This is not the show I thought I was going to be watching. The summaries and the first few episodes I saw led me to believe that this was going to be one of those slapstick romcoms with Mashiro getting herself into trouble and Sorata running around trying to bail her out. Sort of like an old cartoon with one of the characters sleepwalking through a dangerous area and another trying to keep them from being killed. Nope, not that at all.

Episode 3 was the point it changed for me. Watching Misaki break down in tears as Jin and Mashiro started to go into the love hotel was a surprise. To have the genki girl break like that was unexpected, even though it was obvious that she was attracted to Jin. Then we find out that Jin cares for her but feels she is literally "too good" for him. Both Jin and Sorata wish that they could see the girls fail. On one hand it appears to be just simple jealousy, but for them it is more that they feel that they can't keep up with the girls that they love even though they are trying. Neither of them have the confidence that they could manage that. If the girls stumble, maybe they would be able to walk beside them. Of course they don't see that the consequences of that wish coming true would always haunt them.

Aoyama showing up at Sakurasou solved some of her financial problems but it obviously was a way to get between Mashiro and Sorata.