Ok, I want a happy ending so, if we don't get another cour, here is my way of getting it dammit even if I have to write it myself. And yes it's schmaltzy.

Hyouka the Movie.

The story opens with Houtarou returning to Kamiyama after finishing college. He is still drifting not knowing what he wants to do with his life. He and Eru drifted apart towards the end of their High School years because he didn't think he was worthy of her and was afraid he wouldn't fit into her world. Finding out he's come back to town, Satoshi looks him up. Houtarou asks about Mayaka, who had gone to Tokyo to become a mangaka and Eru. Satoshi tells him that Mayaka had returned from Tokyo and Eru has returned from college and her family has announced her engagement to the heir to another family by an arranged marriage. Houtarou is still in love with her and is devastated but feels he can do nothing given the differences between his station in life and hers. While moping around the house he gets a call from Eru. She asks to see him. They meet at a cafe and his heart is just torn by her beauty. She pleads with him to help her solve one last mystery. When he demurs, she gives him her Eru eyes and he caves. The Chitanda family business is in trouble. Eru knows she has no business acumen and is frantic to fix the situation since it may affect the arranged marriage which was intended to shore up the business in the first place. Houtarou is now doubly reticent to solve the mystery but can't turn her down. He goes to Satoshi to help him, since Satoshi knows whats been going on in the town (he's still the database. a reporter perhaps? ). Eru's fiancé turns out to be a real jerk and his family is no better, but her family needs to merge with them for security since things have not been going well. Houtarou finds a connection to Eru's uncle from the first arc and to the fiancé's family. It turns out that the fiancé only wanted to marry her to ruin her family and then planned to divorce her. Houtarou exposes the plot causing the engagement to be canceled. The family is still in financial trouble but Houtarou mentions a way to solve their problem based on the information he and Satoshi had gathered during their original investigation. Eru indirectly proposes to him again by asking him to be their business manager and says she needs him by her side. Houtarou, feeling there is too much of a gulf between them rejects the proposal. Telling Satoshi and Mayaka what had happened he is berated by Satoshi and punched by Mayaka before she starts in on him. They make him realize how much Eru cares for him and forces him to face his feelings towards her. It strikes home and he goes to confess to her. In the last scene we see Houtarou approaching the cherry tree from the last episode in full bloom with Eru waiting for him as the wind blows her hair and the cherry blossoms surround her.