It been quite the road I have been in the journey in my KLAC-side with yet seem I enter another area into road of 23 years. Indeed the past 22 has been quite some wonder on it sure give I been through a lot now in road of 23 years wonder to expect?

Besides give I aim like a treasure sniper to find what do in my path to see where I go in my life cause this is my story, dream, path, and life really to look back on it really like a endless ride to go. Give all really yet still want to reach it all that is really make so marvelous.

So yet after all I know all for what beyond the anime dream cause I got do all i got really for the anime dream because really it a part of my life. Indeed such my main inspiration of the Gundam Seed series, to going impossible like Gurren Lagann, to wonder well spoken anime like Romeo x Juliet, and even to intense excite of Freezing besides wonder what next sets of road of my life will be like?

Overall besides now that I am in road to 23 years all wonder to do from now and beyond. Give I have no idea what to expect to go either way it will color will shine to lead to where ever I go cause indeed KLAC's journey is one ride that is like wonderful dream.