Look like I get surprise Christmas and sneak peek birthday gift at the same because I finally get to see Freezing anime dub. And yes it was worth the watching in really now really too good to watch. Give really been on wonder since dub version on the way with after watching I am so happy mood right now.

On the dub really they make more intense to excite more interest to watch really way it sounded make more better to watch give really dub accent on it more worth it. Sure give I not into whole subs vs dubs really both own worth watching besides series itself take it to another level.

For example you got Caitlin Glass as Satellizer el Bridget really give was same league as in subs version of Mamiko Noto yet worth to hear, then Jamie Marchi as Lana Linchen really compare other Marchi's dub voice indeed her Lana's dub accent was different from others dubs voice she did yet really unique take on dub, and Josh Grelle as Kazuya give in subs Kazuya sounded more younger well dub make more better to hear.

Besides whole series dub cast picking on sure Funi know what doing and casting on sure indeed they know right feel on it. So prove it a lot really dub casting well done. And also dub shorts ova as well sure Funi-service at it oh my make more fun to watch and hear same time.

So overall whole series indeed this is really worth my watch that yes I would like get dvd and blu-ray combo set so I can watch again so many times. And of course yes I would like a season two of Freezing anime series besides there more to it watch that this is really something to worth it anyone to watch this series.