Wonder this is about really give been like some time and now give been look of it to ask why am i being the target on my English Writing? Indeed give slowly i was plain simple then reading some messages i got re-design my English well indeed I try my best on it.

Besides I have been here since May 2011 really I have mix of good and oops here yet still really give it all I got for the Fandom Post. And with now feel like I am on now like wonder what to do here?

Really give that mostly watch English dub anime most of there were online cause I am in area of region 3 that barely shows anime dubs on tv or do not have anime dvds. Give my English writing is like really I keep trying best I could have one post at a time or blogs post.

Cause really that I am part Filipino yet all my posting is in English I could try best I can post? Just to wonder really what else please I do not want to leave Fandom Post. Really give other places yet where else can I get info and checking in here and post here to make more interesting.

Overall really it just I love to post here cause it like my bit part of my re-fresh I need. So well if post is over I understand.