Alright, I went back and forth in deciding whether or not to continue doing my Top Episode blog, and in the end I decided I would do it, but I ended up.

So with that, the drill is the same where I take the best episode from every show that aired during the Winter 2016 season, and then rank them among each other. The motivation for doing this is that even the worst shows out there will have a great episode (or at least a good one that won't make me cringe or whatever). Only episodes that aired this season are eligible, meaning that for shows with multiple cours airing consecutively, episodes must have aired between January and March.

25. Ooya-san wa Shishunki! ep. 7: The Landlord is a Chef!
The highlight of this two-minute episode is the appearance of the Komori-san Can't Decline characters. There's that, and seeing the loli landlord making friends through cooking made this episode all the more worthwhile to watch.

24. Teekyu ep. 82: The Kirishima Thing with Senpai
In this episode, the tennis club is actually playing tennis, and with the Usakame girls at that. The episode is pretty hilarious seeing all the girls beat up the court and stuff like that. But above all, the joke about the BD is what made this episode stand out.

23. Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note ep. 16: The Valentine Knows Part 4
To end this kid's show short about a girl being a part of a detective agency, the mystery of Sunohara's unexpected behavior is explained, and through the twists and turns it ends up being nice to see.

22. Girls Beyond the Wasteland ep. 12: Girls Beyond the Wasteland
In the end, this episode goes to show just how much was accomplished, and the solidarity between the circle members that was developed over the course of the show. It may have begun as just a selfish desire, but everybody had such a great time with it that they are ready for some more. The sense of accomplishment is on full display, and it is a solid way to end this show.

21. Dagashi Kashi ep. 8: Super Scary Story Gum, Typhoon, and... / Kendama, Popping Fortune-Telling Chocolate, and...
That was a pretty hilarious episode there, and the whole part about the Kendama is the best part of this series. That was pretty funny to see the way Tou was handling it holding the ball and swinging the stick, and while it can be done like that (Mumei in Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress was able to do it), it's not recommended for beginners. The fortune telling chocolate and the typhoon talk were also great. But in the end, it was all about that kendama segment.

20. Ojisan and Marshmallow ep. 10: Amusement Park and Marshmallow
In this episode, Hige and his co-workers go to an amusement park, and it is great to see everybody having such a nice time. Then there's that bit at the end that's a clever piece of misdirection seeing that there was so much being built, all to have the dream crashing down like that.

19. Please Tell Me! Galko-chan ep. 12: Is It True You're Friends Forever?
To end this series of shorts is one about the backstory of how the main trio formed to become a tightknit circle of friends, and it is such a great sight to see these friends so close to each other. Really great way to end this show.

18. Prince of Stride: Alternative ep. 5: Again - Just You, Only You
In this episode, the reason for the Honan Stride team's downfall is explained, and the truth couldn't be any further than what really happened. This episode was all about Kyosuke getting over everything that happened to rejoin the stride team just when it looked like things were bleak.

17. She and Her Cat Everything Flows ep. 4
This is just a sad ending, but despite everything that happened, the Everything Flows part of the title gets explained. Pretty emotional it was, but getting over the sadness was what the point of the episode was all about, and it was nicely done.

16. Rainbow Days ep. 11
In this episode, the last of the main female characters is introduced, and everybody decides to go to an amusement park from there. This was great in that the characters took the time to get to know each other, and that would set the stage for big things to go down in terms of the couples falling in love. It wouldn't have been possible without this setup.

15. Heavy Object ep. 19: The Coal Mine Littered with Stacks of Money / The Kamchatka Peninsula Nightime Blitz III
This show is fueled by Qwenthur's tactics and while the show's formula gets repetitive, seeing Qwenthur putting his great mind into action never gets old. But what happens after Qwenthur takes down the Object through tactics is a huge twist that would set the stage up for the next episode. It turns out that there's an enemy out there that's closer than he thought.

14. Utawarerumono: The False Faces ep. 25:Who Carries on His Will
This is the finale that is full of tears and emotions after what had happened in the last episode, and the False Faces part of the title becomes relevant here. The impact left from the events leading up to this episode are just a sight to behold leading to some heartfelt moments.

13. Dimension W ep. 2: Loser
This episode introduces the one known as Loser, and he made a great impact. This is the episode that made Dimension W, and while the story would be a mixed bag later on, this episode certainly made things go. But what I particularly like about this episode is what Mira does in order to help Kyoma out in a big way, and looking cute in doing so.

12. Snow White with the Red Hair ep. 20: The Temperature of a Smile, a Cherished Place
That was such a heartfelt episode with the reunion of Shirayuki and her father after becoming a damsel in distress. But Shirayuki shows how much she has grown over the series in this episode. This is one of the more lighthearted episodes in the series, but one that puts Shirayuki's character on display in a big way.

11. Durarara!! x2 ep. 35: Life is an Unknown Course
In this episode, the drama that was built up from the previous episodes in this season finally reaches its climax, and things got really, really chaotic in a hurry. I'll say that in this episode, there's a massive riot and a totally unexpected cliffhanger that goes to show just how bad thing have gotten for the MC and the Dollars gang. Everything was nicely done here making the penultimate episode of this show the best of this season.

10. Assassination Classroom Second Season ep. 6: Before and After Time
This episode is all about getting the students to realize that there's a lot more to life than studying as they were tasked with helping out kindergarten kids after accidentally injuring the school's principal. It was quite a busy time with midterm exams coming up, but after spending some time with the kids that they got a whole lot more out of this than studying for an exam would ever do. The lessons from this episode make it easily the best episode of the first half of the second season.

9. Schwarzesmarken ep. 10
The MC in this show had been quite a naive guy and that naivety got himself into big trouble letting personal feelings get in the way of doing what has to be done for the Germany's future. He would get over his naivety in a big way in this episode. While this show had been rushed seeing that the game it is based off of is too comprehensive to be reasonably told in just one cour, this episode is well-written. The ending was just so heartfelt, and left an impact that all deaths in this show should have at least been in the ballpark of, but many of them were cheap.

8. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep. 17: Kudelia's Decision
In this episode, Kudelia is reeling from a bad decision she made that ends up in tragedy. But that was the spark of Kudelia's character growth that happens in this episode when she decides that while she still has her eyes on her goal, there is something else that she can do that is also intuitive to her goal. While Kudelia is a headstrong girl, she had been keeping her focus on one thing that she didn't stop to consider everything else going on.

7. Gate ep. 17: Decisive Battle
It was so hard to pick an episode of Gate that stood out more than the rest, but this one is where Itami really comes through with his military expertise to take down a formidable foe. While everybody had been a pushover, the dragon is on a whole different level. Not to mention, Tuka shows a lot of development here as she doesn't have a very good history with it.

6. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash ep. 8: In My Memories With You
This show has such a depressing mood to it, and something happens early on that sets the stage for a whole lot of despair to go down. In this episode, the team finally gets over the hump so that they can move forward as a team in a big way, and it was really beautiful to see it go down.

5. Konosuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! ep. 7: A Second Death in This Freezing Season!
While the show is mostly comedy, this one is a bit more serious and it goes to show just how much Kazuma is valued by his dysfunctional party even if Kazuma himself isn't exactly pleased with the way things are progressing.

4. Aokana: Four Rhythm Across the Blue ep. 12: Let's... Keep Flying!!
While this show had its ups and downs, the show really soars to great heights in more than one way in the finale. The characters in this show had been going through a lot of growing pains and in the end, everything the characters knew about Flying Circus was wrong as they realized that in that epic match at the end. And it was epic in a big way.

3. Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju ep. 11
Ah, the twists of fate, which is exactly what this episode was all about. Things were going so well, but then something happens that changed just about everything. The drama and development have been great, and then this happens that would lead to all sorts of feels and other stuff that just comes in as a surprise.

2. Erased ep. 1: Flashing Before My Eyes
This episode started it all where cliffhangers would be happening at the end of every episode, and none more so than with the first episode. That was a perfect way to introduce Satoru's character, and the case that would be happening that is connected to a homicide incident 18 years ago. Seeing everything unfold is just amazing, all made possible by a strong first episode that easily made this the most anticipated show of the season.

1. Haikyuu!! Second Season ep. 24: The Absolute Limit Switch
And for the best episode of the season, there was no question about it. That would be the penultimate episode of Haikyuu!! where the Karasuno boys showed a lot of grit and willpower. I would be getting into spoilers if I said any more, but what I can say is that with the way the first season ended, this season had done an excellent job in building things in order to make the match epic.