Well now the spring season is done to lead open the summer anime season. Time to look back spring anime of this year give I have seen 9 spring anime with 8 of them complete with 1 other being carry to the summer season so here how it goes in their spring season.

Queen's Blade Rebellion
To say on it was like re-introduce season of the series since it focus on new characters with few of originals still there give more on new characters to focus since this series it was for those new to the series. And yet find it fine give certain more of it to come in world of Queen's Blade.

Medaka Box
Give later arrive to check yet I see quite interesting give sure female lead who like all mighty do anything to get everyone help to save them. Sure it look fine yet wonder how will goes with a season 2 on the way just as long stick short series 13 episodes or 24 to 26 format think keep it safe.

One saying on it her name is Koko she is loco I said oh no. Indeed this really spring show stealer to watch really give mention like squad version Black Lagoon that sell weapons with actions and rest on it with season 2 later in fall with dub likely on the way this the loco show we like to watch.

Lupin III : Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna
The series is back but it Fujiko turn to be the main lead. Give it went prequel format which show Fujiko first meet with Lupin, Jigen, Goemon, and Zenigata yet more about prequel series have story on it. Sure first half was something then come plot sure whole owl & past give last few episodes like am I watch Inception give how goes overall sure worth a watch especially the designs on it.

Natsuiro Kiseki
Give this is like Sphere version of Yuru Yuri but with a magic big rock in it. I know give seeing it like bit remind of it include that Yuka is expy of Yuru Yuri's Toshinou Kyouko see the personality compare. Overall slice of life series really quite good yet like to see a dub of it.

A boy who loves zombie stuff meet a girl who have fancy life but with a very over protective father then one day boy and girl meet then some wonder girl want to be a zombie yet it happen the boy get his zombie girl. Really to say on it was like alright then just watch yet series was ok. Just one thing still not cool with it the girl's father come on things he did also even try to chop the boy indeed worst father ever. Overall fine it some sure to watch give seem likely a season 2 might rise someday.

Acchi Kocchi
A slice of life series with female so likely alternate world Konata of Lucky Star with cat like ears, bit shy, & others with want boy who secretly love. Sure fun laugh to watch give really the things did in series too much to ha ha ha indeed like someone dub this series to make more to watch. Overall really feel series sure fun show to watch.

Nazo no Kanojo X
Boy meet strange girl then one day taste her saliva drool then later girl did the same became in love. I know at first I was like should I watch it or not then after seeing more mention on it give still disturb on whole saliva issue thing. Then finally I watch it all yet who knew saliva can telling feelings, emotion, and love. Overall give series is worth a watch give still bother on saliva love issue got to wonder what it be like on dub?

Sengoku Collection
Another version of Sengoku Otome this time they travel to modern world. Give I am in first half of series mostly been introduce characters focus episodes give bit plot on it just slowly develop depends on characters focus episodes. Besides with second half series in this summer seem more of it will be more on story.

Overall this batch of 9 spring anime seem have their way to show give how it went sure there all fine show yet among those likely get dub are Jormungand, Sankarea, Lupin III : Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna, and Queen's Blade Rebellion. While rest seem like 50/50 chance on them yet worth a dub.