So between here and the old place I know have written in the neighborhood of 300 reviews (I think just over but don't feel like making an exact count). At times I may fight with a review and there have been a few I was disappointed with my inability to say exactly what I may have thought the way I wanted, but overall I generally send them in and then move on.

Once upon a time I used to feel butterflies though when hitting send for the email.

So how does one get that back?

Either by doing something new or doing the same thing you have been doing but for a different audience.

Went with option 2 and my first review :Edited: and the butterflies are back with the introduction to a new audience. Don't know how this is going to end (not even sure on how the next review will play out) but figured that getting out of my comfort zone a bit could help shake things up for me somewhat.

And it was also seriously cool when the site owner/admin said he already visited this site and knew of my work and was happy I was interested (Given I sent the e-mail with links to my work here at 2:07 and his response was marked 2:10 I'm guessing he was telling the truth about having seen my work before, which is doubly cool given that some of the numbers that appear next to post for review can lead me to wonder if anyone is reading them at all.)

So yeah, there may or may not be more reviews from me there, but I just wanted to celebrate this first step into a new, and yet-not-all-that-different, arena.

Follow up: Went through some things and took time off from reviewing, which isn't a happy thing.

Today found out that rather than the one instance of plagiarism at the site I have since deleted by a contributor there have been many instances found- by the person who runs the site as he was found to be lifting material text from other sites.

Not going to lie, had an incident with him years ago over something else that had me take time off there but this on another level completely and makes me appreciate the people who are working hard rather than just trying to take a short cut using others work.