.

2. Re:Zero ep. 7: Subaru Natsuki's Restart
It was hard to decide which episode from this show would get the nod. But in the end, I settled on this episode as Subaru mades a bold decision, one that goes to show just how much resolve he has and how reliable he ends up becoming.

1. Assassination Classroom season 2 ep. 24: Graduation Time
There was absolutely no doubt what the top episode for the season is. This episode is just simply emotional, powerful, and tearjerking as the fated day arrives. The kids of Class 3-E have been through quite a lot, and all of that development really pushes the envelope in what is easily the best episode of the season where the characters take their rite of passage. Pretty much, what happens in this episode was made possible by everything that went on all going to show just what Koro-sensei means to the students.