I decided to make my first blog post about my small anime/manga collection!

First up is my anime DVD/Blu-ray stuff:

I used to collect the One Piece anime but stopped due to tight expenses at the time... not to mention the anime itself took a huge hit in quality after the Skypeia arc which makes it hard for me to start collecting it again. The movies are fair game but I keep forgetting to pick them up... so for now I'm only collecting the manga.

Then there's Lupin! I've been meaning to pick up Discotek's various releases but end up picking other stuff up in their stead... I should hurry up since Fuma Conspiracy is apparently out-of-print!

The other stuff are things I either picked up on a whim (Neo-Tokyo, Di-Gi-Charat) or am a huge fan of their franchises (Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Street Fighter II) while the Azumanga Daioh! collection is one of my most re-watched sets of my collection. Gotta love Osaka!

It took me quite awhile to collect all of Fist of the North Star but it was so worth it... until I saw the complete TV collection going for around $99 a bit ago.

I still need to get the reprint of the movie with the fixed subtitles and the Raoh TV series.

LOVE Dirty Pair and Patlabor... I really need to get the rest of what's been put out!

I just got the Cobra bundle in from RightStuf and am currently working through it now. Fantastic stuff!

Slayers is always fun, not to mention I got the collection for $24 off of Best Buy's website!

Still waiting on a re-release of End of Evangelion and for the Rebuild movies to finish up before I pick those up....

The JoJo's OVA is okay (The second half from 1993 is FAR superior to the first half from 2001...) but MAN do I wish someone would pick up the TV series! That's probably my most wanted 'modern' anime title!

Macross is wonderful. 'Nuff said! (thanks to everyone from the old board who recommended it!)

Then there's the Dragon Ball Z Dragon Box, probably my favorite release of my whole collection. I love these sets so much! I really wish Funimation would give the rest of the franchise the same treatment (they did at least license the 13 DBZ movies in Dragon Box format I recall correctly...) but with each passing year I'm tempted to pick up the decent releases that Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball GT and the movies have... I just wish the Japanese audio for the movies wasn't so bad.

I'll eventually get around to getting Kai on Blu-ray when the Buu saga is out... no comment on Dragon Ball: Evolution. (I want to get the Chinese DB movie and the live-action Fist of the North Star movie just for novelty's sake...!)

As for Akira... kinda disappointed in the Blu-ray to be honest. The movie is in some serious need of another restoration-- tons of film dirt/damage and a bit too soft-looking. At least the bonus features carried over from the 2-disc set! (which I'll look to sell off sometime in the future...)

And finally there's Cowboy Bebop; I still love watching it but am no hurry in getting it on Blu-ray especially with all the other releases I want to get!

So yeah, as you can guess, I have an affinity for older titles. Not too hot on the current offerings in the anime industry to be honest.

Now on to the manga/figure portion of my collection!

I have One Piece volumes 1 - 62... been forgetting to pick up the volumes.

Here are some random titles I don't have much of... I adore Yotsuba but stopped collecting it when Yen Press started to re-release them and never got around to picking up the re-prints past the first one and the future volumes. Ghost in the Shell is a great read (I really need to get Stand Alone Complex...!) and Ranma is a title I have fond memories of... but I don't have the energy or money to collect all of it.

I want to pick up the Yen Press edition of Azumanga Daioh! as my ADV copy is falling apart... The rest of the titles I have I picked up on a whim or never got beyond the first volume because of expenses at the time. (I regret not picking up more of Cyborg 009 and Lupin!)

Then there's the Dragon Ball Viz Big volumes... probably the best release of the series we've got so far... but I really, really, really wish Viz would put out an uncensored release of the series that contains ALL of the color pages with a fresh re-translation that restores names like Mr. Satan... something like a Kanzenban release, y'know?

Here's my tiny artbook collection-- I was disappointed Viz never released anymore of the DB Daizenshuu.

And there's my JoJo's manga collection-- I finally finished collecting that last year. I'm seriously hyped for the upcoming Viz release of Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency!!

Love the Lupin Revoltech (wish he had more goofy faces like the Red Jacket release) and Jotaro/Star Platinum. I also have Jotaro 1.5 (the black coat, gray shirt version) but prefer Jotaro 2nd as his colors match the Capcom fighter and serve as a better contrast to Star Platinum 1st.

Figuarts Goku was my dream figure for years after seeing the prototype around 2010. I can never wrap my head around the fact that they started out with Super Saiyan Goku...

Figuarts Luffy is okay but I kinda want to pick up the New World figure that's coming out early next year.

Revoltech Kenshiro is cool (he's seriously lacking in accessories due to having alternate parts to display him in his Shura outfit) and Revoltech Alphonse is cute, though his articulation is somewhat lacking...

And that's it! Yeah, it isn't a very big collection (I've sold stuff and have some things put away in storage) but I thought it'd be fun to show it off with some of my own thoughts.