To wonder give asking to really like ask what make what I am give like bit creative, wild, unpredictable, wandering, and many others. So if you wonder well here at least ten of many things you should know about me.

1. Most of anime watching are in English dubs give especially when it come anime with 24 to 26 or 50 plus episodes mostly go with dub version also short series too as well and ova series.
2. I also watch subs anime mostly 13 episodes or less with also ova series and short series. Give do watch few subs went 24 to 26 episodes due to interest on it yet also commit to watch even if get another season. But will not watch beyond 50 episodes subs too long to watch.
3. Been watching anime since mid 1990s slowly but then risen in 2000s due to GS series era. Also yet give on anime forums, blogs, and website since the mid 2000s.
4. Give also creative of foods I eat really time mix sandwich like put cheese, French fries, peanut butter, mayo, ketchup, and steak sauce on it on mix random or one time mix it all together. It just want try creative unique to taste on foods or drinks I take.
5. I am such total addict to Lacus Clyne ever since 2004 give slow rise then expand more during the years. Really more about Lacus I just can’t resist Lacus really from eating or drinking something pink remind of Lacus then dreaming of Lacus even times really want meet Lacus besides I just can’t stop thinking of Lacus.
6. Every Friday is only day I do not eat meat due to like reasons such diet, stay in shape, workout, and others. Besides give also want try to eat different things it just I have taste interest issue.
7. When it come to anime with fan service give really got like wander bit curious and yet show the jugs give seem tempt by it. But I am always keep focus watching the anime series give amount of fan service on it till the finale. Besides like I mention before only anime female I like is Lacus.
8. It just have interest issue give if there some really got my interest I would so jump in watching, play, fun, or whatever as long if right one that interest me it all fine.
9. Besides mostly been curious on so many thing that why so wandering a lot in my mind. Because there been so many want to see, travel, explore, wander, and so much really want to just to see it.
10. Of all anime I seen only one more very personal to me is Gundam Seed series. Due to ever since watching it that series one got me more into world of anime. And really it was really got me into wake-up call I needed in my life.

So these ten of many things there is know about me really I say like full mix of random yet also been like being creative, curious, and focus determine besides there just more if only meet in person.