I wouldn't have realized it if not for the backlog thread on the forums, but this month represents ten years that I've been collecting anime. It was Sailor Moon I started with, something I'd watched on TV as a little girl and didn't realize until later that it was actually a Japanese show. It was mostly out of curiosity for the original, but it didn't take long at all before I was completely hooked on anime.

Those first few years, I was mostly concerned with trying as many new things as possible, so, perhaps far more so than my backlog, the biggest "problem" with my collection is that I have so many incomplete series. Those were the days of singles, and I was paying retail before I knew about Right Stuf. In recent years, I've been able to complete a bunch of series by either tracking down the missing single discs or just buying complete collection releases (often on the cheap) but I have those holes still, some of which will probably never be filled.

But I still have that backlog. I just counted and came up with 77 things (that's a mixture of individual movies, cour sets, sets of singles, bricks with two seasons in them, etc. I just wanted a quick number) that I haven't watched. Some of those things I've seen streaming, but most I haven't seen in any form. And I didn't even bother to count those loose singles that don't represent complete series. There are several volume ones I haven't watched. And that's not even getting into manga, rewatches, things on streaming I want to watch…

And so, with all those factors converging ((a) wanting to start using the blog, (b) wanting to make a concentrated effort to get through my backlog), I figured now was as good a time as any. :D Hopefully lots of reviews forthcoming.