Here is my second showcase for Re:Zero as I decided to do the next set of avatars for this show. This show is in its third arc as the first one lasted from episodes 1 to 3 (with 1 being double in length) and the second one goes from episodes 4 to 11, and episode 12 is the start of a new arc, and lots of new characters are introduced. Of these characters, one of them is actually a guy, and those who watched the most recent episode know who it is. But for those who don't know, I ain't telling you here.

And like I said before, I am doing an avatar showcase for this show because it's one of the best of the season and it has plenty of memorable characters, but for some reason neither Jun nor Momoka are doing avatars for this show (though in Momoka's case, he just got started on this show and he also said that he has too much on his plate). So I decided to step in and do one for this show seeing that I was thinking about getting into the avatar making business, but for one or two shows per season. I was thinking about it for Aokana and started doing one halfway through, but I wasn't serious about it until after I started doing this show and then I went back to do an avatar showcase for that show.

Once again, all of my avatars are shown in 150 x 150 as it is much easier to convert these into the standard 100 x 100 than it is the other way around. By doing avatars in batches of six episodes, that allows me to make fewer avatars than necessary seeing that I rely on blog sites to get the materials I need for making these avatars rather than having to sit through and watch a show again for the sole purpose of screen capturing. So with that, here is the next wave of avatars for Re:Zero.