Hello there look which anime dub I just finish right now that is Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt dub version. And yes indeed really did series itself just chewing the scenery of everything to make so hammy really the writing on the dub with voices on it I approve it.

With Jamie Marchi and Monica Rial as two main leads the Anarchy sisters aka Panty and Stocking yes indeed too much whoa all bleep and ha ha on dub especially on Marchi as Panty really so excellent. Also got Christopher Sabat as afro priest Garterbelt so god my oh really. And also those demon sisters aka Colleen Clinkenbeard and Cherami Leigh besides indeed yet I barely even recognize Leigh's voice on it really must been expand voice range on it.

Series dub itself too much make more watching worthy I might plan get dvd and watch so many times till indeed one of the best dub I seen. Give only wonder when there will be a season two of this series? Really it like been two years yet still quiet on it for when it coming to show this again.

Overall if plan to watch dub version be ready for all of it so much you got really watch and hear it all the way. For all of it worth this dub is really the example of Funimation's hammy dub to the point it the whole (bleep) show to watch.