It been like something really I need to say and yet one thing must be ask that is when is expand anime watching to worldwide regions? Give it been like one thing really need to happen give everyone worldwide to have anime watching.

Give really some area do not have anime watching due to region effect code or no anime dvd and blu discs in the video stores. Indeed give there anime fans worldwide but no anime dvd or blu discs to watch. Really even one area been on a recent case of been like trying to screw the anime to point barely show anime anymore.

Besides that area is in region 3 area where one of area barely got any anime dvd or blu discs yet really still asking when we get anime watching expand to worldwide? Cause really when to ask besides can't get netflix or hulu or not even Funi website due to region effect area because I been in region 3 area for like few years still asking expand anime dvd and blu discs to worldwide?!

Overall really just part of me feel getting more trying find anime to watch give really would been easier if there more anime dvd and blu discs in region 3 area. So indeed if any anime companies read this please expand your anime dvd and blu discs to worldwide region so we all have anime to watch.